One of the biggest ways to improve conversions on a website is to ensure that you have scarcity on your website, especially on platforms like Shopify, is to ensure that you have scarcity on your website. Scarcity is when you convey that the product or offer has only limited availability. And there are numerous options when you’re looking for the best scarcity apps for Shopify.

What can you Achieve with Scarcity Apps for Shopify?

Numerous things can happen when you’re using scarcity on your website. For instance, you can increase conversions and also the amount you can charge for your products. Research has shown that when customers think there is limited stock for a product they want, they’re willing to pay more.

There is also the fact that customers are more willing to make a purchase when they think there is a limited stock of a product. In fact, one study found that you can increase sales by 16% just by using urgency words within the content of your website.

The use of a countdown timer is very effective. Just the presence of one can improve sales on a website by 8%.

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Key Takeaways
Shopify scarcity apps improve sales by conveying limited product availability, compelling quicker customer decisions.
Incorporating countdown timers in these apps effectively creates a sense of urgency, leading to an 8% increase in sales.
Strategically placed urgency words in website content can elevate sales by up to 16%, influencing customer purchase behavior.

Best Scarcity Apps for Shopify - Our Options:

Scarcity: Countdown Cart Timer

Scarcity: Countdown Cart Timer

This app is one of the best at adding scarcity to your products to get customers to click through and make a purchase. The countdown timer with the app can be added to your product pages with ease.

You can select every product page or just a few chosen options. There are lots of options too to the design and the time that you can add. The timer can also be added to the cart page.

The app comes with presets for seasonal effects. For instance, there is a Valentine’s day present that gets partners panicking about picking the right present for their loved one before the delivery date is up.

You can also set a reservation for the cart and let the customers know that they’ve reserved the cart for a set number of minutes. This really pushes the customer to make quick purchasing decisions.

Scarcity: Countdown Cart Timer Highlights:

  • A simple and effective countdown timer to help you sell more.
  • Can be added to product and cart pages.
  • Presets for seasonal variety.
  • Simple customisations.

Scarcity: Low Stock Countdown

Scarcity: Low Stock Countdown

This app shows customers that there is limited stock for any of the products that they’re interested in. There is a countdown animation that will decrease when orders have been made and the animation is very noticeable with a wiggle or blink animation. This countdown can be displayed for specific products or across your store with ease.

You can make customisations to the timer to where it appears. And you can choose to disable the stock counter for certain products.

The app is really easy to customize specifically for your needs. Which is a great way for you to build a better website.

Scarcity: Low Stock Countdown Highlights:

  • Customize the label’s text, position and more.
  • Easy to customize for your specific needs.
  • Supports variations.
  • Easy to add to one product or numerous products.


Sales Rocket

Sales Rocket is one of the best apps that is available for Shopify owners. It is a collection of more than 35 features that you can use on your store for one low subscription fee.

Therefore, you can improve your website’s functionality and the chance of conversion. There are several functions with this app that allow you to improve the scarcity and FOMO with your visitors.

This includes a stock countdown option that showcases how little stock products have. There are also countdown timers and sales popup notifications. The latter of these show when someone has just made a purchase on your website and can help you build social proof.

There are also ways to make your website more profitable in the long term. There is a lead capture feature on the app like a wheel of fortune game and email subscription forms that can pop up on the screen. The app also includes options to improve the SEO footprint of your website.

Sales Rocket Highlights:

  • There are more than 35 apps that are rolled into one package.
  • There are lots of features that can help create urgency.
  • You can build leads with gamification options.
  • Stock countdown and timer countdowns can help create urgency.

Urgency Pack Ultimate

Urgency Pack Ultimate

This is a complete package that allows you to up the conversions on your website. There are numerous options on this app which include a countdown timer, stock counter, sales pop up and trusted badges. These options are great at improving the conversions on your website and generating more revenue.

The countdown timer has four transition styles and you can customize the timer with precision to get it just as you would like. The stock countdown timer has similar features that allow you to build scarcity of the product. You can use the stylish loading bar with custom colors and sizes too.

The sale Pop up is a great tool. It tells audiences when someone else has made a purchase and this makes people think that stock will run out soon.

Then there are more than 100 badges that you can use on your website. These trust badges will improve your website’s trust factors.

Urgency Pack Ultimate Highlights:

  • There are four different features of this app.
  • Improve conversions with ease.
  • Great customisation options allow you to brand the output of the app.
  • More than 100 trust badges are included with the app.



Vitals is one of the must-have apps for any feature on Shopify. There are lots of features on this app that include FOMO, countdown timers, social proof and more.

With more than 40 features, you’re sure to find something to help you improve your website’s conversion rate with ease. To help improve urgency, you can add a countdown timer that reduces and puts the customer under pressure.

There are also other ways that you can improve sales. There is a great frequently bought together app that works exactly the same as the Amazon option.

There is also the wheel of fortune that helps you build an email marketing list by offering a free gift in exchange for their email address. Perfect for those who want to build a long-term successful business.

You can also benefit from live chat options, currency conversion, sticky add-to-cart and more.

Vitals Highlights:

  • There are more than 40 features to help you build a successful Shopify website.
  • Improve conversions by adding scarcity options to your website.
  • There are SEO options to improve rankings on Google and other search engines.
  • A sticky, animated add-to-cart button that can make it hard for customers to resist adding the product to their cart.

Sales FOMO Notification

Sales FOMO Notification

One of the best ways to increase the scarcity of a product is to show it leaving the store. With a digital store that might seem impossible, but that is where options like Sales Pop can help.

The Shopify app allows you to display when a customer has purchased to other customers on the website. This makes the other visitors panic that their chosen products will soon run out, especially when your products are in limited stock.

This tactic has been proven to increase sales and improve revenues. There are also some great options with this app.

You can show when the product the customer is on has been sold, when a product in their cart has been sold or just when a sale has been made on the store.

You can also track activity with this app. Therefore, you can see what products customers are browsing for and converting on. Then you can see if there are any other ways to improve your website’s conversion rate.

Sales FOMO Notification Highlights:

  • Improve your website’s conversions with ease.
  • Can improve upsells and cross-selling campaigns with ease.
  • Customize the products displayed.
  • You can track the performance of your website.

Countdown Timer Ultimate

Countdown Timer Ultimate

This is a simple app that can help you increase sales on your website by creating a sense of urgency. The app is a countdown timer, the countdown times until the sale/event is over. There are a total of 12 different clock designs that can have customized colors and fonts that can match your brand.

Any visitor that sees the ticking clock on your store will panic and will want to complete the purchase of their cart before the timer runs out. The app runs just as well for mobile visitors as it does for desktop visitors.

The app is great for websites of any size. You can host flash sales, special day sales, seasonal offerings, limited-time promotions, clearance, and more. It might also be used to showcase when the next dispatch time will be.

There are free and paid versions of this app. The free app does have lots of options available.

Countdown Timer Ultimate Highlights:

  • There are free and premium options for this app.
  • Great customisation options for your website to make it match your branding.
  • Create urgency on your website that adds great conversion improvements.
  • Can be used for numerous types of sales.

Countdown Timer Bar

Countdown Timer Bar

This app is another countdown timer that can really help you to improve the sales on your website by adding a sense of urgency. It can improve the awareness of your sales/delivery times/other things.

Customers will not want to miss out and so will make the purchase with ease. This will lead to more revenue for your brand and can help you to achieve better sales. If you use Google Ads, using this might be a great idea to help you improve the ROI of that service.

There is no coding knowledge needed for this app. It can be installed quickly and easily. It takes less than a few seconds to get the countdown timer working on your website.

Countdown Timer Bar Highlights:

  • This is a completely free app.
  • Customize the look of the time, and ensure that it matches your store’s branding.
  • Schedule the start/end dates/times of your timer.
  • Can be used for numerous types of sales on your website.

Urgencer ‑ sell with urgency


This app allows you to have more urgency on your website to improve sales of products. The more urgency there is on your website, you can increase sales and improve the profitability of your website. You can add any urgency text to your website and place it anywhere on your website.

The app can show the number of visitors who are looking at a certain page. This figure is done in real-time. The number is refreshed every 10 seconds.

It shows activity is on your store and this can help to build trust with your audience. There are also different urgency boxes that you can add to every product, to make the experience unique.

The app works across all Shopify themes and can work on mobiles and desktops alike.

Urgencer ‑ sell with urgency Highlights:

  • Preview how the app will appear on any website page.
  • This is a low-cost app that can help you improve sales and conversions.
  • Showcase how many other visitors are on the page.
  • Works on all devices and themes.

SMART Scarcity Countdown Timer (Inactive)

SMART Scarcity Countdown Timer

This countdown timer app is a great way to instantly boost sales and revenue. This app can be set up with ease thanks to the design and development of the app. The timer can be set based on a sale-end or when the next delivery time is over.

And you can reset the timer ready for the next sale or another period within seconds. This is a very simple app that can be installed without the need for a developer.

SMART Scarcity Countdown Timer Highlights:

  • This app allows you to build scarcity onto any product page.
  • An easy timer that can have numerous times automatically applied.
  • Reset the timer immediately for the next delivery date.
  • Helps increase conversions.

Conclusion: 10 Best Scarcity Apps for Shopify

If you’re looking for one of the best Scarcity apps for Shopify then there are several options above. Which one of these great Shopify apps will you use to improve your website?

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