Gochyu Theme Detector

What Theme is That?

Gochyu is currently the world's best website theme detector. Gochyu is the only theme detector that can currently detect the theme used on all of the following "under one roof":

  • WordPress.org
  • WordPress.com
  • Shopify
  • Drupal
  • Joomla!
  • Prestashop
  • Squarespace

Not only can we detect themes on the above website builders, we can also detect plugins / apps used on some other website builders such as Wix. Along with some aditional information.

If the website you entered isn't in the above list of the website builders we can detect, we can still detect around 40 different CMS'/ Website builders / frameworks to let you know how the site was built.

Theme Detectors


WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress is our specialty. We can detect almost any WordPress theme used, any Plugin that uses an individual stylesheet or Javascript file, parent themes & Child themes, tags, theme prices and download links and much more.

Detect WordPress

WordPress.com Theme Detector

We are the only WordPress.com theme detector. Most WordPress theme detectors make the huge mistake of detecting .com websites as regular WordPress.org sites. We are the only detector that can tell the difference and give you a whole lot of information while doing it.

Detect WordPress.com

Shopify Theme Detector

We are able to detect the theme name, price and several apps used on Shopify stores. If you want a Shopify website like your competitor, just choose the same Shopify theme!

Detect Shopify

Joomla! Template Detector

Joomla! is one of the largest CMS' on the internet. Now you can scan any Joomla! website that you like, and detect the template name being used.

Detect Joomla!

Drupal Template Detector

Scan any Drupal website that you like, and detect the template name being used. Not only can we detect the template name, but we can also tell you what Drupal version is being used if possible.

Detect Drupal

Squarespace Template Detector

We are the only known Squarespace template detector. Squarespace theme detection works a bit differently that other website builders. Go to the detector page for more information.

Detect Squarespace

Prestashop Theme Detector

We are the only known Prestashop theme detector. We can also detect addons being used on any given Prestashop website. Got to our Prestashop template detector to check it out.

Detect Prestashop

Gochyu Theme Detector Information

You know that feeling you get when you stumble upon a website that you just need to know what theme (and platform) it's using? That's the exact reason we built Gochyu. Up till now you would find WordPress specific theme detectors, Shopify theme detectors, etc. or just an overall CMS detector which does detect the CMS but leaves out all the interesting information.

Gochyu - What Theme is That?

Besides knowing what platform (or CMS) a site is using, the theme & plugin information is the most interesting part. Of course we want to know what platform is being used, but most importantly we want to know what theme is being used. We want to know what plugin is being used for that interesting feature. So now with Gochyu, not only do we detect the CMS, we find the exact theme based on the platform, the exact plugin names for the platform, the tags associated with each, the price if we know it, a link to download the theme/plugin if we have it and even more than that...

Gochyu Theme Detector - Who Uses It?

Gochyu is designed for anyone that works with websites. For example:

  • Web designers
  • SEOs
  • PPCs
  • Web developers
  • Website builders (non developers but still build websites)
  • Email marketers
  • Business owners looking for a new website
  • UI/UX
  • Etc.

All of these professions have the need on a weekly basis, at least! Gochyu answers that need and saves you time and money by detecting what your competitors do, and enables you to do the same thing on your own website.

Available in the Chrome Web Store