If you've found yourself struggling to stand out in the crowded e-commerce space, you're not alone. Perhaps you've noticed a plateau in sales or a dip in user engagement and are searching for a solution that goes beyond traditional marketing tactics. You understand the importance of offering not just products, but an experience that keeps customers coming back. This is where finding the right Shopify wishlist app can make a significant difference in how your store performs and connects with its audience.

This information is designed to equip you with the knowledge to choose an app that aligns with your business goals and enhances your customers' shopping experience.

Get ready to unlock the potential of these tools and see what they can do for your e-commerce store.

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Key Takeaways
Shopify wishlist apps significantly enhance user engagement and overall store performance by offering advanced customization options.
Key features include customizable wishlists, automated email alerts, and social sharing capabilities to boost customer interaction.
Choosing the right app requires aligning with business goals to significantly improve the customer shopping experience.

Best Shopify Wishlist Apps - Our Selections:

Wishlist Plus

Wishlist Plus

Wishlist Plus stands out as the prime solution for online retailers aiming to elevate customer engagement and decrease cart abandonment. It empowers customers to save their favorite items for future purchases, enhancing the likelihood of conversion. The software is renowned for its robust event-triggered email campaigns and comprehensive APIs that facilitate a tailored wishlist functionality, significantly improving the shopping experience on your platform.

Its guest wishlist feature ensures that not a single potential sale is missed, even from users not logged into an account. Moreover, Wishlist Plus amplifies engagement and promotes word-of-mouth marketing by allowing wishlist to be shared through email, text, and social media.

Designed for seamless integration with premier email services and Shopify themes, it keeps your inventory in the spotlight by notifying customers about low stock, restocks, and price drops.

Wishlist Plus Highlights:

  • Facilitates bookmarking of favorite items for later, boosting the potential for future sales.
  • Features powerful event-triggered email campaigns for highly personalized marketing efforts.
  • Includes a guest wishlist feature, which aids in both customer retention and acquisition.
  • Seamless integration with top email services and Shopify themes for a cohesive user experience.
  • Promotes sharing of wishlist via email, text message, and social media, enhancing customer engagement and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Sends timely alerts for low stock, restock, and price drops, keeping your inventory on your customers' radar.


Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist

Growave is a comprehensive app designed to enhance Shopify stores by integrating loyalty programs, referrals, wishlist, and product reviews. This versatile tool aims to increase sales and build trust among customers by offering a suite of features that replace the need for multiple apps.

It supports businesses in acquiring more customers organically through referrals, increasing repeat purchases with loyalty programs, and boosting sales with automated wishlist emails.

The app also focuses on collecting photo and product reviews on autopilot, showcasing Instagram photos and user-generated content (UGC) to build social proof, and driving conversions.

With Growave, Shopify merchants can implement effective strategies to retain customers and encourage repeat orders, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and seamless integration with Shopify themes. The customer support team is noted for their quick and efficient responses, further enhancing the user experience.

Growave Highlights:

  • Boosts customer retention with points, VIP tiers, and rewards.
  • Reduces ad spend by incentivizing customer referrals.
  • Enhances sales with notifications for saved items.
  • Gathers reviews automatically, boosting credibility and SEO.
  • Builds social proof with Instagram photos and UGC.
  • Ensures smooth operation within Shopify's ecosystem.

Wishlist King

Wishlist King

Wishlist King is a customizable app designed to enhance the shopping experience on Shopify stores by allowing customers to create wishlist with ease. It integrates seamlessly with all themes, avoiding popups or a generic look, ensuring a smooth user experience. The app supports one-click wishlist creation and product addition from anywhere, with optional customer accounts for added convenience.

The app offers free setup and customization by its team to ensure it fits well with your store's design and operates flawlessly. It includes Klaviyo integration for sending email reminders, along with GA4 and Pixel, to leverage customer insights for better engagement. With full functionality and unlimited usage across all plans, Wishlist King aims to assist in sales conversion by keeping customers engaged with their favorite products.

Wishlist King Highlights:

  • Enhances the shopping experience by allowing customers to easily create and manage wishlist.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Shopify themes, maintaining the store's unique look and feel.
  • Offers one-click wishlist creation and product addition, with optional customer accounts for convenience.
  • Provides free setup and customization to ensure the app fits well with the store's design.
  • Includes Klaviyo integration for email reminders, along with GA4 and Pixel for customer insights.
  • Features full functionality and unlimited usage across all plans to support stores of all sizes.


Wishlist ‑ Wishify

If you're looking to elevate your e-commerce experience and boost sales through enhanced customer engagement, Wishify is the ideal Shopify app for you. Utilized by stores worldwide, this app keeps your customers engaged by allowing them to save their favorite items and share their wishlist via email and social media platforms.

This not only retains customers but also helps in attracting new ones. Its unique features like Guest Wishlist and seamless account creation for wishlist management enhance the shopping experience for both visitors and registered users, leading to increased repeat purchases.

The app is celebrated for its user-friendly interface, customizable nature, and outstanding customer support, making it a valuable asset for any Shopify store aiming to improve customer interaction and sales.

Wishify Highlights:

  • Globally recognized for its ability to retain customers and encourage sharing.
  • Offers features like Guest Wishlist and easy account creation for managing wishlist.
  • Highly commended for its intuitive interface, customization flexibility, and exceptional customer support.

Wishlist Hero

Wishlist Hero

Wishlist Hero emerges as the premier wishlist application for Shopify merchants desiring an effortless, user-centric addition to their online stores. With an offering of a 14-day free trial, the ease of its automated installation for popular Shopify themes stands out, streamlining the setup process significantly. Its mobile-friendly design ensures a seamless experience across devices, and the feature allowing customers to utilize the wishlist without the need for logging in enhances accessibility and user engagement.

Wishlist Hero goes beyond by providing insightful tracking of products, customers, and their interactions, offering valuable data to store owners. The app's compatibility with leading currency apps and adherence to GDPR standards further solidify its position as a top choice, ensuring a hassle-free shopping journey for a global audience. High merchant ratings underscore its effectiveness, citing its simplicity and robust functionality as key factors that contribute to an enriched e-commerce environment.

Wishlist Hero Highlights:

  • A generous free plan accompanied by a 14-day trial period.
  • Automated installation and login-free wishlist usage.
  • GDPR compliance and integration with currency conversion apps.
  • Tracks products and customer interactions.

Wishlist Engine

Wishlist Engine

E-commerce businesses aiming to boost sales and enhance customer engagement will find the Wishlist Engine an indispensable tool in their Shopify arsenal. This app allows customers to save their favorite items with ease, offering product wishlists that enhance the shopping experience. You'll appreciate the auto email alerts for price drops and restocks, keeping your customers informed and eager to return.

With guest wishlists, even casual browsers can save items without the hassle of logging in. The app's analytics feature lets you track the most saved products, providing valuable insights to turn wishlist items into sales. Integration with platforms like Klaviyo and Facebook Pixel further extends its utility, making the Wishlist Engine a powerhouse for increasing sales and reducing abandoned cart ratios.

With its affordable pricing and rave reviews from merchants for its seamless integration, robust features, and exceptional customer support, it's a must-have for your online store.

Wishlist Engine Highlights:

  • Seamlessly integrates with popular marketing platforms like Klaviyo and Facebook Pixel.
  • Enhances customer experience with guest wishlists and auto email alerts for price drops and restocks.
  • Provides valuable analytics to help merchants identify popular products and tailor their sales strategies accordingly.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface that encourages customers to engage and return.
  • Supports increasing sales and reducing abandoned cart ratios with its advanced features.

Hulk Advanced Wishlist

Hulk Advanced Wishlist

Hulk Advanced Wishlist app is a standout solution for businesses looking to elevate their online shopping experience. It offers a user-friendly interface and an array of powerful customization options for wishlists. Customers can easily organize carts, sort wishlist items, and add their favorite products without any hassle.

The feature of creating guest wishlists significantly reduces cart abandonment rates, and the sharing functionality enhances word-of-mouth marketing.

Moreover, the app supports multiple favorites and product variant wishlists, alongside a floating widget for quick access. The wishlist dashboard provides deep analytical insights, and automated emails based on wishlist activities ensure customers remain engaged.

Hulk Advanced Wishlist Highlights:

  • User-friendly interface and extensive customization options improve the shopping experience.
  • Offers guest wishlists and social sharing to reduce cart abandonment and promote products.
  • Provides analytics and automated emails for customer engagement and insights.


iWish: Wishlist

Seeking an affordable way to elevate your online store? iWish: Wishlist offers a fantastic solution at just $2 monthly after a complimentary 14-day trial. This straightforward pricing grants you full access to its array of features without any restrictions on wishlist items or customer usage.

Brought to you by Mascot Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a seasoned company with nine years under its belt and an impressive average app rating of 4.6, iWish stands out with an overall rating of 4.6. A significant 86% of these ratings are 5 stars, underscoring the high level of user satisfaction and the app's reliability. Additionally, email support is readily available, ensuring you have assistance whenever necessary.

Designed with small to medium-sized online retailers in mind, iWish aims to provide a personalized shopping experience for customers.

iWish Highlights:

  • Enjoy a 14-day free trial followed by an affordable flat rate of $2 monthly for complete feature access.
  • Experience scalability with unlimited wishlist items and customer access.
  • Benefit from high user satisfaction, as evidenced by an overall rating of 4.6 and 86% 5-star ratings.
  • Rely on consistent support with available email assistance for any inquiries or issues.

Smart Wishlist

Smart Wishlist

Smart Wishlist is an exceptional tool for Shopify store owners aiming to enhance user engagement and drive sales through a convenient wishlist feature. This app allows customers to easily favorite items without the need for account registration, making it incredibly user-friendly and accessible. With its one-click setup, store owners can effortlessly integrate wishlists across product, collection, search result, and cart pages.

Smart Wishlist supports unlimited wishlists and provides robust integration options through both Javascript API and REST API. Offering a 60-day free trial followed by an affordable $4.99 monthly subscription, it presents excellent value for merchants. Its customizable features, theme compatibility, and insightful analytics data make it a highly regarded choice among Shopify store owners.

Smart Wishlist Highlights:

  • Streamlines wishlist creation without requiring user registration for enhanced convenience.
  • Supports extensive integration with Javascript and REST APIs for diverse store setups.
  • Includes a 60-day free trial and cost-effective subscription plans for merchant value.
  • Offers customization and theme compatibility for a seamless user experience.
  • Delivers analytics to help merchants grasp customer preferences and trends.

Wishlist Club

Wishlist Club

E-commerce businesses aiming to boost their sales will greatly benefit from Wishlist Club's comprehensive features, including wishlist, price drop, and restock alerts. This tool is essential for businesses looking to improve customer engagement and drive sales with its innovative features. It allows for guest, multiple, and shareable wishlists, enhancing the shopping experience.

Moreover, it integrates seamlessly into your website, displaying a wishlist icon on home, collection, and product pages, ensuring a smooth user experience. The inclusion of price drop, re-stock, and back-in-stock alerts keeps customers informed and encourages them to make purchases, ultimately helping businesses increase their average order value (AOV).

Wishlist Club Highlights:

  • Offers guest, multiple, and shareable wishlists for diverse customer preferences.
  • Includes price drop, restock, and back-in-stock alerts for customer engagement.
  • Utilizes automated email reminders and live updates to target potential buyers and increase sales.
  • Enhances customer engagement with easy wishlist access across home, collection, and product pages.

Listr: Wishlist + Reminder

Listr: Wishlist + Reminder

Listr: Wishlist + Reminder is a Shopify app designed to boost store sales and revenue by allowing customers to create shareable wishlists. It features customizable reminder emails for wishlist products, encouraging customers to return and make purchases. The app also displays how many other customers have added the same product to their wishlists, fostering a sense of urgency and community among shoppers.

The app offers a range of customization options, including the wishlist icon and page, and supports guest wishlists, making it accessible for all users. It sends automated reminder emails daily, weekly, or monthly, and notifies customers about price drops. Additionally, Listr provides analytics and reports, helping merchants understand customer preferences and top wishlisted products, enhancing inventory planning and marketing strategies.

Listr Highlights:

  • Shareable wishlists with custom email reminders.
  • Displays product popularity among customers.
  • Customizable wishlist icon and page.
  • Supports guest wishlists.
  • Automated reminder emails (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Social share options.
  • Analytics and reports on customer preferences.
  • Notifies customers about price drops.

The4 Toolkit

The4 Toolkit

For Shopify store owners looking to elevate their site's functionality, The4 Toolkit - The4 Easy Compare and Wishlist is the optimal choice, especially when using The4 themes such as Unsen, Kalles, and Gecko. This toolkit provides a straightforward way to integrate compare and wishlist features into your online store, allowing customers to easily bookmark their favorite items or compare them.

The addition of these features not only enhances the shopping experience but also plays a crucial role in boosting sales. With its minimal impact on store performance and an easy setup process, it's designed to be accessible for store owners of any technical skill level. The toolkit has garnered praise for its customer service, with users particularly appreciating the quick and efficient support, with special mentions of team member Annie for her exceptional assistance.

The4 Toolkit Highlights:

  • Enhances shopping with easy product comparison and wishlist addition.
  • Exceptional customer service with quick, helpful support.
  • Simple setup with minimal impact on store performance.
  • Highly rated for functionality and support, 4.9/5 stars.

Key Factors for Selecting Shopify Wishlist Apps

Feature Comparison

  • Essential Features: Assess guest wishlist options, email alerts, and integration capabilities.
  • App Compatibility: Evaluate compatibility with your store, ease of use, and customer support.
  • Merchant Feedback: Consider pricing, ratings, and feedback for an informed choice.

Integration Ease

  • Seamless Integration: Ensure the app integrates well with your Shopify theme and other apps.
  • Setup Simplicity: Look for apps that offer easy setup without needing extensive technical knowledge.
  • Device Compatibility: Confirm app usability across various devices for a consistent user experience.

User Interface Design

  • Intuitive Interfaces: Focus on layouts and features that enhance usability and experience.
  • Visual Appeal: Consider typography, color schemes, and iconography for cohesive design.
  • Engagement Elements: Ensure easy navigation and interaction for users.

Key Aspects for Optimal App Selection

Pricing and Billing

  • Cost Analysis: Examine pricing structures, recurring charges, and currency for budget alignment.
  • Trial Offers: Utilize free trials to gauge app suitability.
  • Value for Money: Balance features against cost for cost-effective e-commerce solutions.

Support and Assistance

  • Responsive Support: Verify the availability of timely customer support.
  • Self-Help Resources: Check for FAQs, tutorials, and documentation.
  • Personalized Assistance: Ensure support is tailored to your specific needs.

Sales Impact Analysis

  • Performance Insights: Understand how the app influences sales performance.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Use sales data to identify trends and optimize strategies.
  • Feature-to-Sales Correlation: Consider how app features can enhance sales outcomes.

Conclusion: 12 Best Shopify Wishlist Apps for 2024

Choosing the right Shopify wishlist app can significantly boost your e-commerce experience, making it more engaging for your customers and profitable for you. Consider your store's specific needs, budget, and desired features when making your decision.

Whether you're looking for advanced analytics, user retention tools, or seamless integration, there's an option out there for you. Invest in one of these top wishlist apps and watch your customer satisfaction and sales soar.

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