Gochyu - WordPress Theme Detector

What WordPress Theme is That?

Have you ever seen a really nicely built site and thought to yourself that you have to know how it was built?!
This is exactly the reason "Gochyu" was built. All you have to do in order to figure out how a webiste was built, is just put a URL of a site built with WordPress in the form above and hit the search button. We'll do the rest. These are the results you can expect:

  • Theme Name
  • Parent + Child Theme
  • Theme Tags
  • Author Name
  • Store where the Theme was Purchased
  • Download Link
  • Plugins used
  • Plugin Store Name
  • Plugin Price
  • Plugin Download Link
  • And Even More...

Detecting WordPress - the Right Way

We have many years of experience detecting (and working with) WordPress sites. Since the internet is constantly changing and with it - so are WordPress configurations, in order to properly be able to detect all WordPress sites you need to be able to know what to look for.

We are constantly on the lookout for new configurations & new bits of information we can offer our users. Showing the theme name isn't enough any more. Our users are used to getting a lot of information from the WordPress sites they scan, and we aim to give that to them.

"What WordPress theme is that site using!?" - We've heard it time and time again. Thousands of sites have articles about it - since it's a subject that affects many bloggers, designers, developers, etc. We try our hardest to give you the best answer possible to your query.

Available in the Chrome Web Store