Business Name Generator

This business name generator tool, uses advanced technologies to decide some of the best business name options for your new and upcoming brand. A good business name could make you and a bad business name could brake you. Choosing the correct name for your business is one of the most important factors before you even start working towards acquiring customers and clients. Your business name is what you are remembered by. Choosing the wrong name for your business could be as disastrous as any other bad business decision. Using this tool could potentially offer you tens of options for cool, innovative and memorable business names. 

Company Name Generator

Nowadays it's becoming extremely difficult to come up with any sort of name on your own, since someone already came up with the same name before you. Thinking outside the box has never been more difficult. With this in mind, we decided to create a company name generator / business name generator / brand name generator. We have previously developed a similar tool, the domain name generator where we generate ideas for domain names based on 1-3 keywords the user wants to be used in the domain name. In the business name generator we use only 1 word to try and keep it simple. All you have to do is add 1 word (best to keep it simple) to the form above and hit the "generate" button. 

Brand Name Generator Algorithm

Once you input the word you want to use, we use a set of algorithms to combine that word with several other words and hopefully create some options that can be used as a business name. We can add:

  • Similar / related words
  • Synonyms
  • Anthonyms
  • And more...

Once we are finished we will show you a full list of options we found. If any of the options we recommended is a name you would like to use, all you need to do to move forward is to click on the new brand name and register a free domain name when signing up for hosting for your new website.

When you’re starting out and want to create a great business name, then you might become stuck. Finding a name for a business is one of the hardest decisions that you have to make. It's going to be associated with you, your brand and your products for the rest of your life. It is a challenge because once established, it's difficult to change the name of your business.

A wrong name can have many adverse effects on your business. It can result in insurmountable business and legal problems. But a good name can have a positive impact on your success with some of the best brands making it because they have a good name.

To help you get a good name for your business, the best option is to use a brand name generator such as the Gochyu business name generator. This is a free tool that can use one keyword to help you create a great brand name.

How to Use our Company Name Generator

To use our brand name generator, all you need to do is to enter a keyword that can be associated with your business and then you can click on the generate. A random list of potential names that you could use. The tool is really easy to use and is free.

Why use our Brand Name Generator?

The Gochyu company name generator is a free tool that only requires you to use one keyword for you to have a list of potential names. Doing this task by hand can take hours or days, so the potential time saved means you can to get on with your business and become a success.

The Gochyu brand name generator is also really easy to use and you can use your brand name as your domain name. Or you can take your company name and then use that in the domain name generator to get a domain name for your business.

Important Statistics About Brand Names

When using the business name generator, it is important to remember key facts about names and how consumers react to them. For instance, research has found that 72% of consumers will complete a purchase from a company based on the brand name. 74% of consumers between the age of 21 and 35 will also pay more for a product when it is sold by a brand that they know the name of and trust.

However, it is also important to note that 72 out of the 100 best brands have made-up words or acronyms within the name. This helps to add the name to logos as only about 9% of brands don’t have their name within a logo.

Top Tips for Choosing your Business Name

When using our business name generator there are a few tips that you might want to consider. Here are some of the top tips for your brand name.

Use Names that are Easy to Spell/Write

The first thing to do is that you want to have a name that is easy to spell/write/say. You don’t want potential customers getting confused, spelling your name wrong or not pronouncing your name correctly when they’re talking to their friends/family who are possible customers to you.

A classic example of this is Amazon, which was originally going to be called Cadabra, Inc., but a lawyer misheard the name on the telephone as Cadaver. Therefore, the name was changed to Amazon.

Therefore, you want to keep your name as simple as possible. There are many classic examples of when businesses, even global brands, have named new ventures with terrible names. Yet those that have been really successful have very simple names like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc..

Be Sure you Know what your Business Name Means

You might be a small business right now, but you might want your business to expand in the future. You could take your business internationally for instance and you need to be sure that your business is relevant in the countries that you can expand to.

So many brands, even large international brands, have made significant mistakes when they’ve moved into new international markets. For instance, Mercedes-Benz entered the Chinese market with their brand name as ‘Bensi’. This can be translated in Chinese as ‘rush to die’. Another example was when Clairol launched a new brand of ‘mist stick’ in Germany. However, they didn’t realize that the word ‘mist’ in Germany is a slang word for manure.

Pick a Name that Won’t Limit your Business as it Grows

Don’t pick a name that may cause you to have to change it later on in order to meet changing business priorities. Your business could sell new products, add new locations, add new key leaders, or completely change direction in the future. When Jeff Bezos started Amazon, he only sold books. However, he didn’t name his company OnlineBooks because that would have been limiting.

Another example would be using a name like Party Dresses of Washington. So, avoid limiting your business name to a specific product or location.

Ensure that you Conduct a Thorough Internet Search

Be sure that every potential name that is generated by the business name generator is searched for on social media and Google. You don’t want to be using a name someone else is using. This could be because of legal issues that might arise from trademarked names.

You might also have problems when you have a business name that can be associated with a brand with a bad name. If another company has a close name and lots of negative reviews, you can find that your business suffers from a lack of trust, even if you have nothing to do with them. It is better to stay away from that name.

Use a Name that Conveys Something Relevant to Your Audience

Ideally, you want to use something that conveys something that your audience can identify with. This will create a positive relationship with your customers and they will levitate towards you. For instance, if you sell books, then you should have something that should be relatable to reading, books or a book shop.

If you’re a restaurant, then you need to have something that conveys the type of food that you’re selling. For instance, Italian restaurants should have Italian, pizza, pasta or something like that embedded in the name.

That doesn’t mean that having a meaningless name can’t work. After all, there are brands like Google, Yahoo and Zappos that have made large businesses based on a name that is catchy but essentially irrelevant. However, the cost of marketing that brand has been very expensive. It was only because of good marketing that these brands worked. Therefore, make it easier for yourself and choose something that is more relevant to your brand.

There are some great examples out there of names that have worked really well. For example, is a great name because it tells the audience exactly what it is about.

Think about Search Engines

You want to ensure that whatever you’re going to use as a brand name is searchable. For instance, you want to see if you can get a brand name that will link to search queries that customers will enter. For instance, if you’re a restaurant then you might want to include the type of food you offer within your business name.

The advantage of this tactic is that it can help you build search traffic around your name and not have to change your metadata too much in order to match the specific search queries that you would like customers to find you by.

Conduct a Trademark Search

Before you settle on an option from the company name generator, then ensure that you do a search at to ensure that there are no trademarks or service marks for the name that you like. Using a name that has either of these in it will likely result in legal action against you.

Ensure you Complete a Secretary of State Search

If you’re likely to structure your new business venture as a corporation or LLC, then you need to complete a Secretary of State search. This is to ensure that your new business name will not be confused with another business name that has been registered by someone else.

If you have a name that could be confused with another registered name, then you can be prevented from registering it. You can speak to a corporation lawyer to help you conduct this search. This could be an expensive option but it can also be a worthwhile investment to ensure that you have long term potential for the business.

Ensure Your Name is Catchy

Brand name generators will give you lots of options, but you want to make sure that you’re selecting a name that is catchy and memorable. But you don’t want your name to be too obscure. When you have employees you want them to be able to say that they work at your company without hesitating because the name is too obscure.

In addition, you want your business’ name to be so memorable that customers can’t forget about it. The best names are those that are often said instead of other brands even in different niches because they simply flow off the tongue.

Collect Feedback

Don’t just choose one name when using our brand name generator. Select at least five to ten business names that you think would be a good match and then present these to others working in the business or to friends and family. Get their feedback on what they think of the names and whether they can make a suggestion of what you should use.

In addition, you can speak to your target market and get them to choose which brand name they prefer. Remember that customers will sometimes make purchases from brands where they like the name. Therefore, getting their feedback can be very important.

Be Sure that You’re Happy with the Name

One of the last things to consider is that you’re happy with the name. If you’re not happy with the name then you’re not going to want to promote the name with others. This can cause disruption to the growth of your business.

Though don’t always disregard a name because you don’t like it straight away. Sometimes new things can be hard to get used to. It's even harder if you had your heart set on one business name but there were trademarks against the name that has stopped you from using that name. If this happens, then you should say the new potential names out loud and find the one that feels most comfortable to say out loud.

Ensure it Fits on a Logo

It is very important that you allow your name to fit it onto a logo. Very few businesses have a logo that doesn’t feature their name on it. Think of Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, etc., they all have their logo as the brand name.

In fact, only about 9% of businesses don’t have their name within their logo. But long names are hard to fit onto a logo and make the logo more challenging to create. If you’ve got a really long name that you like, then ensure that you can use acronyms to make the logo fit on the logo as an alternative idea.

What to do After Using a Brand Name Generator

Once you’ve used the free brand name generator for your new business. Then you can start to create your business. There are several things that you need to do once you’ve selected the name from the random list generated by the company name generator.

The first thing to do is to ensure that you can get a website for your new brand. You can use a domain name generator to help you find a domain name that is associated with your brand. This can be done very quickly. You can then register your domain name with ease.

It might be a good idea to register lots of different domains for your business name. For instance, your business name might be American Dresses and you can get the domain name AmericanDresses, American-Dresses, USDresses and US-Dresses. You can also use lots of TLDs to be sure that no one can buy other domain names and then overcharge you for taking back ownership of the domain name.

While it might sound like an over expense, the cost of a domain name is relatively cheap. Whereas the cost that some domain name buyers might charge if they take domain names from you can be really high. If you find that your domain name isn’t necessary in the future, you can let the domain expire.

You’ll also want to start to develop your branding. You can create all kinds of marketing materials. Even if you’re online, you will want to create business cards, posters, leaflets and more.

Be sure that you also grab the associated social media channels as well. While you might not want to use them all, you don’t want someone stealing your name on Facebook or Twitter and then saying they’re posting on your behalf. At a minimum, you should get an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. However, you can get as many profiles as you would like. You don’t have to use them, just own them.

Finally, you should look at ensuring that you’re proceeding with any legal issues that you might have. This might include trademarking your name with the relevant corporation lawyers. Or perhaps registering your company in your store. Be sure to start this early as it can take time for these things to be processed.

Using the Business Name Generator for Success

When it comes to creating a new business, you’re going to want to create a business name that audiences will associate with good products/services. The name is very important. Many companies have tried to create a brand around a name that simply does not work and therefore audiences have abandoned them.

It is much easier to create a good name the first time around and get that brand than to have to re-brand with a new name that customers will not recognize or might get confused by.

The business name generator on Gochyu is the perfect solution for generating lots of potential brand names based on a few keywords. The company name generator is a free tool that can be used as many times as you would like to create a large list of random business names. Once you’ve selected a name, you can then see if the name is available to buy as a domain to help you succeed.

Whatever CMS you plan to build your site on for your new business, Shopify, WordPress or Squarespace, this tool can be of great benefit.

  • How to Come Up with a Business Name?

    Coming up with a good business name could be a hassle, it could potentially take a very long time, and with that said, it can also be a very simple task. That's what business name generators are for. You might just find a really neat business name by using a generator. Just fill out some basic words from your niche and we will do the rest. 

  • How to Register a Business Name?

    Registering a business name can be very different depending on where you reside and where your business is located. Each country/county has its own set of rules and regulations. It also makes a bug difference if your business is a company or a individual. Company registration tends to be much more bureaucratic while registering as an individual is usually incredibly simple.

  • How to Name a Business?

    There are several ways you can use to approach the task of naming a business. Some say you should just call the business "what you do". So a Plumber in Oklahoma would be named "Your Oklahoma Plumber". Simple and catchy. Others will go for the approach of using unique names that people will remember and will make it easy to find you online. While searching for "Oklahoma Plumber" would have lots of competition, searching for "Lalola" (no meaning what so ever") will be much easier. Catchy and easy to find online.

  • How to Change Facebook Business Page Name?

    It's very common to change your business name and with that comes changing your Facebook business page name. All you need to do is head over to Facebook, go into your business page, click "Edit page info", there you will see the option to change your business name.

  • How to Choose a Business Name?

    Choosing a business name could be pretty easy if you do it with a business name generator. Just choose a keyword from your industry and we will give you many options to choose from and offer the ability to purchase a domain name as well. You can check the domain availability here.

  • Do I Need to Trademark My Business Name?

    If you are asking this question, the answer is probably - no. There are many reasons you would want to trademark your business name, however - if you don't know what they are, you probably don't need to trademark your business.

  • How to Check if a Business Name is Taken?

    First of all, there is a difference between trademarked businesses to just registered businesses. If you want to check if a business name you are thinking of is taken in your local area, you would need to check locally. Every area and country works differently. With that said, you can check if a domain name is taken by checking on a domain registrar directly, or using a domain availability tool.

  • How to Patent a Business Name?

    In order to patent a business name you would need to contact someone whom deals with patents. In general you would need to contact a patent lawyer. 

  • What is a Legal Business Name?
    A legal business name is a name that is given to a traded entity that is not the name of the person. A legal business name can have different associated abbreviations/tags to identify its corporate structure such as Partners, Limited or Public Limited. You cannot use these tags if you’re not operating under their respective structures.
  • How to Buy a Business Name

    Many business names do not need to be bought. You just have to create the name and it is yours. This can cause some confusion as there are times when there are two or more companies that operate under the same or similar names. However, sometimes you might want to buy a business name from the current operator. A lawyer is often the best option for this.

  • How to Change your Business Name
    If you would like to change your business name you need to consider whether this is a good idea. Sometimes it can confuse audiences and customers and reduce trust. However, changing a business name can be easy if you’re a sole trader/partner. If you’re a registered company, you need to speak to a lawyer or your countries regulators.
  • How to Claim a Business Name
    Business names can be claimed legally through lawyers. They can establish whether or not you can register your business for sole use and trademark. This can be a very expensive option and can take years to complete, especially if you’ve got a very popular name in mind. Good networking and marketing can often mean you can claim a business name not in use.
  • How to Secure a Business Name
    To secure a business name you need good branding. Branding is done mostly on SEO and social media and regular contact with lots of people. You might also need a legal team who can defend your business’ interests should someone try to copy your branding/name in another area where you’ve made a legal claim on your business name.
  • Can I Change my Google Business Name?
    Yes. You can change your business information to ensure that it is accurate and relevant for Google users. To do this you need to go to your Business Profile on Google and then edit the information. You may need to verify the changes before they’re live. If you’re blocked from changing the name, you might have changed it too recently or too many times.
  • How to Change Business Name on Paypal
    To change your business name on PayPal you need to log into your account and then select the Account Settings option. Then choose the Business Profile and select the ‘About the Business’ option. Next to ‘Business Information’, you want to click on the ‘Update’ command. Then in the top right corner of the next page, you select the edit and make the changes. Save before exiting.
  • What is an LLC?
    There are many different business structures you can use. An LLC is a limited liability company that is US-specific. It is a form of a private limited company that allows you to have the business structure that combines the pass-through taxation of a sole trader or partnership with the limited liability of a corporation.
  • What Is an Ltd?

    A limited company (Ltd) is a business that has a structure where the members or subscribers of the business have liability set only to what they’ve invested or guaranteed to the company. The limited companies may have limitations based on shares or guarantees. There can be shared divided in public or private companies.

  • How much Does it Cost to Register a Business Name?
    You don’t have to register a business name, especially if you’re going to work as a sole trader. However, if you’re looking to trademark your business name to prevent others from using it, you can use a trademark application. This can be approximately $250 to $350. There can also be other costs.
  • Can you have the Same Business Name as Someone Else?
    Yes. There are sometimes businesses that share a business name. They don’t necessarily have any relationship between them. However, there are times when two businesses can’t share a business name when one of the businesses has trademarked the name. For example, companies like McDonald's and Burger King have trademarked their name.
  • How Do I Come Up With a Catchy Business Name

    There are many ways that you can come up with a catchy business name. The first is to think of your branding/services/products and think about what defines you. Then you need to use something that is easy to remember and isn’t too long or complicated. You can also use a business name generator to help you.

  • Can I Use Real Estate in my Business Name?
    This is very dependent on the state that you’re located in. There are some states where you can’t use real estate, realtor or similar names unless you offer certain services in your business. The same can be said for other elements of business names. Always check local laws for what is and what isn’t allowed.
  • Can my LLC Name be Different from my Business Name?
    No, your LLC name does not have to be the same as the business name that you trade under. Nor does your LLC name have to be the same as your website’s domain. The LLC name is the company’s legal entity name, whereas your business name is what you trade under and interact with your customers as.
  • How to Choose a Business Email Name
    There are many ways that you can choose a business email name. The first thing that you should consider is to choose a business email name that is very close to your business name that customers know you as. You should also ensure that your business email name is memorable and there are few places where typos can be made.
  • How to Create a Cleaning Business Name

    There are numerous ways that you can create a cleaning business name. However, one of the best ways that you can choose a cleaning business name is to use our business name generator. All you need is a few keywords and some ideas and the generator can come up with some great business names for you to use.

  • How to Name a Cookie Business
    If you’re looking to start a cookie business then you need a catchy name. There are lots of ways to create a cookie business name. However, one of the best options is to use the business name generator tool that we have. All you need is a few keywords for your business and the tool can do the rest.
  • How to Name a Real Estate Business
    If you’re running a real estate business then you will need a good name. A good name will bring in customers and help you in marketing your business. You can create a real estate business name with our business name generator. All you need is the keywords that you would like to have on your business.
  • How to Name Your Makeup Business
    There are numerous makeup businesses around. To stand out in the market, you need to have a good business name. There are many ways to create a good makeup business name but the best option is to use our business name generator that can help you with the use of a few keywords about your business.

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