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What Shopify Theme is That?

Shopify is becoming a top contender in competing for the best and most popular eCommerce platform. Since Shopify has become so popular, it's only logical that many non-savvy newcomers will have lots of questions about the platform. One very popular question is "What Shopify Theme is That?". The reason it's so popular is due to the fact that not everyone building sites these days is a designer, which makes it hard to just design something from scratch. When looking at what your competitors are doing, it's just logical to ask yourself what Shopify theme is being used on their site. Isn't it?

Shopify App Detector

It's not an easy task to detect all the apps being used on a Shopify site, however, we are able to detect some of the apps being used on Shopify sites. Knowing which Shopify apps are being used on any site you find, gives you a huge advantage in knowing what you need to do when launching your new eCommerce site.

Here is what your results will look like:

  • We let you know the site is in fact built using Shopify
  • Theme Name
  • Theme Screenshot
  • Scanned Site's Screenshot
  • Theme Price
  • Plugin List
Available in the Chrome Web Store