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What Drupal Theme is That?

Despite Drupal's inferiority to WordPress or Shopify, it's still one of the top CMS'. Gochyu is the only Drupal Theme Detector which can detect the theme used on a Drupal site. So if you found yourself asking "I wonder, What Drupal theme is that?!", searched Google and found yourself here - you've got to the right place. If you found a site that was built with Drupal, and you are just dying to figure out what theme was used to build it - we will help you out. Just put the URL of the Drupal site in the form above, and hit the button. We will give you the results you are looking for, and then some.

Drupal Configuration

Just like any other CMS, Drupal has several configuration options, and Gochyu takes them all into account and is able to detect the theme name on any Drupal site that has the ability of Theme detection.

Note that there are still some configuration options making it impossible to detect the theme name. In these cases we will let you know that the site was built with Drupal, though we cannot detect the theme name.

Drupal Version Detection

Drupal has different versions that are built differently. The most recent version is Drupal 8. Gochyu can usually detect the Drupal version used, and when available we will let you know what version was used.

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