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What Shopify Theme is That?

Shopify is becoming a top contender in competing for the best and most popular eCommerce platform. Since Shopify has become so popular, it's only logical that many non-savvy newcomers will have lots of questions about the platform. One very popular question is "What Shopify Theme is That?". The reason it's so popular is due to the fact that not everyone building sites these days is a designer, which makes it hard to just design something from scratch. When looking at what your competitors are doing, it's just logical to ask yourself what Shopify theme is being used on their site. Isn't it?

Shopify App Detector

It's not an easy task to detect all the apps being used on a Shopify site, however, we are able to detect some of the apps being used on Shopify sites. Knowing which Shopify apps are being used on any site you find, gives you a huge advantage in knowing what you need to do when launching your new eCommerce site.

Here is what your results will look like:

  • We let you know the site is in fact built using Shopify
  • Theme Name
  • Theme Screenshot
  • Scanned Site's Screenshot
  • Theme Price
  • Plugin List

What Shopify Theme is This?

After that introduction, let's start at the beginning. Some of you might not be as savvy Shopify users as others, so it's best we explain a bit more to enable you to use this Shopify theme finder to your benefit.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is becoming one of the top eCommerce platforms with a market share of over 10% (Oct. 2019) and growing by the minute. Unlike WooCommerce for example, Shopify is not open source, you get the entire eCommerce platform ready for you, while Shopify runs everything in the background.

What Shopify Theme & Apps - Functionality Introduction

This tool, similar to the other detectors on this site, has 2 main functionalities with an extra bonus functionality.

What Apps Does This Shopify Store Use?

Sometimes we just need to know how a certain shop did what they did, as simple as that. With so many functionality abilities these days, and so many app developers, it can be hard to spot what's going on. This is why we are here to help you out.

We can spot many apps that are being used on a Shopify store. Just try it out and see if you spot what you're looking for. 


Shopify Theme Detector - What Shopify Theme?

So what does this tool do, you ask...? This is the main part. Shopify stores are built using themes. Shopify themes give the structure to Shopify sites. They offer the page types, they determine the overall look that the store will have. The color of the buttons and font, the size of the images, the sections on the pages, etc.

Being able to determine what a certain stores' Shopify theme is, can be very beneficial. 

Shopify Theme Finder

Using a Shopify theme finder can help you duplicate a site you really like. Shopify themes can be free or paid on the official Shopify site, but you can also purchase themes on various other sites. So being able to find out exactly what theme was used, can save tens and hundreds of developing hours.

What Shopify Theme is this Website Using?

Many Shopify users encounter cool looking sites on a daily basis and would love to know how they got their site to look that way. This is where Shopify theme detectors come in handy. They give you the ability to find out which Shopify theme this site is using and make the same one. The ability to determine which Shopify theme is being used is potentially worth a lot of money. One the one hand you get your answer for free, and on the other hand you save tons of development hours. It's a win win on your end.

Shopify App Detector

Now that we've got our heads wrapped around Shopify themes, let's get informative about Shopify apps. Apps can also be called "Plugins" on other platforms. Shopify apps are what give you the extra functionality you might need.

Aside from being a Shopify theme detector, Gochyu is also a Shopify app detector. When you scan a website for information, we will also tell you what Shopify apps the website is using.

What Shopify Apps is this Website Using?

So not only do we tell you the name of the Shopify theme that cool site is using, we also tell you what apps the site is using. This way you can literally achieve the same functionality, both in terms of the theme and in terms of the apps.

Is This Shopify?

This is our bonus tip. Sometimes you just want to know if this site is Shopify or not. There are lots of eCommerce platforms that any online store can be, not necessarily Shopify. So if you find a site and aren't sure how it was built, and ask yourself "I wonder, is this Shopify?" then not only will you get your answer here, you will get the theme information and the app information as well.

Not only that, but if it's not Shopify and it's a known CMS, we will tell you which CMS is actually is.

  • What Shopify Theme is That?

    Knowing what Shopify theme is being used on some other competitors' site is pretty easy. Just put that site's URL in the above form and hit "enter" and we will give you the theme name.

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