Print on demand or POD is a popular service that is used by many online merchants to offer customized products, like clothing, mugs and other gifts. With today’s technology, it is no longer necessary for sellers to have their own printing machines.

In fact, there are numerous businesses that specialize in doing the printing. They act like dropshippers, taking the orders and fulfilling them for the seller. To access these, you need to have one of the numerous POD apps for Shopify.

What are the Advantages of Using POD Apps for Shopify?

When you’re looking at offering your customers POD products on your store, there is a lot of potential investment. You will need the products, printer, staff, ink and knowledge. Or you could use one of the POD apps for Shopify to connect with printers across the world and have them do all the customization and shipping for you.

This saves you time, allowing you to manage other aspects of the business, like SEO and building sales. Therefore, you can earn more revenue. Plus you don’t have the added burden of having to find premises, you can run this business from home.

There are also some POD companies that have multiple printing locations across the world. These companies can offer you speedy worldwide operations, growing your potential customer base.

Print on demand is a great way to get your best products out to the market without any upfront costs. Many people who want to start a business, start with a POD business. And they can be worth a lot. Print on demand has grown by about 4% every year.

The industry is now worth more than previously thought. Print on demand is seen as a sustainable business model. About a quarter of customers are more willing to switch to print on demand products because of their sustainability.

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Key Takeaways
POD apps integrate seamlessly with Shopify, offering extensive customization and worldwide shipping for merchants.
Certain apps emphasize eco-friendly printing, catering to environmentally conscious consumers and boosting brand sustainability.
Select apps promise rapid delivery times, ensuring customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty in competitive online marketplaces.

14 Best POD Apps for Shopify - Our Selections:



Printify offers you more than 250 products that you can add to your store for customers to customize and order from you. They’re all designed to be perfect gifts and novelty items that are great for engaging customers and can be a great way to build a brand. Customers can buy the product for numerous special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Easter and more.

Printify has numerous printing locations across the world. There are printing centers in US, UK, China, Germany and Australia. This helps you to get your products to your customers quickly, though Printify will manage all the sending for you.

Designing products is very easy to do. There is an easy-to-use mockup generator that can help the customers to see what the final product will look like. And customers can choose from a wide range of products from t-shirts to hoodies with ease.

The range of products allows you to attract a wide range of audiences. But you don’t need to choose everything that is on offer, just the products that you would like to offer.

The app offers integrations with WooCommerce and Etsy and you only pay when you have an order.

Printify Highlights:

  • Customers can view unique product designs they’ve made with an easy-to-use mockup generator.
  • Don’t need to worry about the manufacture, printing or delivery of orders.
  • Printers located across world offering you speedy delivery and cost effective fulfillment.
  • Can integrate the app with WooCommerce and Etsy.



For those that are looking to offer printed t-shirts for sale, this is one of the best options available. Across the world there are more than 170,000 feet of print on demand facilities, so they have a high amount of capacity, so can take small orders (1 item) or large orders.

The location of the facilities across the world also allows you to offer speedy delivery of customized goods, which are cost effective and better for the environment. This can result in better customer satisfaction.

While teelaunch is known for the apparel, there are lots of other products that are available. These items include other clothing, dinnerware, drinkware and accessories. You don’t even need to let the customer design the products, you can design your own products and sell these designs on your own store. Therefore, influencers can use this app to sell merchandise.

There is significant versatility with this app. Those who have a physical store can use Shopify POS with this app. When a customer makes an order for a customized product, the printer can be informed and the product will be delivered directly to the customer. Or alternatively you can buy in stock and store it at your premises. You can also integrate your designs with Etsy to reach a larger audience.

Teelaunch Highlights:

  • Printing orders is usually completed in less than 4 days to be completed.
  • Gain access to a larger audience through Etsy integration.
  • Cost-effective printing locations across the world, giving your customers a better service.
  • One of the largest catalogs of customizable products that can be added to your store.



JetPrint is well known for the customizable watches that can be added to your store. The printer has more than 50 watch designs that can be customized for your specific needs. It also sells other items like tote bags, t-shirts, doormats and more. With this app, you can have a full and exciting catalog of products that are only produced when there is an order on your store.

If the type of product isn’t available on JetPrint, then you can speak to the company. They can look into offering that product in the future, but they don’t guarantee this.

The company has worldwide facilities to help with dropshipping. This include printing and shipping services. This reduces the time for the order to get to the customer and the cost of the shipping and processing.

Therefore, you can have more reasonable costs across the world and you can improve customer satisfaction. Customers can also have additional reassurance that is not always available.

JetPrint Highlights:

  • Track up to 97% of the orders placed at your store from their production to the delivery.
  • Well known for watch designs, but also has a wider range of products available that can be customized and sold.
  • If you need a new product line on your website, speak to the owners to see whether they can stock it.
  • Only pay for the products that are ordered, saving you money that can be invested into marketing.



With Shipping locations across the world, you can offer customers numerous printed products including t-shirts, hats, posters and beanbags. Then customers can get their orders really fast thanks to printing and warehouse facilities that are located across the US, Mexico and Europe. This helps you to service a larger group of customers and keep the costs down. The printing is done completely on Printful premises with their own team of printing experts.

The development of products is very intuitive for all 160 products. If you’re looking for samples, store owners can order them or a 20% discount.

Printful Highlights:

  • All orders are shipped within three days.
  • There is an in-house printing team across their fulfillment centers in North America and Europe.
  • More than 160 products that you can customize and sell on your store.
  • Use a 20% discount for sample products.



This business has over 15 years of experience offering print on demand services. You can make a lot of revenue with their customized products that can printed only when you make a sale. Some of the products can be printed and shipped on the same day, thanks to their capacity and operation setup. That allows you to offer customers an excellent service. However, some items may take up to three business days to be sent out.

There are a wide variety of products that can be customized for your specific needs. The 550 items include mugs, posters and all kinds of hoodies. Therefore, regardless of what you’re looking for, you can easily create a significantly wide range of custom products for your store.

The company offer lots of different POD services including DTG, Embroidery and Dye Sublimation. These can be customized by you or the customer so they can really be unique for your business. And you don’t need a special app for the customization, everything can be done through this app on your store.

CustomCat Highlights:

  • Offers fast turnaround times, orders are sent out within three business days, but can be printed and shipped on same day.
  • Offers various POD services on over 550 products.
  • Customers can add further customizations to the products via your store.
  • Good prices that offer you a chance to have profit margins.



SPOD has great turnaround times. Orders can be shipped within less than 48 hours in most cases. This includes the printing and packaging. To help customize your designs for items, there are more than 50,000 free designs that can be added to products and customized for your own needs. You can also use your own images.

When you want to see a sample, you can claim 50% off on your first two items. But there are reasons to be confident with using SPOD. They have a low return rate, so it shows that quality and customer satisfaction is often high. And with more than 16 years of experience in the industry, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands.

SPOD Highlights:

  • Claim your 50% discount when you order your first two samples.
  • The company has 16 years experience in POD and dropshipping.
  • You can create designs with any images that you have, or access a library of more than 50,000 images to help.
  • From order to shipping is less than forty-eight hours.

AOP+ Easy Print on Demand

AOP+ Easy Pront on Demand

With operations across the world, like the UK, US and Europe, you’re going to get some of the highest quality products at the best prices that can be customized. AOP+ specializes in providing merchandising for influencers on sites like YouTubers, bloggers and other creative artists. The company completes all its printing in-house with sites across the world.

There are numerous products that you can customize with the app. This includes the traditional clothing that is often in POD operations, but also flags, doormats and other items. According to the developers and the team behind AOP+, it can take as little as 30 seconds to create and start selling your customized products on your Shopify store.

AOP+ Easy Print On Demand Highlights:

  • There are lots of products that you can customize from clothes to flags and more.
  • Designs can be completed within 30 seconds of starting, making populating your store easy.
  • Printing shops are located across the world.
  • Easy to use and simple to sell with.


T Pop

T-pop is located in France, therefore those who operate within the EU will have no trouble is using this POD supplier of goods. It also speeds up delivery of goods for those within the EU. T-pop offers a quick setup and good profits for your POD products. You only pay for the customer orders and the quality of the products is maintained at a high standard.

When orders are sent through the EU, there are tracking facilities that can help you track where orders are and when they’re expected. Customers can also be regularly notified about where packages are. These notifications are white labeled so they carry your branding and not that of T-pop.

The company offers lots of great products. This includes clothing, accessories and drink flasks to name just a few.

T-pop Highlights:

  • All orders are printed and shipped from a facility in France.
  • A large range of products can be customized using your own designs.
  • You only pay the for products that are used in fulfilling orders.
  • All notifications and products are sent with your branding, so customers don’t know about T-pop.

Two Fifteen

Two Fifteen

Two Fifteen can handle everything for you from printing of customized products to shipping them to your customers. Their fulfillment team is based in the UK and can send out any order that is placed with you within five days. Two Fifteen have a quality control team that check all items once they’re printed to ensure there are no errors and this reduces the number of returns that are present.

For those that want a large catalog of interesting products, you won’t be disappointed. There are more than 200 products that can be customized. Some of the most popular items that are sold through the company include hoodies, cushions, mugs and tote bags. You can customize these with an almost endless supply of designs and customizations.

Two Fifteen Highlights:

  • Can ship across the world from their London printing facility.
  • There is a quality control team that checks individual items for needs.
  • Five day turnaround for all orders.
  • There is lots of customer support services offered including live chat, phone and email.



Pixels offers you more than 100 products that can be customized. The brand is well known for the quality of the customizations and the ease of making those designs. There are 15 fulfillment centers that are available across the world. These are located in the US, Europe and Australia. Therefore, shipping times and costs are significantly reduced for you and customers. This gives you the best chance of success.

There are lots of products that are on offer. This includes wall art, clothing and accessories. The pricing for each product type is set, making it easier for you to calculate your profits. In addition, you can change the prices you charge your customers at any time. There are no limits put into place on your product.

Pixels Highlights:

  • There are 15 fulfillment centers located in the US, Europe and Australia.
  • Choose from more than 100 products to customize.
  • All orders from your store are printed and shipped within two or three days of order.
  • Pixels is used by some of the largest brands across the world including Marvel, DC Comics, Vogue and others.



This app allows you to start to selling products that you’ve designed, like t-shirts and hoodies. This print and service allows you to sell these items without keeping stock as Factory4me allows you to pass on the printing and shipping onto them. They can get products out quickly while also offering you all the branding. Therefore customers don’t know about the POD service you’re using.

There are lots of stock items that you can use to create custom designs. And you can use the great mockup generator to see the products before you publish them.

Factory4me Highlights:

  • Full branding of all the products that you can sell on your store, even the care labels can carry your logo.
  • Mockup generator so customers and you can see the product early on.
  • Printing and shipping done at the Factory4me premises.
  • Great customer service for all Shopify merchants.

Customized ‑ Print on Demand


With this app you have a complete customizer for fulfillment and dropshipping to offer your customers a unique shopping experience. You will be able to offer premium made products that have to pass a rigorous quality control. These products include t-shirts, mugs, blankets and many more options for your store.

Decide on  the products you want to offer and your pricing. Customers can then choose their product and easily customize it, including uploading photos to use. Once they have placed an order, its fulfillment is taken care of for you. The turnaround for products is 1-5 business days to get to your customer directly once they place an order on your Shopify store.

Customized - Print on Demand Highlights

  • Lots of premium products to customize and dropship.
  • Mobile optimized.
  • Easy to use.
  • Offer your own designs with the templates available.



Customify is a fantastic app tha all ows you to minimize the manual work involved in customizing your client’s products without the manual work. Customers can now personalize their products on your website and then you can print your products on-demand as the customer would like them.

There is a live preview of the finished product before they are ordered. This allows customers to make changes and ensure that they’re happy with their product.

The app is really simple to use and you can personalize the experience for customers in any language with the translator tool.

Customify Highlights:

  • Really simple to use app.
  • Improve your website’s user experience.
  • Allow your customers to create their own products.
  • Live preview.

WC Fulfillment (Inactive)

WC Fulfilment

This app developer is an experienced team that offers some of the top print on demand products to customers. They offer printing and shipping of products direct to customers within three days. Their prices for the products are low, offering you a chance to increase profits for orders made on your store.

WC Fulfillment offers three to five product mockups for you. These can be used on your website to display to customers what a printed item looks like, this can help to increase conversions. The team area also known for great customer satisfaction, if customers aren’t happy with the product, the team will replace it free of charge.

WC Fulfillment Highlights:

  • You get between three and five digital product mockups that can be displayed on your business’ website.
  • All orders are shipped within three days.
  • They offer the best customer service, with customers getting free replacements if they’re not happy.
  • Low prices to help you make a profit on your business.

Advanced POD Strategies for Shopify

Streamlining Operations for Efficiency

Selecting the right print on demand (POD) apps streamlines Shopify operations, simplifies setup, and improves user experience. Choose apps with seamless Shopify integration and comprehensive analytics for better decision-making. Efficient inventory management with these apps ensures smooth operations and prevents stock issues.

Eco-Friendly Options for Brand image

Sustainability is now a business must-have. Eco-friendly POD apps enhance brand image for eco-conscious consumers. Marketing these practices sets your brand apart, building loyalty among green-minded customers.

Expanding Products to New Markets

Diversification captures new markets through POD apps offering products beyond apparel, like home decor and tech accessories. Broadening your range attracts more customers and encourages repeat purchases. Unique items differentiate your store in competitive e-commerce.

Conclusion: 14 Best POD Apps for Shopify

When it comes to POD, you will want to be using a service that allows you to focus on marketing and getting your products into a wider audience. That is why those mentioned about are some of the best you can use. They offering printing and delivery at a cost effective price, giving you more time to promote your brand. So which of the POD apps for Shopify will you use?

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