Gochyu - Prestashop Template Detector

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What Prestashop Template is That?

Prestashop Template Detection is a fairly new concept. Well, it's actually a non existent concept since Gochyu is the only Prestashop Template Detector (or at least the first, if you found another one). Just like several other detectors that you can find on this site (Shopify theme detector, CMS detector, WordPress theme detector etc.), we are the only ones that are able to detect what Prestashop theme is being used on a given Prestashop site. So if you found yourself staring at a Prestashop website and mumbling to yourself "What Prestashop template is that?!", Gochyu has Gochya! Just enter the URL of that site to the form above and watch the magic of Gochyu happen.

Prestashop App / Module Detection

That's right, not only can we detect what template is being used, we can also detect all the apps / modules being used (only the ones that can be detected of course) on a Prestashop site.

This is what you can expect to find after detecting a Prestashop template:

  • Confirmation that the site is built using Prestashop
  • Template name
  • List of app names

To detect a Prestashop template, just add a URL to the form at the top of this page.

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