Sales are a vital part of running an eCommerce store. While many business owners think they can solve this by running campaigns to bring in more traffic, this is a more expensive option. It is far more cost-effective to optimize the website and improve your conversions. To help, you can use one of the best conversion apps for Shopify.

How do the Best Conversion Apps for Shopify Work?

Improving the conversion rate on your website is the number one way to increase revenue. It also means that you don’t need to spend any money or bring in more traffic, which can be really important for your profit levels. There are numerous ways that the best conversion apps for Shopify can help your store.

For example, conversion apps can help you improve your website’s speed. This can be really important because the loading speed of your website can really impact the success of your store. For every second it takes for your website to load, you’ll lose 7% of sales.

It takes the average Shopify website between 3.5 and 5.5 seconds to load. Based on this, the average Shopify merchant is losing out on nearly a third of their sales. Just reducing loading times by 1 second can improve revenues by 10%.

Another factor is trust. Many consumers won’t purchase because they don’t trust a brand. There are lots of options to improve this with reviews, trust badges and other aspects that can help you improve your website’s trust factors. In fact, 84% of consumers trust the opinions of their peers more than your website’s product descriptions.

Another option is to ensure that you’re offering urgency. This is when you portray a sense of the immediate withdrawal of an offer or that the product will go out soon. Or it could be related to the delivery cut-off time. Urgency is a big player in conversions and many eCommerce stores have found this to be a useful way to build sales.

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Key Takeaways
Effective Shopify conversion apps enhance website performance, particularly by improving loading speeds and user experience.
Incorporating elements of trust, such as customer reviews and trust badges, significantly increases consumer confidence and purchase likelihood.
Utilizing urgency tactics, like limited-time offers and low-stock alerts, effectively stimulates quicker purchasing decisions.

Best Conversion Apps for Shopify - Here's Our List:



One of the biggest factors that you’re going to face running an eCommerce store is impatience. Today’s consumer has been taught that everything can be instant. Deliveries can be made on the same day and websites should load within just a second. However, that isn’t always the case but a delay can be costly to your brand. That is where Preloader comes into play.

Preloader allows you to have an animation play on your website that entertains the audience while the main website loads. Therefore, customers don’t notice any loading delay and won’t abandon your website nearly as fast as they would if you didn’t have the animation. This can immediately help you to make improvements to your conversion rate.

The app works as soon as you’ve installed it. You can use your images, and choose animation and graphic size for complete customization of your website’s preloader. You can load images in any format, including svg, gif, jpg, png and mp4.

Preloader Highlights:

  • Improve the bounce rate of your website in a second.
  • Load your own images for better branding of the preloading animation.
  • Animations can look really sleek.
  • Choose what file format you load your image in.

ModeMagic ‑ Store Conversions

ModeMagic ‑ Store Conversions

This app promises to convert more of your traffic with just a few automation. It helps you run sales that include flash and clearance. It can also help with discounts, stock and inventory updates, announcements, product bundles and more. It is essentially a multi-purpose app with one aim: to help you sell more to your existing group of visitors. The app can also add social proof by showcasing the latest best sellers.

The app can also help by offering tracking and optimization of your conversion rates. You can look deeply into the data and see what is working and what is not. Then you can make small changes and change how your website looks or feels. For instance, perhaps you notice that you’ve got a lot of customers abandoning your website after looking at a specific product, perhaps that product needs an overhaul, update or removal.

The app can also offer real-time offers, promotions and discounts on products. You can schedule these so you are prepared and know exactly what is on offer. It also allows you to be ready by preparing your store during less busy times.

ModeMagic ‑ Store Conversions Highlights:

  • Boost conversions with offers that you can schedule.
  • Track the performance of sales and pages.
  • Keeps all stock updated with live synchronization.
  • Add trust badges to your website.

Booster: Page Speed Optimizer

 Booster: Page Speed Optimizer

Speed is one of the biggest killers of conversion. If it takes just three seconds to load a website, then you might find that your customers have started to shop on another website. That is why improving the loading times of your website can be really important. This app will do that in one simple click, allowing you to have a website that can keep your audience happy.

The app will work instantly and does not need to change any code elements on the website. It is quick, efficient and effective. And if you no longer want the speed improvements, you can simply switch off the app with a click of the button.

The app won’t just help with loading times though. A faster website will rank better on Google. That is one of the best parts of speed. You not only improve engagement on your website, but you can gain more traffic as Google and other search engines see your website in a better light.

Booster: Page Speed Optimizer Highlights:

  • Improved website speed that keeps traffic on your site for longer.
  • No coding or developer skills are required to make work.
  • Turn on and off as you require.
  • Can help improve your website’s performance on search engines.



Vitals is one of the best apps available on Shopify. It includes more than forty functions within the package that are there to help you grow your audience and convert more. There are lots of conversion techniques that are included within the app that make it a worthy app for this list.

For instance, there is a gamification option with a spin-to-win game. The customer adds in their email address and you provide them with a chance to spin a wheel that offers a series of prizes for participants. This conversion allows you to grow your mailing list with ease.

The features also include improvements to SEO and speed. Speed will help keep your bounce rates low and allow customers to spend more time on your website. The app can also import and collect reviews to help you to build trust with audiences. There are also trust badges and other features that can help you to improve trust factors with audiences.

Conversions can also be increased through retargeting. You can use the Facebook pixel for your website and add retargeting on the platform. An effective marketing tactic. And Facebook chat integration is also included with this app.

Vitals Highlights:

  • There are more than 40 features that you can use to improve your website.
  • There are numerous apps to help improve conversion including sale notifications and social proof.
  • Live chat options provide a better way to communicate with customers.
  • Retarget audiences who’ve visited your website before.

Sales FOMO Notification

 Sales FOMO Notification

Sales Notifications are one of the best ways that you can add a FOMO element to your website and build trust with your audience. The app shows when other customers have purchased on a website by displaying a little notification on your website. The app will display a popup at the same time as the purchase. This notification can include a name, image and even the location of the customer to build a profile for others on the website about who your other customers are.

There are also ways that you can add a notification to your website when another customer has added a product to their cart.

The app can also help you display the number of recent visitors. This can be another option to build that trust factor with the current audience and help you convert them. The app is completely customizable. You can choose the information, how it is displayed and more.

Sales FOMO Notification Highlights:

  • There are numerous ways you can improve your website’s conversion rate with sale notifications.
  • Social proof elements can be added to your website with ease.
  • Display how many consumers have purchased a product from you with ease.
  • Complete control over the display and aesthetics of the notification.

Ultimate Free Shipping Bar

Ultimate Free Shipping Bar

Free shipping bars are one of the best ways that you can add your website’s gamification elements and improve conversions. Many customers will spend more money on a website when there is free shipping available and they will often choose one site over another if the other one has free shipping, even if they have to spend more.

This app displays the amount left that the customer has to add to their cart to qualify for the free shipping. It is shown in a bar that fills up as items are added to the cart.

There are numerous ways you can customize the free shipping bar. You can choose the qualification amount for locations, change the color and more. Therefore, not only can you brand the bar for your specific needs, but you can also ensure that you aren’t losing out by making the qualifying amount higher when you will have higher shipping costs.

Ultimate Free Shipping Bar Highlights:

  • It takes just a few minutes for anyone to set up the shipping bar on your website.
  • You can tell the customer how much they need to add to the cart before they qualify for free shipping.
  • This works for any country, currency and other identifiers.
  • Works across devices and internet browsers.

Ultimate Sales Boost

Ultimate Sales Boost

Urgency is a major factor when it comes to improving conversions on a website. When customers are provided with a reason why they need to buy quickly, they can often feel stressed and this can then make them complete a purchase when they might not have done before. This app adds loads of messages across your website that can increase the urgency on your website. You can include messages on your home page, collection page and even on the product pages.

There are numerous elements you can include on your website. These elements include countdown timers, get-it-by timers, upsell messages and more. You can add the countdown timer to your homepage or your product description pages. You can also include BOGO deals on your website.

The app also includes the option to add sales stickers to your product images. This can help increase trust and conversions.

Ultimate Sales Boost Highlights:

  • There are lots of urgency elements that you can add to your website.
  • Add numerous features to your home and product pages.
  • Move customers quicker through the purchasing journey on your website.
  • You can customize the app to your specific needs.

Sales Rocket

Sales Rocket

Sales Rocket is one of the best multi-feature apps that you can get for your website. It is very similar to Vitals but there are some subtle differences to help you improve conversions on your website. For one option, there is a way for you to collect more email addresses, a Wheel of Fortune game and other options. There are exit-intent popups that you can add to your website as well.

There are lots of other features that are known to increase sales. This can include the free shipping bar that can improve urgency. There are also countdown timers, stock countdown and the ‘also bought together’.

SALES ROCKET Highlights:

  • There are more than 35 features to help you convert more of your audience.
  • Add a sense of urgency and improve conversions with FOMO features.
  • A free shipping bar can help gamify your website.
  • Convert more visitors to your mailing list for better long-term gains.

Trust Me

Trust Me

Trust is one of the most important factors for your website. If you want to sell, you need to get customers to trust that their payment details are safe with you. This app can help by adding trust seals to your website. Reviews can also be added to your website.

The app can be delivered in multiple languages. The app can be translated and works across devices.

Trust Highlights:

  • Improve your search results with rich snippets.
  • Show trust seals to improve trust factors.
  • Reviews can be imported to your website.
  • There are lots of features to help you convert more of your audience.

Product Recommendation Quiz

Product Recommendation Quiz

This app can help you increase trust and engagement by offering personalized recommendations to audiences. You build a quiz with unique questions that can test the audience's needs and personality. You can then offer a recommendation based on those answers. The results are delivered by the AI with ease and so you have little work to do.

The app can also help with email marketing as you can collect email addresses. You can then resend the recommended product to your customers with ease.

The developers will help you create your first quiz. And this app will not slow down your website.

Product Recommendation Quiz Highlights:

  • Create a quiz that will provide a product recommendation to your customer.
  • Works across all devices without a problem.
  • Easy for you to create a new quiz.
  • Developers will help with the first quiz.

Enhancing Shopify Conversions: Advanced Strategies

User Experience Optimization

A seamless user experience (UX) significantly boosts customer satisfaction and sales. Key aspects include enhancing loading speed, ensuring mobile responsiveness, and providing clear, intuitive navigation. These elements reduce bounce rates and improve user engagement, increasing the likelihood of purchase.

Leveraging Social Proof

Social proof, such as customer reviews and testimonials, builds trust and influences buying decisions. Showcasing user-generated content and integrating social media amplifies reach and credibility. This approach encourages customer interaction and enhances product appeal.

Strategic Email Marketing

Email marketing, when personalized and targeted, can significantly boost engagement and conversions. Effective strategies include crafting compelling subject lines and offering exclusive discounts. This approach nurtures customer loyalty and incentivizes repeat purchases.

Optimizing Conversion through Analytics

Understanding Customer Behavior

Analyzing customer behavior provides insights for store optimization. Tracking user actions and implementing A/B testing guide improvements in layout and content. This understanding helps in making necessary adjustments to enhance user experience.

Enhancing Checkout Process

A streamlined checkout process is crucial for reducing cart abandonment. Simplifying the process, offering diverse payment options, and clear information encourages purchase completion. Implementing abandoned cart strategies, like follow-up emails, can recapture potential sales.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Utilizing data analytics aids in informed decision-making and store performance enhancement. Regular review of key performance indicators (KPIs) informs what works and what doesn't. This approach ensures continual store optimization in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

Conclusion: 10 Best Conversion Apps for Shopify

Conversions are a vital part of running a Shopify store. Above are 10 of the best conversion apps for Shopify. These can help you generate more revenue from your current traffic. Which of these top Shopify apps will you use?

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