Check Website Domain Availability

Domain Name Availability

Domain name availability is one of the first steps in website building. You need to know whether a domain name is available. If it is available, then you’re able to register it and use it for your website. If not, then you need to find another option for your brand to ensure that you have the right name for your website that will help you sell.

Is this Domain Available?

This tool will help you find your next (or first?) domain name. With so many domains registered these days, it can be daunting trying to find the perfect domain name that is available for your next project. Using our domain name search tool, you can search until you find a domain that you like and is available.

You can’t just use the address bar within a browser to conduct the search because there are a few issues. For one, not all registered domain names have a website attached to them. Some of them have just been parked or are owned and just not used. You might also find that some domain names are redirected.

Therefore, you might think that a domain name is available but when it comes to making the purchase of the domain name, you find it is not available.

Another problem is that you can land on a page that has some security issues. Some sites contain malware or viruses that can infect your computer. By landing on these pages you’re placing your business at risk and your computer.

That is why you need to check domain name availability by using the free tool.

What is a Domain Name Search?

A domain name search is a process of checking a desired domain name against the registered domain names to see if one is available for purchase. There are many aspects to the domain name. For instance, you need to check that the domain name and top-level domain are available.

The domain name search tool here is designed to do the work for you, preventing you from the hard task of finding out if the domain is available for your next project.

How to use the Domain Name Tool?

The domain name tool is very easy to use. All you need to do is to enter the domain name that you would like to use for your website, like ‘’ and then press the enter or return key on your keyboard. This will conduct a search with the relevant authorities as to whether the domain is being used.

If the domain is registered with someone, then it will say that the domain is not available. If it is available, then you will be told of the availability and you will be given a link to register the domain name. It is that simple.

What are the Key Aspects to Good Domain Name Searches?

There are many aspects that can help you ensure that you’re conducting a good domain name search. When checking for domain name availability you want to be sure that you’re using domain names that you’re going to be comfortable with. There is no point checking for a domain name if you’re not going to use it.

In addition, you want to make sure that the domain represents your branding. Customers should be able to connect your domain name with that of your brand. If they don’t make the connection, then there can be serious issues. You might have reduced traffic flow and this can lower revenues on your website.

There are many brands out there who use just their business name as the branding. However, there are others that are more unique. For example, some will use the terms that are associated with what they sell/offer like or Using these types of domains are great for search engine optimization. However, if your brand isn’t associated with these products then you can be at a disadvantage.

You’ll also want to keep your domain name as short as possible. The Internet Movie Database has shortened its domain name to be just Why? Because this reduces the chances that someone entering the URL into the navigational bar within a browser will make a typo. Typos can lose you traffic.

Therefore, you want your domain name to be less than 10 characters at most. Though sometimes, domain names that are 12 characters are okay.

Can I Register the Domain with the Tool?

No, you’re not able to register the domain with the tool. However, there is a link that allows you to register the available domain name for you. Registering a domain name is really simple and takes just moments. Therefore, when you’ve found an available domain name for your new venture, you can secure that domain name within a few moments.

Domain names can be registered for one or two years most of the time. There are times when you might be able to buy the domain name for 10 years, but this can be counterproductive. You can never register a domain name for life. Registering a domain will always be limited.

If a Domain is Registered with Someone Else, can I ever Buy it?

There are two ways that a domain that has been registered can sometimes become available. If you’ve found that a domain has been registered by someone else, then you might be able to discover who has bought that domain and then speak to them. They might offer you a price so that you will be able to purchase the domain from them.

Of course, there are issues with this as well. You don’t know that these people are legitimate. They can sometimes charge a very high price for the domain. The average price for a domain name should be approximately $10-20 for a year. However, there are domain brokers who charge thousands for domain names. They often target domain names with high search potential like or

While these are very good domain names that can offer higher traffic, the amount of return on these domain names can be limited. You might never get the money back on your domain purchase from a broker.

Another way that you can buy your domain name, even if it is registered at the moment is to get the domain when it comes up for renewal. Not all brands monitor their domain name purchasing or when it is up for renewal. There have been times when even big brands like Google have been caught out by this.

Or the current owner of the domain has decided not to continue with their project. When it comes to renewal they might then waive the renewal and then you can make the purchase yourself. This might need to be done quickly with a check every so often, which can be done free with our tool, to ensure that you’re getting the chance to buy the domain name as soon as it becomes available.

What is the Cost for Using the Domain Name Availability Tool?

There is no cost to using the domain name availability tool. It is completely free and you can use it as much as you would like, whenever you would like. For instance, you can use it once a day or try hundreds of different domain names for your potential project within a couple of hours. You will never be limited on the use of the tool.

The domain name tool is perfect, therefore, for anyone who is looking to get started on their website. You can find the best domain name and then register it within minutes. The only cost is for the domain name that you would like to register.

Can the Tool Detect Multiple Top Level Domains?

Top-level domains are the ending of the domain like .com, .net, etc... These are important because they can say a lot more about your branding and organization than other aspects of your domain. For instance, a domain that has ‘your-website’ in it doesn’t really tell the audience about the website’s location. It could be based anywhere in the world and could offer numerous services.

However, by adding to the end of that domain name, so it reads tells the audience that the website probably has something to do with the UK. Likewise, .org could signal a non-profit organization.

 There are lots of different top-level domains available. This tool can use any of the TLDs within the search for domain name availability to give you an accurate picture of the website.

It is highly recommended that you buy your domain name with multiple to level domains included. This can prevent you from having someone copy your website and then direct traffic to their website to sell to them. This is often used by fraudsters who are going to cheat customers out of money and allow you to take the fall for it.

Another problem is when a rival company takes the domain name you’ve chosen and add a different top-level domain. Then they use that to create a redirect where the traffic they collect lands on their page. This can happen if you’ve got a TLD that is .net or .org and not bought the .com option.

Can the Tool Detect Specific URLs?

Specific URLs like cannot be detected by the domain name search tool. And this is not a good search anyway. This tool is designed for finding the domain name availability, not whether there is an URL in existence that exactly matches what you’ve entered. The type of search that has been mentioned is a different type of search.

If you did try this type of search it will actually cause an error on the domain search tool.

However, the tool can be used for finding out whether a subdomain is available. This can be useful if you’re looking to hosting your site on a hosting platform like Shopify, Wix or Squarespace where you don’t need a custom domain to get started and you would like to use their own domain structure for your website. This might not be recommended, but it is an option that can be used for your brand.

For instance, you can check whether is available. 

No matter what CMS you're planning on building your website on, no matter if you're planning on building on Shopify or any other ecom platform, you can find a domain availability using this tool.

How Long Does the Domain Name Search Take?

Domain name search availability takes just seconds to complete. You can search for one domain name at a time and each one can return an almost instant return. Therefore, searching for that next domain name to use won’t take you an entire week or month, it is a task that can be completed within minutes or hours if you have a lot of potential options available.

It is best when you’re conducting a domain name search that you have lots of options available. At least 10 different options should be tried to begin with. The more you have the longer it will take for you to test your domain names out, however, the higher the chance that you will find the domain that is perfect for your brand.

Can I Find Free Domains with the Search Tool?

There are times when you might be able to get your domain name for free for a limited amount of time. Some hosting companies will offer a free domain name for a year or two when you take out a hosting plan with them.

The tool will not tell you when the domain will be available for free. Instead, you will need to find the domain name and ensure that it is available and then you can go to your preferred hosting partner and see if they will offer you the domain for free. There are many times when you will not be able to get the domain for free.

How Accurate is the Domain Name Search Tool?

The domain name search tool is very accurate. It checks the records as they are currently standing to see if the domain name and the top-level domain are currently available for use and purchase by you. There is very little chance that by the time that you come to register the domain name that your chosen domain name will not be available.

There are only two scenarios that your domain name will not be available. That is if someone else has taken an interest in that domain name and has bought the domain name soon after you’ve made the search. This can happen, but it is very rare and there aren’t many recorded incidents of this happening.

The other scenario is when you’ve made the decision and then waited too long to purchase the domain name. This can happen, especially if you advertise that you’re going to buy the domain name on social media. People might see this and buy the domain from you and then charge you more money for the domain name.

While this second option is not regularly seen, it has been known to happen. In the UK version of The Apprentice, one of the contestants had stated that they had registered dozens of domains to use within a busy when one of the judges went online and registered the domain instead of them. This was embarrassing for them but highlights that when you find the domain that you want, you should automatically register it. The cost of buying a domain that you don’t lose is far lower than losing out on missing out on the best domain for your brand.

Final Word: The Domain Name Availability

The whole start of your new business venture is the domain name availability. Without the right domain name, you cannot start your only project and this can be frustrating and pointless. You’re likely to mention your website name on many different pages across your website. Knowing what you’re going to call your website can save a lot of editing time later on.

In addition, you will want to make sure that you’re not attempting to make a purchase of a domain that isn’t available. The free domain name availability tool will search the register against the domain that you would like to register. It will tell you whether or not the domain is available and then it will offer you a chance to register that domain with a domain name registering partner in order for you to secure the domain name for your venture.

The domain name is a free-forever app. You can use the tool as much or as little as you like without charge. So why don’t you get started on your next project by finding the domain name for the venture. Or if you have more questions, why don’t you look at the question and answer section below to see if it has already been asked.

  • What is a domain name?

    You can think of a domain as your home address. Every website on the web basically belongs to a unique domain name.

  • Do I have to purchase a domain?

    Short answer - yes. Longer answer - absolutely. Full answer - as long as you want to build a website and give other people the possibility to visit your website - you need a domain. However - there are several website builders (such as that offer you the ability to use their service without using your own unique domain. They will offer you their service and give you a subdomain of your choice (for example:

  • How do I check if a domain name is available?

    All you need to do is type in a domain name of your choice in the form above and hit enter. You will get your answer within no time.

  • What are "New Domains"?

    "New Domains" - up until recently there were a few popular TLDs (top level domain, such as .com, .net etc.) which made it really hard to find the domain of our choice. New domains give more meaning to your domain. If your website will be about an app, you can purchase an .app tld. If your site will be about bicycles, you can purchase a .bike domain. These new domain are incredibly semantic, which make them memorable and thus more meaningful to your potential users.

  • How do I buy a domain name?

    There is a large number of registrars that you can choose from. Just choose one, type in the domain name and purchase.

  • Are there free domains?

    Technically no. However, there are several hosting companies that offer a Free Domain if you purchase their hosting. One example of such a company is Bluehost

  • What should my domain name be?

    Need some inspiration? Use our Domain name generator and get hundreds of domain ideas.

  • How to Buy a Domain Name

    To buy a domain name you need to head to a company that will allow you to register a domain and then add a domain through that company. There are lots of website hosting companies that will offer this service for you. Some of them will offer a free domain with certain plans and others will require payment. Domains are usually bought on a one to two-year subscription.

  • Who Owns a Domain Name?

    The domain name is owned by the person who bought the domain name. It remains their property for the duration of the contract. Contracts are usually between one and two years, though some can last a little longer. When the term has come to an end, the domain name can be re-registered or is deemed available where no one owns it.

  • How to Get a Domain Name

    A domain can be bought from a hosting company or a domain registrations company. Domains are bought on terms that last between one and two years, though some companies might offer them for longer periods. You will have to pay an annual fee for the domain name to ensure your ownership.

  • How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

    Domain name costs can vary. Some hosting companies will allow you to have a free domain name with certain hosting plans. This is usually for the first year of service. Or you can purchase the domain name yourself and have that separate from the hosting company. The cost for this is approximately $10 per year.

  • How to Purchase a Domain Name
    To purchase a domain name you need to go to a website hosting company or speak to a website registrar and then select the domain name you would like. Not all domain names are available, so you will need to check that your domain is available. When you’ve found the domain name, you can then purchase it.
  • How to Register a Domain Name
    It's easy to register a domain name. Registering a domain name is done at the same time as you are purchasing the domain name. Certain details are taken in the purchase of the domain name that are added to the register. You can also use a service that ensures your name and contact details are not present on the website.
  • Where to Buy Domain Names
    There are numerous places where you can buy a domain name for your business. The first is at a website hosting company. These are usually the most effective sellers for domain names as they can automatically connect it to your website. Alternatively, you can use a website domain registrar service. The price should be the same.
  • How to Get a Domain Name for Free
    A domain can be given free by some website hosts who are looking to offer you an annual or two-year hosting service. Usually, this comes with shared hosting services. Shared hosting services are great for cost but they can hinder the performance of your website. However, some hosts will provide a free domain name for other higher-end services.
  • How to Sell a Domain Name
    Selling a domain name can be very difficult. You might need a broker to sell your domain name. The value of the domain name can also depend on several factors. For instance, the traffic to your website, if the website comes with it and the potential for good search results. Many domain names are only worth $10. However, a good domain could be worth thousands.
  • How to Choose a Domain Name
    Choosing your domain name can be very tough. It has to represent your brand and also has to be rank-able on search engines. At the same time, your domain name should be easy to type into a mobile device or desktop with a limited chance of being misspelt. This can be very tough to achieve.
  • How to Create a Domain Name
    Creating a domain is a very tough challenge. You don’t want to be changing your domain name too often. Therefore, you want to create a domain name that represents your brand, is easy for the customer to remember and type and has some power within search engines. There is a fine balance and it can take a few hours to work out.
  • What Is My Domain Name?
    The domain name is the web address that someone will enter to access your website. For instance, if you’re customers are entering in, then the domain name is the The www is not part of the domain name because websites can either have this or not, it is dependent on the website owners preference.
  • How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Domain Name
    Most domain names cost about $10 for a year. However, there are times when it can be cheaper or more expensive to buy a domain name. Some hosting companies will sell domain names for $0.99 in a sale or give their domain names for free with certain hosting plans. However, there are some domain names that are more expensive.
  • What Is a Domain Name Example?
    A domain name is the address that users will enter into their website browser in order for them to visit your website.,, are all examples of a domain name. When on the internet writing about domain names, content creators will often use which has been reserved to be used as an example.
  • What is a Domain Name Extension?
    A domain name extension is the ending of the URL of a domain. Several domain name extensions can be used for a website. For instance, .com,, .net, .org, etc.. A website name can have numerous of these endings, also known as TLDs. But each of these will lead to a different website unless a redirect is organized.
  • How to Buy a Domain Name Permanently

    It's not possible to buy your domain name permanently. Typically, domains are registered for one or two years. However, there is an option where you can pre-pay for your domain name so that you have it for 10 years. This has the advantage that your website’s domain will be yours for 10 years. But it will need to be renewed after this.

  • How to Change a Domain Name
    To change a domain name you need to buy a new domain name. This can be done from the same company where the first domain name is being registered. Then to host your website on the new domain name, you will need to change the website files so they are connected to the new domain name. You might need to have some help to do this.
  • How to Transfer a Domain Name
    If you want to move your domain name from one host to another, this is often an easy process. It can often be handled by the hosting company that you would like to move the domain to. However, there’s often little need to do this. Instead, you can keep your domain on one provider and use the other as a host and connect the two.
  • What Is a Domain Name Server?

    The Domain Name Server, or DNS Server, is the system that is responsible for connecting a domain name to the IP address of the server where the website is hosted. Without the DNS server, no one could use the website efficiently. If you’re not sure what you’re doing when being asked to make changes to the DNS, seek support from a web developer.

  • How to Claim a Domain Name
    To claim a domain name you need to buy it from a hosting company or a domain registration company. This is done for a period of one or two years. There are times when sometimes you can have the domain for longer, but you can never permanently have a domain name for your company. The maximum time is 10 years.
  • How to Pick a Domain Name
    It can be a hard and daunting task to pick a domain name. Therefore, you need to consider all aspects. A domain name has to represent your business’ identify whether that is the name of the brand or something connected to it. In addition, you need to ensure the domain is easy to type and has good search engine potential.

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