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What WordPress Theme is That?

Have you ever seen a really nicely built site and thought to yourself that you have to know how it was built?!
This is exactly the reason "Gochyu" was built. All you have to do in order to figure out how a webiste was built, is just put a URL of a site built with WordPress in the form above and hit the search button. We'll do the rest. These are the results you can expect:

  • Theme Name
  • Parent + Child Theme
  • Theme Tags
  • Author Name
  • Store where the Theme was Purchased
  • Download Link
  • Plugins used
  • Plugin Store Name
  • Plugin Price
  • Plugin Download Link
  • And Even More...

WP Theme Detector & WordPress Plugin Detector Functionality Explanation

This unique tool has 2 main functions and we will explain each of these functions to detail. The 2 main functions of this unique wpthemedetector are:

There are many ways you can build a website these days. One of the common ways to build a website now, is using WordPress. Since WordPress is the most common platform used online today, it's safe to say that people want to detect WordPress themes used on WordPress more than any other platform. This tool is intended for those of you that have found an interesting looking website and just have to know what theme and plugins they used in order to build it.

If for some reason you actually want to detect a theme used by a different platform, check out the other options we have in our navigation bar above.

WordPress Checker - What is WordPress?

Let's start at the beginning - What is WordPress?
WordPress is the most common content management system with over 60% market share, and growing. There are many types of websites that you can build with WordPress and with any level of expertise.

You can build simple blogs, a company website, or even a complicated CRM. All on WordPress.

Many WordPress users would like to keep their development process as short as possible, which is pretty simple with WP. Since WordPress is so popular, there are literally hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes that they can purchase (or download for free) with exactly what they need. All they need to do is add their content and images and they are pretty much finished. 

Besides the fact that they can use pre-built WordPress themes for any type of website they want, even added functionality is available as plugins. Just as there are WordPress themes, there are also WordPress plugins that will add any type of functionality they you might need.

What WordPress Theme?

Now that we have a basic understanding about what WordPress is, let's understand how we could use it to our advantage. Before we start a new website for a client or for ourselves, we always take a look at what our competitors do (or that's what we should do). The first thing most people say to them selves after finding an interesting looking site that they would want to build a similar one themselves, is, I wonder...

What WP Theme is That?

That's right! Since most of the themes you see on a daily basis are actually bought themes, we can just figure out what theme that site is using, download it, and build a similar looking (or functioning) site. Easier said than done? Not necessarily...

Which WordPress Theme?

The first thing we need to do is figure out what WP theme that site is using, right? So how do we do that. This is where we come in.

  1. First, locate a website that is built with WordPress
  2. Scroll to the top of this WordPress theme detector page
  3. Enter the URL of the site you asked yourself "what theme is this site using"
  4. Get the results

WordPress Checker Results

We have many options of the actual results that you can find on our tool. But in general, if the site that you just scanned is using a theme that is downloadable on of the most popular theme providers, we can offer not only the name of the theme, but much more.

We can tell you where to purchase / download the theme, how much it costs, what tags are associated with it, who actually developed it, how many downloads it has, the theme's rating, a short description about the theme, and more...

Which WordPress Theme - Answered

Now that we have the answer about what WordPress theme is being used, we can use it to our advantage. We can now go to the theme supplier, check out the theme, check out the demo, read the full description about what other features this WP theme offers us, and if all looks good - we can download the theme and start building a site similar to the one we liked.

WordPress Theme Checker

We have many years of experience detecting (and working with) WordPress sites. Since the internet is constantly changing and with it - so are WordPress configurations, in order to properly be able to detect all WordPress sites you need to be able to know what to look for.

We are constantly on the lookout for new configurations & new bits of information we can offer our users. Showing the theme name isn't enough any more. Our users are used to getting a lot of information from the WordPress sites they scan, and we aim to give that to them.

"What WordPress theme is that site using!?" - We've heard it time and time again. Thousands of sites have articles about it - since it's a subject that affects many bloggers, designers, developers, etc. We try our hardest to give you the best answer possible to your query.

WordPress Plugin Detector

So now that we have a pretty good handle on what WordPress themes are, now let's talk about WordPress plugins. This is the second part of the puzzle (and of WordPress sites in general). In most cases, a theme is what gives you the layout of a website. The different pages, the style of each page, the look and feel of the font, the size of images, types of pages (contact page, about page, client page, gallery, slider, etc). 

Think of a theme being a house that you bought from a contractor, it has everything the contractor intended, though it doesn't have everything that YOU want. You want a bigger kitchen sink, you want a dishwasher, you want a pool, you get the picture. So what you would do in this situation is install a larger kitchen sink plugin, a pool plugin, a dishwasher plugin and so on.

Any added functionality can be added using a plugin. Some types of plugins add functionalities that themes never have, and some of them just add functionalities that some themes lack.

What WordPress Plugins Aren't Part of Themes?

The following examples are always stand alones, they are known for being additional features that are added via plugins. They are not part of themes and not part of the WordPress core code.

  • Caching
  • Additional security
  • Hiding your login page
  • Contact form builder (usually not built-in in themes but could be)
  • Additional custom fields

What WP Plugins CAN be Part of Themes?

The following examples can be an integral part of themes, or not. Meaning, theme developers can add them as an integral part of the theme, but not all themes will have them. So if you are using a WP theme that doesn't have a feature you want, you can still add it as a plugin, but if you are using a theme that HAS these features, you have no need, it's already built-in to the theme.

  • Social share buttons
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Mega menu
  • floating WhatsApp button
  • Static call button on mobile
  • Slider

These can work any way. You just need to check if you have a feature built-in to your theme, if not - go ahead and download a plugin for that additional feature.

WordPress Plugin Checker

Now that we know what WordPress plugins are, we can understand how the Gochyu plugin detector feature can help you out. Just like we explained above, when you scan a WordPress website and get the theme name and extended information, you will also get a list of all the WP plugins the website uses. Read on to see how our WordPress plugin checker will give you the entire picture >>

What Plugins Does this Site Use ? - See What Plugins a Website is Using

There are some types of plugins that are undetectable because we can't actually access the site, we can't see plugins that aren't being used on the front end.

When you get the theme results you will also be able to see what plugins a website is using. You will get a list will all the information we were able to retrieve. You can expect to see some similar information as you saw on the theme section, such as the price, download link, featured image, short description, and more...

Now all that's left is to decide if you need any of them and install them on your site.

Is it WordPress? - WP Detector

This tool has an added functionality. Sometimes you find a good looking website and aren't 100% sure if it's built with WordPress. So instead of "breaking your head" around it, when you stumble upon an interesting and appealing looking website and ask yourself "Is it WordPress?", you don't need to start taking the site's code apart, all you have to do is use a WP Detector.

Come to our WP detector tool and scan that site. If it's not WordPress, we will tell you, and possibly give you some other information about the site. If it is WordPress, we will supply you with all the information we wrote above.

WordPress Detector - Bonus Tip

So not only is this a WordPress theme and plugin detector, it's an actual WordPress detector tool. That's a bonus tip to keep in mind the next time you ask yourself if it's WordPress or not.

WordPress Theme Finder - Pro Tip

It's incredibly important to look at the big picture. Assuming what you want to do is build a similar looking website as your competitor, you HAVE to look at the plugins he is using, just as much as you look at the theme.

Sometimes the theme isn't even the most important part. There were probably a few thing that caught your eye when you found this site. Just installing the same WP theme might not do it. Take a very close look into each plugin and understand which ones are in charge of any specific look or feature you liked on your competitor's site.

When using a WP theme finder, it's very important to not forget about the plugin detector as well.

For other CMSs you can take a look at our Shopify theme detector or our CMS detector.

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