Affiliate marketing is a very successful business model. It is a way to promote products/services of other brands and then the referral collects a commission when readers make a purchase with an affiliate program.

There are numerous different affiliate program types you can take part in. For some of these you will have to have one of the top affiliate program apps for Shopify.

What can Affiliate Program Apps for Shopify do?

There are many different ways that affiliate program apps for Shopify can help you earn more money. Some are designed so you can attract affiliate marketers to your own program. You can then give them the media, links and more that you need to run the program. The apps can also help you make payments to your team of affiliate marketers.

You can also brand your website with a personalized dashboard that can help your affiliates.

Whichever option you’re going for, it is important to note that your visitors will not notice much difference to the experience on your website. They won’t see the backend management and operations that go into the affiliate program apps for Shopify. There can be advantages and disadvantages to this.

The affiliate marketing niche is huge. About 81% of brands have an affiliate marketing program. The US has the largest share of affiliate marketing revenue, generating more than 32% of the world's income through affiliate marketing. And when the market is worth $17 billion globally, that is a lot of potential revenue.

And it isn't challenging to find those who will want to market products either. Most influencers and content creators use more than one affiliate program to raise revenues.

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Key Takeaways
Affiliate program apps for Shopify enhance store growth by managing and tracking affiliate performance efficiently.
Some apps offer personalized dashboards for affiliates, improving their ability to promote products effectively.
Payment automation features streamline compensating affiliates, ensuring timely and accurate reward distribution.

12 Best Affiliate Program Apps for Shopify - Our Lists:

Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing


This app allows you to build multiple affiliate marketing programs that can have their own, unique commission structure to help you grow revenues on your brand. You can set and design the tier commissions manually to make them attractive programs for affiliate marketers. Tiers can be based on the performance of the marketer or by the products that they’re promoting.

This app allows recruitment to go ahead with ease. You can ask anyone to join your affiliate program. This can include influencers that you know of (like on YouTube), professional affiliates or customers. Customers can be asked to join with a simple post-sales popup that invites them to register as an affiliate. Once they’re accepted into your affiliate program, they gain access to all the media on your store that allows them to make the email campaigns they need to promote your website.

With more media, that you can supply, you can help to increase the click through rate from affiliate campaigns to your own website. This can also increase your website’s conversions, making your website grow quicker.

You can use the analytics suite on your website to track the links and coupon codes. Therefore, you can reward those affiliate marketers who are doing well. All analysis can be done through visuals like graphs and pie charts. You and your affiliates can see these statistics.

Payment is made easy with this app. You can do it manually by either sending money to your partners or sending them store credit.

Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing Highlights:

  • Set the commissions that affiliates are paid based on performance, grouping or the product.
  • See the results of all the campaigns that you have.
  • You can have different coupons for different individuals on your affiliate marketing, better for tracking.
  • Pay your affiliates commission with either money or store credit.

Pro Affiliate Marketing

Pro Affiliate

Create a great branded affiliate marketing portal on your website with this app. You can provide your potential partners with a portal that allows them to register, provide details, analyse results and see information about future payments. The primary focus of the app is to turn your current customers into affiliate partners; however, that doesn’t mean others can join your program to earn additional income from you.

With the portal, partners can collect information about products, offers and more on your website and then share this information on social media, their blogs and more.

This app allows you to set the commission levels paid to your customers based on the program, affiliate partner or the product. Therefore, you’re able to reward high-performing affiliate partners with higher commissions and payments. Or you can host special campaigns to push products that you want to sell lots of.

There are two different ways that you can track affiliate orders. The first is through referral links, the other through coupon codes. Coupon codes can be assigned to individual partners or a group. Coupon codes can be automatically created, so you don’t need to do any work.

There are lots of options for affiliates to share links to your products. They can share them on emails, web pages or through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And payments can be made with PayPal Payouts which is easy to use and included with the app. Or you can use your own payment mode.

Pro Affiliate Marketing Highlights:

  • Create perfect coupon codes for any campaigns or any of your affiliate partners.
  • Partners can share their codes and links via any website, email or social media update.
  • Its takes just one click to set up with sensible defaults that can help you start your program within minutes.
  • Payments can be made via PayPal or your own option.

Affilo: Affiliate Marketing


Affilo is an all-in-one affiliate marketing management app that has everything your website needs for a great program that will attract partners and help you bring in more traffic. The affiliate system allows you to have an unlimited number of affiliates, traffic, orders, links, clicks, offers, banners and more. Normally with affiliate apps for Shopify, there are limits to these aspects, but not with Affilo.

You can choose from lots of features to make your website’s program more effective. For instance, there are product level commissions, commissions that are flat rate for each customer referred/product sold or percent based commissions for an order. The app also allows you to pay just once for a sale, or if it is a subscription sale, you can pay a recurring commission.

You can adjust commissions at any time and this can be done based on performance so the best partners are.

There are lots of different statistics that can help you monitor the performance of the campaigns. For instance, you can see the number of customers that have been brought into you or you can see the number of products sold. This can help you adjust campaigns to promote specific products or reward affiliates who are doing well. You might find that adjusting the commission for specific products can result in more sales for your products.

There is also an automatic payment experience. This lessens your tasks as affiliates allow you to send payment straight to them. Or you can give your affiliates store credit for their efforts.

Affilo: Affiliate Marketing Highlights:

  • Automatically pay your affiliates using PayPal, this can be done in bulk.
  • There are lots of great templates to help signup and manage affiliates on your website.
  • There are numerous commission schemes that you can create, and customize the programs for your brand.
  • Use links and coupons so your partners can entice audiences to your website and make a purchase.

Refersion: Affiliate Marketing


This fully functioning affiliate and influence marketing app allows you to grow your brand and succeed. The starting up guide is a great way to connect your store to the affiliate program, add necessary branding and adjust your commission. It takes just 10 minutes for you to get started. During the setup period, you can also establish payment details to ensure that partners get paid on time.

This app is perfect because you don’t have to find the affiliate marketers yourself. The app connects you with several affiliate marketers already. These people can then subscribe to your program and start marketing.

The advantage here is that this often means that you’re accessing partners who have a strong audience and powerful followings already. They’ve also already built trust with their audience, so conversions are higher than with new affiliates. There are more than 5,000 potential partners to connect with.

Affiliates can quickly register with a perfect signup page that is designed to be aligned to your branding. You can create custom form fields that allow you to collect any information that you think is relevant for your affiliate program.

As soon as the affiliates have signed up to your program, they will get access to their own personalized dashboard. From there, they can assess their performance, create campaign links, update details and run reports. This is a great feature as it places ownership of the performance of campaigns with the affiliate marketer and can save you time.

There is also referral link tracking. Numerous conversion triggers allow tracking across numerous platforms online. One of the top methods is using coupon codes. Coupon codes can be created by the system when requested by the influencer and accepted by you. These unique codes can tell you who has been successful.

Refersion: Affiliate Marketing Highlights:

  • You can have different commissions for all products. Products with higher margins can therefore have higher payouts.
  • Allow affiliate marketers to see the results of their campaigns.
  • An easy to signup process that allows new affiliates to join your scheme.
  • You can automatically generate coupons for affiliates.

ShoutOut - Affiliate Marketing


Instantly upgrade a standard Shopify store into an MLM store where you can gain new customers and reward referrals with commissions. You can change the commissions so that they are flat across all the products or offer varying commission levels based on the product they sell. You can also customize affiliate marketing commissions for affiliates who are performing better. You can also make affiliate levels change based on triggers that you set.

The app allows you to set long term associations. This is where customers don’t need to use referral links or coupons for partners to get their commissions. The referral is automatically assigned to the affiliate.

These automations allow you to continue to offer your customers the best service. Therefore, you can continue to improve customer retention and offer important aspects of running a store. You can even spend more time on your SEO.

Affiliate marketers allow you to offer a personalized dashboard and accounting ledgers to your affiliates. These are white-label and so are branded to your store. This creates better loyalty between you and your partners.

ShoutOut – Affiliate Marketing Highlights:

  • You can have an unlimited number of affiliate sales.
  • There are no hidden fees or costs associated with the app.
  • Personalize and brand dashboards for improved reactions.
  • Lots of data made available to help perfect affiliate marketing programs.



Affiliatly allows you to have an unlimited number of referral orders on your website. However, you can only have a certain number of partners on your program. Therefore, this app requires great management to ensure that your affiliates are pulling their weight and bringing traffic and revenue to your site. At regular dates you might need to remove some people from your affiliate program.

There are lots of different tracking methods that can be used for your program. For instance, marketers can have links, coupon codes, QR codes, client’s email and product SKU. Each of your partners can access their own admin panel that can help them see how they’re performing.

In addition, you have lots of control over how affiliates are paid. If a customer requests a refund or partial refund, you can make adjustments to the commission payment that is made. Affiliates can be paid through PayPal or you can offer them gift cards.

Help your partners to market your brand and products by creating your own marketing banners and then uploading them for partners to use.

Affiliatly Highlights:

  • You’re not limited to the number of sales that can be made through this app.
  • You can provide all the promotional materials that are required for selling your products.
  • There is a limit to the number of partners that are available on your program.
  • You can pay partners with PayPal or offer them store credit.

LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing


This app offers numerous ways to help you run an affiliate marketing campaign. You can gain access to the LeadDyno affiliate network to start with. This is a group of experienced and expert affiliate marketers that can help you grow your business and build a successful revenue. There’s also a mobile app that can help partners to see their statistics and collect all the information they need to promote your store, products and branding.

You can benefit from a great one-click social media sharing function. This improves your reach without too much effort. There are also great recruitment and management tools.

LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing Highlights:

  • Connect with a large audience with established affiliate marketers.
  • There are lots of tools to help you grow your brand.
  • Social media sharing tools to reach a larger audience.
  • The mobile app can help you manage your affiliate program while on the go.

Kickbooster: Affiliate & Referral Marketing

affiliate and referral marketing

This is one of the top affiliate marketing apps for Shopify. You can offer custom rewards to anyone who refers traffic to you. Rewards can be payments to store credit. This is all dependent on who is the referrer and what your rules are. You can customize the commission rates a lot and you can set cookie tracking periods and how the dashboard looks on your website.

Brand your program so that your partners trust you.

When a partner has referred a customer, you can have a referral review period that allows you to delay payment until you’re sure that a customer isn’t going to ask for a refund. This is a great option that prevents you from overpaying partners.

Kickbooster: Affiliate & Referral Marketing Highlights:

  • Establish the cookie duration that is suitable for your brand.
  • Customize the registration and dashboard pages with your own unique branding.
  • Delay payments that partners can get to ensure customers don’t return their goods.
  • Offer your partners cash or in-store credit.

Affiliate Marketing Ambassador


This app will help you set up an affiliate and ambassador program on your Shopify store and grow your business. Affiliate Marketing Ambassador app is popular, with over 2500 merchants having installed the Affiliate and Ambassador Portal.

You do not need to have any coding or developer experience and the setup takes only minutes. There is a support team if you do need further assistance. There’s also no upfront cost. You can track sales and commissions automatically with this app.

There’s support on how to grow your ambassador program and you only have to pay when an ambassador makes a sale on the starter plan. This app can be integrated with Omnisend or Klaviyo to send your ambassadors custom emails.

Affiliate Marketing Ambassador Highlights

  • Support if you need it.
  • Discounts for each ambassador created automatically.
  • A branded portal.
  • Payments directly to Paypal or another payment account.



This app can help you with paying commissions for multiple vendors when you create products with other people. With CollabPay you can split earnings and pay merchants, creators etc.

By installing CollabPay you won’t need an accountant or Payroll team to make sure everyone that requires a cut of the income for your products gets the share they’re owed, free from human error by using an automated process. You can apply either a percentage or flat fee to each client.

It is simple and easy to set up and use with your Shopify store. Payments are made safely with Paypal and you can also see reports of statistics. You can have multiple collaborators for a product and multiple currencies. If you do need an individually made plan you can get a quote from the developer team.

CollabPay Highlights:

  • Automatically pay people you have worked with to make sales.
  • Save time by automating payments to product creators.
  • Avoid mistakes by automating the process.
  • Save money in accounting costs.

Bamboo · Referral Program - Inactive (Inactive)


Create a new affiliate program that can reward customers when they promote your store’s products to their friends and family on social media or elsewhere. All customers can be provided with a referral link and this can be used to share amongst friends and family. When someone they’ve spoken to makes a purchase through a link, the sharer can collect a reward. You can offer store credit or coupons as a reward.

There are free and premium versions of this easy to use app. The free version only allows for 30 referrals per month. The paid version allows for 400.

Bamboo · Referral Program Highlights:

  • Reach new audiences by allowing your customers to share news about your products.
  • Offer store credit or coupons for successful referrals.
  • Have up to 400 referrals a month with your program.
  • Integrate the referral campaign with emails and popups.

GrowthHero Affiliate Marketing - Inactive (Inactive)


Allow your business to soar with this affiliate marketing app for Shopify. There are lots of ways that you can build a referral network and optimize the purchasing path so there are greater chances of audiences converting. There are split testing facilities that allow you to test the landing page of the referral links. This can help you find how customers want to land on your website.

There is a great customizable panel that can help you track events on your website. You can then showcase these statistics on your dashboard to show data and analyze it to improve results. New affiliates can also be brought into your campaigns with one-click registration.

Group your affiliate partners together so they can be given a level reward system. This can be done for low performing partners to those who provide you with the most revenue. Or it can be done on the types of products that they market for you. Each group has different rules and reward systems.

GrowthHero Affiliate Marketing Highlights:

  • You can customize everything with this app from the dashboard to the signup form.
  • Create groups of referrals to set unique rules and commissions.
  • Maximize conversions on your website with A/B testing.
  • Analyze lots of data to start seeing opportunities for improvement.


Expanding Your Shopify Store's Reach with Affiliate Programs

Streamlining Affiliate Management

Efficiently manage your affiliate program with tools designed for Shopify. These apps simplify recruiting affiliates, tracking their performance, and managing payouts, ensuring your marketing strategy runs smoothly without requiring extensive manual oversight.

Leveraging Influencer Partnerships

Influencers can significantly amplify your brand's visibility. By partnering with the right influencers, you can tap into their audience, building trust and driving sales through authentic endorsements. Select affiliate apps that facilitate easy collaboration and tracking of influencer campaigns.

Enhancing Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Adopt a strategic approach to affiliate marketing by setting clear goals, promoting your program effectively, and maintaining regular communication with your affiliates. Utilize the analytics and reporting features of your chosen app to continuously optimize your program for better performance and higher returns.

Maximizing Affiliate Program Efficiency on Shopify

Integrating Advanced Tracking Solutions

Implement apps that offer advanced tracking capabilities to monitor affiliate performance accurately. These solutions ensure every referral is correctly attributed, allowing for precise commission calculations and rewarding top performers effectively.

Optimizing for Social Commerce

Capitalize on the booming social commerce trend by selecting affiliate apps that integrate seamlessly with social media platforms. This strategy enables affiliates to share your products more effectively, increasing brand awareness and sales through social networks.

Automating Affiliate Onboarding and Support

Choose affiliate program apps that automate the onboarding process and provide extensive support to your affiliates. Automated welcome emails, easy access to promotional materials, and responsive support can enhance affiliate satisfaction and engagement, leading to a more productive affiliate network.

Conclusion: 12 Best Affiliate Program Apps for Shopify

If you’re looking to run an affiliate program, then you can use one of these affiliate program apps for Shopify. They offer your brand a chance to reach new audiences and grow your profits. Which of the apps will you install?

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