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What Squarespace Template is That?

Squarespace may not be as popular as some other CMS' or website builders, such as WordPress or Shopify, however, Squarespace is an extremely popular website builder in certain circles. For that reason and for several others, it only makes sense that people that build Squarespace websites, find themselves asking "What Squarespace template is that?" when they encounter a good looking Squarespace website.

Squarespace Theme Detector - the Functionality Behind it

This tool, similar to the other detectors on this site, has one main purpose and that is to detect what Squarespace theme is being used. As we will explain in a minute, the way that the Squarespace code works, is a little different than other website builders, which forced us to change the functionality and logic that we use on this Squarespace theme detector.

Squarespace Templates

Unlike some of the others, Squarespace is a "closed platform" which means you can't purchase a template from outside of Squarespace. All the Squarespace templates are available ONLY via Squarespaces themselves. With that in mind, when looking for the perfect Squarespace template, the only place you can search will be within the actual Platform.


Squarespace Template Detector

The way Squarespace Template Detection works is pretty different than any other CMS or website building platform. Squarespace uses a "theme ID" and each ID is correlated to a specific theme / a list of themes. That's right - with some sites we will know exactly what theme is being used, with others we have a list of optional themes. It's kind if strange but it's the only way that works.

When getting the results for any given Squarespace site, this is what you can expect:

  • Theme name / List of theme options
  • Link to a demo site for each theme name option

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