Have you ever struggled to create the perfect ambiance in your online store? Picture this: you're trying to capture your customers' attention and keep them engaged, but something feels missing. Don't worry, I understand the challenge you're facing. Let me guide you through the best Shopify music apps that can transform your store experience effortlessly.

Curious to know how music can elevate your online store? With the right music apps, you can set the tone, boost customer interaction, and make shopping more enjoyable for your visitors. Get ready to discover a range of features that will enhance your store's atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Keep reading to explore how these apps can take your online store to the next level.

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Key Takeaways
Shopify music apps enhance store atmosphere, boosting customer interaction and shopping enjoyment.
Some apps allow for seamless background music integration, creating a captivating shopping environment.
Other apps offer customizable playlists, ensuring a personalized shopping experience that reflects brand identity.

Best Shopify Music Apps - Our Selection:

RT: Background Music Player

RT: Background Music Player

Enhance your online store's ambiance and captivate customers effectively with the RT: Background Music Player app from Shopify. By adding background music, you can create a pleasant shopping atmosphere that sets your store apart from competitors. The app allows you to upload media files and play music on specific pages, ensuring compatibility with mobile browsers for a seamless experience.

With a high overall rating of 4.7, including 77% 5-star ratings, users appreciate the user-friendly interface and intuitive platform navigation. Customers also value the easy playlist management and seamless music settings customization. Enjoy the positive feedback on ease of use and the enhanced store experience provided by this app, which offers a free background music option and works well on both mobile and desktop devices.

RT: Background Music Player Highlights:

  • Easy playlist management for seamless music customization.
  • Add custom background music to enhance shopping experience.
  • Choose from a diverse library of tracks to align with brand identity.
  • Utilize autoplay and loop functions for seamless audio experience.
  • Mobile-responsive design ensures high-quality audio on any device.
  • Boost customer engagement and sales with immersive environment.



This powerful app allows you to easily upload and play custom background music in your online store, providing an immersive experience that resonates with your brand's identity. With the ability to upload multiple tracks, you can create a diverse playlist that captivates your audience and keeps them engaged.

The app also offers autoplay and loop functions, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted audio experience for your visitors. Additionally, its user-friendly interface and simple setup process make it a breeze to integrate into your store, without any technical expertise required. Elevate your store's ambiance, increase customer engagement, and boost sales with Musica app.

Musica Highlights:

  • Upload custom background music to create a unique shopping environment.
  • Build a diverse playlist with multiple track uploads to captivate your audience.
  • Utilize autoplay and loop functions for a seamless and uninterrupted audio experience.
  • Benefit from a user-friendly interface and simple setup process.
  • Elevate store ambiance, increase customer engagement with immersive audio.



Transform your e-commerce site into a media destination with Single - Video & Music. Own the relationship with your fans and monetize your audio and video content directly through Shopify. You can enhance your storefront by adding video, music, and memberships, offering your audience a complete media experience.

Choose from a variety of monetization models, including Live Shopping to boost product sales, Memberships for recurring revenue, Pay-Per-View for ticket or rental access to videos, and options to sell music with instant grats, pre-sales, bundles, and more.

Select from Bronze, Silver, or Gold pricing tiers to suit your business needs and budget. This app boasts a 4.6 average rating and has a solid track record of six years in building Shopify apps.

Single Highlights:

  • Add video, music, and memberships to your storefront for a comprehensive media experience.
  • Multiple monetization models available.
  • Choose from different pricing tiers to match your business requirements.
  • Choose from library of tracks or upload your own to align with brand identity.
  • Utilize autoplay and loop functions for seamless audio experience.
  • Enable/disable background music on specific pages for flexibility.

MX: Background Music Player

MX: Background Music Player

Enhance your online store's ambiance effortlessly with MX Background Music Player, perfect for creating a mesmerizing shopping experience. With just a single click, you can play a song of your choice in the background, setting the tone for your customers' visit. Whether you prefer holiday royalty-free tracks or tunes from popular platforms like YouTube and Spotify, MX has you covered.

The TikTok Mode feature keeps you up-to-date with trending songs on the platform, adding a modern twist to your store's atmosphere. Enjoy full control over the player's design, including options for color, size, location, loop, and autoplay settings. Elevate your store's vibe with MX Background Music Player's customizable and user-friendly features.

MX: Background Music Player Highlights:

  • Easy one-click play feature for seamless music integration.
  • Wide range of music sources.
  • Customizable design options for player appearance and settings.
  • Schedule music playlists for specific dates, times, or events to create a tailored shopping experience.
  • Responsive design for seamless playback on desktop and mobile devices.

Music Player by Websyms

Music Player by Websyms

Looking to add a customizable music player to your online store? Music Player by Websyms is a versatile and user-friendly option that can enhance the music experience for your customers. This app allows you to create music playlists, customize player themes, and adjust color combinations to match your store's aesthetics. Choose autoplay or shuffle options for songs, creating an engaging listening experience.

Considered budget-friendly, starting with a 7-day free trial, and a Basic Plan costing $4.99 per month, all billed in USD. User reviews appreciate its ease of use, customer service, and effectiveness in increasing site engagement.

Music Player by Websyms Highlights:

  • Easy customization of music playlists and player themes.
  • Budget-friendly pricing with a 7-day free trial option.
  • Positive user reviews highlighting user-friendliness and customer service.
  • Autoplay and shuffle options for an engaging listening experience.
  • Option to enable or disable the music player on specific product pages.

Osaria Audio Player

Osaria Audio Player

Tailored for online sales of audio products, Osaria Audio Player is a must-have for Shopify store owners looking to elevate their customers' shopping experience with seamless music integration. With its ability to showcase audio content effectively and enhance the overall customer experience on your shop, this audio player makes it easy to add music to your products.

Each product on your homepage and product pages can have its own audio player, allowing for a personalized and engaging shopping experience. The simple file upload feature from your computer streamlines the process, ensuring that you can quickly integrate audio elements into your online store. Try the 15-day free trial and witness firsthand how Osaria Audio Player can take your Shopify store to the next level.

Osaria Audio Player Highlights:

  • Effective showcasing of audio content.
  • Easy addition of music to products.
  • Personalized audio players for each product on homepage and product pages.
  • Seamless integration for an enhanced shopping experience.
  • Integrate with SoundCloud, allowing you to easily import and stream audio tracks from SoundCloud account.

Box Music

Box Music

Box Music offers customizable background music tailored to various occasions and preferences, perfect for online store owners looking to create a captivating ambiance and enhance customer engagement. You can set up custom music to enhance customer interactions and boost sales, with flexibility in features like icons, colors, and messages.

The app allows you to customize background audio/music for specific events or celebrations, offering a wide range of songs spanning multiple genres to cater to different preferences. The simple setup process within theme 2.0 ensures seamless integration on all pages, making it easy to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Box Music Highlights:

  • Customizable background music to elevate your online store's ambiance.
  • Wide range of songs across multiple genres to cater to diverse preferences.
  • Easy integration with theme 2.0 for seamless setup on all pages.
  • Positive customer reviews highlighting the app's versatility and value for enhancing customer interactions.
  • Control your store's music remotely, adjusting the ambiance in real-time from any location.



Elfsight from Shopify is a top choice for online store owners looking to enhance their websites with customizable background music options. With a monthly subscription cost of $5.99 and a 7-day free trial, this player offers a customizable widget for audio track playback on website pages.

You have the flexibility to guarantee the position, size, background color, and player elements to suit your brand's aesthetic. The option to incorporate multiple tracks ensures user entertainment while all charges are conveniently billed in USD every 30 days.

Elfsight Highlights:

  • Customizable widget for audio track playback with flexible design options.
  • Ability to add multiple tracks for user entertainment.
  • Responsive customer service with high priority on client satisfaction.
  • Highly rated with an overall 5.0 rating and 100% of ratings being 5 stars.
  • Autoplay, loop, and shuffle options for a seamless listening experience.



Widgetic offer a versatile solution for Shopify online stores, with customizable UI options and a selection of six distinct players to enhance the shopping experience. The free plan provides 1GB storage and allows for the upload of up to 3 audio files per app, making it easy to get started.

The premium plan, priced at $6.99 per month or $67 per year with a 20% discount, unlocks features like unlimited items, layout editing, and 10GB storage with 100MB/file. Widgetic customizable UI with a visual editor allows for easy adaptation to your store's aesthetic. While there's varied user feedback on usability and support responsiveness, Widgetic remains a solid choice for simplifying playlist creation and management while reinforcing your brand identity.

Widgetic Highlights:

  • Free plan available with 1GB storage and 3 audio files per app.
  • Premium plan offers features like unlimited items, layout editing, and 10GB storage.
  • Customizable UI with a visual editor for seamless integration with store aesthetics.
  • Integrate with SoundCloud, Spotify, and Google Drive to import and stream audio tracks directly.
  • Option to display or hide the audio player on specific pages, giving you control over the user experience.

Choosing Shopify Music Apps

Customization Options

When choosing Shopify music apps, consider customization options like player design, colors, sizes, and positions. Personalize background music widgets for specific pages, adjust player elements, and add multiple tracks.

Utilize customization features to align the music player with your website's branding and create a unique shopping experience. Select an app with the necessary customization features to enhance your store's ambiance and user engagement.

Pricing Structures

Consider the various pricing structures available when choosing Shopify music apps to guarantee you select the most cost-effective option for your online store. Pricing models for these apps may involve monthly subscription fees or usage-based charges, with some apps offering free trials before committing to a paid plan.

Billing cycles typically occur every 30 days, and users should be aware of potential additional costs tied to usage or premium features. Transparent pricing and billing information are critical in helping users make informed decisions about which app aligns best with their needs.

Compatibility Features

Prioritize compatibility and user engagement when selecting Shopify music apps. Support various music formats (MP3, WAV, AAC), integrate with popular music platforms (Spotify, YouTube, TikTok), and customize the music player design. Ensure compatibility with Shopify themes and offer features like auto-play, loop, and volume control for enhanced user experience.

User Experience Integration

Seamlessly integrate Shopify music apps to enhance user experience, complement website design, and engage customers. Prioritize harmonizing the music app with your store's layout for a cohesive shopping environment, optimizing user journey, and offering streamlined music access. Elevate your online store's appeal and functionality by focusing on seamless integration.

Conclusion: 9 Best Shopify Music Apps

Shopify music apps offer a powerful way to enhance your online store's user experience and create an engaging shopping environment. By integrating music features seamlessly into your website design and prioritizing user experience, you can optimize the user journey and provide easy access to music content.

With numerous music app options available, store owners can choose the perfect solution to complement their brand identity and captivate their audience. Embrace the potential of Shopify music apps to elevate your store's appeal, increase customer engagement, and drive sales growth.

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