There are lots of Shopify apps that can help you make the most of your website. Whether they’re about fashion or electronics. Apps can help you perform numerous tasks too. You can collect leads, build trust or upsell to customers to make average orders more valuable. But the trouble is choosing the best Shopify apps for your store.

How Do You Determine The Top Shopify Apps?

The top Shopify apps have to have a few things in common. First, they have to be reasonably priced. This doesn’t mean cheap, just that their price allows you to add value to the website and improve revenues/profits to make it a worthwhile investment.

Secondly, they must have the functionality to support your growth/improvement in service. While some have functions, not all of them have the features that will improve your website’s performance.

How can this help you? For one, it can help you improve your ranking on Google. A good rank on Google can help you improve your site's traffic level. Getting to the top spot on Google can bring in 28% of the search traffic. The more traffic you get, the more sales you will have.

In addition, you want to improve conversions on your website. Some apps will help you load quicker, where a second can cost you 7% of your revenue. Or they can help you upsell or cross, where 30% of the revenue generated online is made.

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Key Takeaways
Top Shopify apps enhance website performance, improve Google ranking, and increase traffic and sales.
Some apps significantly speed up website loading, crucial as even a second's delay can reduce revenue.
Effective apps offer upselling and cross-selling features, driving up to 30% of online revenue generation.

Best Shopify Apps - Our Selections:



Vitals is one of the top apps that can be added to a Shopify site with a range of functions that can help in numerous areas of Shopify website management. The app isn’t just one app, it is technically forty apps within one neat package. This is a useful feature as it lowers the coding necessary to deliver lots of different functions.

One of the most interesting features of the app is the ‘wheel of fortune’ style function. This gamifies your website, allowing customers to come back every day to try to win prizes. This is also a great way to grow you business’ email list by collecting participants’ email addresses. The app also allows you to collect reviews from past customers, a vital way to grow your conversion rate and earn more revenue.

You can also build traffic through several measures, including SEO aspects that can make your site rank higher on Google and other search engines. The app has a neat sticky add-to-cart option that allows the button to scroll down the page as the visitor does. This can be combined with an animated button on your website that can help you make your website more interesting.

Vitals Highlights:

  • More than forty functions within one app that can help you grow your Shopify store and earn more revenue.
  • Includes an Amazon-like frequently bought together app that can help with cross selling.
  • Helps to improve your website’s search ranking with advanced SEO ratings.
  • Improve the appearance of your website with a sticky, animated add-to-cart button that improves conversions.

Sales Rocket

Sales Rocket

There are more than 35 amazing functions wrapped up into one great app that make this one of the best Shopify apps for your store. The app is perfect for saving you costs, by reducing the need to have multiple subscriptions, and improving store revenues through excellent features. The app can also improve website speed by limiting the code that is inserted into your website. A faster website makes your site rank higher on Google and other search engines and helps with conversions.

There is an excellent ‘also bought’ together feature on the app, this helps with your store’s cross selling activities. This can also be used to improve the store’s ability to recommend substitutions for products that are out of stock or to improve average order values through cross selling.

This app also has several other features that allow you to improve the look and feel of your website. For instance, there is a shipping bar that tells customers how much they’ve got to spend to get free shipping. You can also create lead capture forms to build an email marketing list and a Wheel of Fortune game that encourages engagement with your audience and builds traffic.

The app is really good at building a fear of missing out on your website, this will help with conversions and grow average order values. You can also lower customer cart abandonment on your site, which helps with revenues across your brand.

Sales Rocket Highlights:

  • More than 35 apps to help you make the most of your website, improving your website’s functionality.
  • Build audiences and email lists with a range of functions.
  • Increase the average order value with great FOMO functions and a shipping bar.
  • Lower customer cart abandonment on your site with numerous features and functions.

Upsell & Cross Sell • Upselly


This app is the perfect solution for improving average order values on your store by showcasing the perfect compliments to the products that are also in the basket of the customer or the one that they’re viewing. The app includes a section where the recommended products can be added. The call-to-action can be matched to your website’s color scheme. Therefore, the recommended products area of your website looks seamlessly integrated into your website.

There is great support for you if you’re struggling with the app. For instance, there is help installing the app on your Shopify store, or if you want to maximize returns, someone can help you with setup. This can be a real benefit for those who are technically not as good. This app can help you make customers finalize decisions, reduce cart abandonment and you can also specify how many products that are recommended on any product page.

If you don’t choose the products for each of your products, the AI can do that for you. It can also do the same if you’ve only selected a couple. Finally, there is the option to improve uptake by displaying a discounted price for the additional items. This can increase order values, when you combine that with a shipping bar app, this can be very effective.

Upsell & Cross Sell Highlights:

  • Manually recommend what products your store promotes in the ‘Also Bought’ area that you think are a good match, or let the AI help you.
  • Limit the number of recommendations displayed the customer to ensure they’re not overwhelmed by the decisions.
  • Choose where the widget for recommended products is displayed on your website.
  • Customers are able to add more than one of the recommended products into the shopping cart.

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution

This is an innovative and responsive Shopify slider app that allows you to spread the core messages, deals and information about your website. Therefore, your customers are able to see a snippet of the important information and then click through to find our more. This keeps your website sticky, lowering bounce rates which can cause SEO issues.

The app works across devices, screen sizes and resolutions. There are numerous types of sliders that you can choose from to display the content. You can include custom-built content to social media carousels and even video walls. To customize the look, feel and style of any of the sliders, you can use the WYSIWYG, drag and drop builder. With the number of elements available, you can add numerous text, images, video, shortcodes, HTML and other elements to your website.

And you still have full control over your style, animation and transitions of the slider. For videos within the slider, there are numerous features that can be added. This includes a loop or a loop and progress option. This app is also SEO-friendly, allowing you to be found easier on Google and other search engines, and you can have lazy loading for faster website loading. There is also a parallax effect that can be used on your store.

Finally, there is a monitoring and analytics option that can help you choose the best ways to improve your site based on user behaviors.

Slider Revolution Highlights:

  • Control the design of the sliders on your site with an intuitive WYSIWYG drag and drop builder.
  • The app is completely, SEO-friendly, therefore your site can rank high based on the meta data that is included within the app.
  • Analytical tools help you find the behaviors of your customers, that allow you to improve the performance of your website.
  • Works on all devices and screen resolutions.

Product Filter And Search

Product filter and search

Search is a major function on any website. If customers can’t find the products they want and quickly, then they’re going to leave. This app allows you to deliver great search results no matter what the size of the store and the catalog you have. The search results are accurate, helping you to build trust and increase conversions.

There are numerous filtering options available as well, that can help reduce the number of products on display within search results or your store. You can filter products based on collection, vendor, product type, color, seize, tag and more. To improve your conversions, you can get filters that showcase only the deals/discounts on the store.

The filter and search is very advanced. You can merge values that are very similar. For example, if you have lots of different options that are the same color, like red, but different shades, then you can combine these within one filter to show all the possible shadings.

The app’s search functionality is also very advanced. There’s an auto-suggest option that uses what the customer has already entered to predict their final search term. This will also display the products that they might be looking for. There is also spellchecking within the search box, to maximize accuracy of the search results.

The app can support more than one million products on a store and is fast. When you have 100,000 products on a store, the search results can appear within 200ms.

Product Filter And Search Highlights:

  • This is optimized for all devices and screen resolutions.
  • Supports more than one million products on a store.
  • Fast search results returned, with results showing to the customer within 200 ms when you have 100,000 on your store.
  • Lots of advanced product filtering options that are available on your store, allowing customers the chance to find what they’re looking for.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking Pro

Parcel Panel

This app is great for helping you keep customers happy by allowing them to track their orders as they’re delivered. This protects your time, as customers don’t need to contact you about where their order is. This helps you to improve your customer service in other areas.

This app works by generating a branded lookup page. This will match your current theme and it will include a shipping progress bar, custom order status and an estimated time of delivery. The app can also display other elements like related product recommendations. The order lookup only requires an order number, email address or tracking number.

The app works with all kinds of business models; including dropshippers like those who are working with ePacket and AliExpress. Parcel Panel also works across the world with translation strings that can display the text in the native language of the user. It also works with more than 600 carriers across the world with information collected in real-time.

To help customers, you can display an accurate estimated delivery time. And the app is perfectly responsive, so can be used across devices and screen resolutions.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking Pro Highlights:

  • App creates a branded order search and tracking page.
  • Includes lots of vital details on the tracking page page, including an estimated delivery date.
  • Can showcase related products to help increase prices.
  • Can be used for all business models, including dropshipping businesses.

Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts

Back In Stock

You don’t want to miss out on a potential sale, which is why a ‘back in stock’ app can be very useful for your brand. Using this app can let customers know when a product is going to be back in stock for them to come back and buy the product. The customer can choose between many different methods of notification, including email, SMS, Facebook and push notifications. And you can have variants included within the notification.

The app is really easy to install, it takes only a single click. No coding or developer knowledge is needed. Customization of the notifications is also easy. You can customize the notification sign-up button and more with ease. And the app can be integrated with marketing apps like MailChimp.

Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts Highlights:

  • One click install, no developer skills required to install or operate.
  • Customize messages with ease.
  • Integrates with popular email marketing platform MailChimp for long term relationships with customers.
  • Can send notifications through several channels.



Privy is a multi-purpose Shopify app. It allows you to market your store through numerous channels that help you reach a larger, but targeted, audience. You can send abandoned cart messages or welcome messages instantly through different channels like SMS and email.

You can also use Privy for excellent popups to grow your email marketing list (including exit-intent popups). The app allows audience segmentation to improve customer targeting and ensuring all content is relevant to those receiving it. Finally, you can add upselling popups to improve order values from the customer. There are also ways to utilize the user behaviors to create a more personalized experience.

Privy Highlights:

  • Send SMS messages to your audience for various different reasons like abandoned cart or welcome messages.
  • There are numerous campaign triggers you can use to send out automated messages.
  • Add personalization to your campaigns by using the behaviors of the user.
  • Real-time reporting of campaigns so you can make improvements.

Magic Bundle

Magic Bundles

This app allows you to improve your website’s sales through the use of bundles. Bundles are a specific way and one of the most common upselling options. You can offer a discount for purchasing more products on your store. There are numerous different ways to offer a discount, such as percentage, set amounts, specific pricing.

You’re also able to use this app to show groups of products, that aren’t related or are instead a cross-selling option through a frequently bought together bundle. This could be, for example, a piece of garden equipment with some additional furniture items. You can offer these with a discount to increase conversions.

Magic Bundle Highlights

  • Add emojis to discounts to make them more appealing.
  • Customize the language to be in your local language.
  • An easy to display bundle anywhere on your store.
  • Increase sales by recommending products that should be purchased together.

Bundle Wizard

Bundle Wizard

Generate more sales on your website with the help of product bundles. Allowing customers to get a discount when they products in a higher number allows you to upsell and can be a grea way to make more profit from fewer orders. You can use this app to group different products together as well. The app will produce a SKU for the bundle, while maintaining the SKU for the individual products as well.

This app is easy to use and requires no coding knowledge or developer skills. There is also support for your use from the app development team.

Bundle Wizard Highlights

  • Syncs inventory and bundles so you don’t oversell.
  • Easy to use app, no coding knowledge is required.
  • Variations of products within bundles is supportive.
  • Can add a discount to products in a bundle.

Stock Sync Inventory Update

Stock Sync Inventory Update

This is a comprehensive app for inventory management. It helps you keep your stock in sync no matter how many channels and stores that you’re selling on. And it allows you to not only sync the number of products to your store, but also the pricing, descriptions and images.

If you’re dropshipping, you can also synchronize your stock levels with their own. Therefore, you never sell a product your suppliers don’t have. This can save time from monitoring stock levels and it’s a great way to keep yourself current.

Stock Sync Inventory Update Highlights:

  • Sync your store with that of suppliers so you don’t sell products you can’t supply.
  • Great for all businesses whether startup or seasoned stores.
  • Great free trial of 14 days to help you check out the features.
  • Can take products off synchronization that are discontinued.

Announcement Bar And Header Bar - Inactive (Inactive)

Announcement Bar & Header Bar

When a guest lands upon your site, they will automatically be greeted by an announcement and header bar with this app. Other apps have this feature, but if you’re looking for just this function, this is one of the best apps that you can have.

The announcement bar can showcase offers, discounts, deals, updates and even a countdown timer. This can help speed up customer decisions and increase order values. The announcement bars can be restricted to what pages they’re on and can only be included on certain collections, blog posts or a specific landing page.

Every announcement bar can be customized for the specific message/page. You can also set the background color and text to be exactly as you want it.

Announcement Bar And Header Bar Highlights:

  • Numerous customizations available to help you get the right message and branding across to visitors to your store.
  • Works across devices and screen resolutions.
  • Preview your announcement bar before releasing it.
  • Can be used on one page or numerous pages.


Conclusion: 12 Best Shopify Apps For Your Store

Shopify is a great eCommerce platform that helps you get a small business going quickly. However, you can always enhance your store using some of the Shopify apps listed above. Which ones will you install? The choice is yours.

And if you find another Shopify store that has some features you would like, you can always find what apps they're using with this Shopify App Detector.

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