When it comes to marketing, newsletters or email marketing are some of the most successful campaigns that you can have. There are numerous studies that have shown that for all digital pathways, newsletters/email marketing offers the highest ROI. For every $1 you spend on newsletters, you’re likely to get back $38. But to get the best email marketing results, you’re going to need to have one of the best Shopify newsletter apps.

What can Shopify Newsletter Apps do for my Website?

There are many different aspects to getting good results with newsletters. The first is to continuously build a great mailing list. This includes adding lots of new subscribers to your mailing list all the time. You should make sure that you’re always increasing the mailing list. Never buy a mailing list, this is illegal in most territories.

You can add subscribers through popup forms, gamification, subscription forms and other elements. Some Shopify newsletter apps allow you to have subscription tools on your website.

Other apps help you by having the tools you need to send emails to contacts on your list. This can be very effective, as it allows you to keep working on your site for easier processing. However, you often have to be very good at email design to get the best results.

Finally, there are those apps that can connect your store to another third-party app like Constant Contact, MailChimp or another service.

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Key Takeaways
Shopify newsletter apps offer the highest ROI for digital marketing campaigns, making them invaluable.
Some apps' features include popup forms, gamification, and subscription tools to continuously grow your mailing list.
Integration with services like Constant Contact and MailChimp allows for seamless email campaign management.

12 Best Shopify Newsletter Apps - Our Lists:



Vitals is one of the top multifunctional apps that you can have on Shopify. There are numerous features that allow you to perform many business building activities on the site. For instance, it helps you build a mailing list for newsletters with the help of a top bar that can collect email addresses and a wheel of fortune game that can help you collect the details of visitors to your site.

Therefore, you can keep your site collecting emails continuously. You can also use the app collection for other features. For instance, you can improve SEO results on your website, improve trust factors, have live chat, improve conversions with FOMO, countdown timers, stock counters and shipping bars.

You can also take your website to the world with a currency converter and more. Vitals is a very effective Shopify app that allows you to perform better than your competitors. You can also see the actions of your customers on a replay function that can help you understand consumer behaviors and see where there are barriers to purchase on your website.

Vitals Highlights:

  • Collect email addresses through gamification and a bar at the top of your website.
  • Use FOMO tactics, countdown timers and more to improve conversions and generate more revenue.
  • Includes an Amazon like ‘Customers also bought’ feature that improves cross selling.
  • Adds trust factors to your website.

Sales Rocket

Sales Rocket

Sales Rocket is a very similar app to Vitals. It has more than 40 functions and there are more being added all the time. There are lots of great features that can help you with newsletters here. For one, there is an exit intent popup that can allow you to collect the visitor’s email address. This can be handy for increasing the list. As can the wheel of fortune game. The app also integrates with MailChimp, something that Vitals doesn’t do.

The app is also really good for SEO. It helps improve speed which aids in better user experiences and more.

Sales Rocket is also an app that can help you display a free shipping progress bar. This can increase the average order value, by encouraging customers to spend more to get free shipping on your site. You can also increase the average order size with the ‘frequently bought together’ feature that is included.

The app offers lots of best practice items. Like a cookie bar presentation that can protect you from legal ramifications for not declaring cookies on your site. You can also offer volume discounts, tiered pricing and other elements to encourage higher orders. Finally, you can take your store around the world with currency conversion technology.

SALES ROCKET Highlights:

  • Use more than 40 apps within this one neat package to save on costs and coding.
  • Numerous FOMO and urgency apps within the Sales Rocket framework to improve sales.
  • A wheel of fortune game and exit intent popup that can help increase mailing lists numbers. Plus integration with popular email marketing software MailChimp.
  • SEO features to improve ranking on Google.



Privy is one of the most trusted Shopify newsletter apps available on Shopify. You can setup an account with the Privy team within minutes and get your first campaign sent just as quickly. The app can help you create lots of features on the website to help you build a mailing list, including exit-intent popups and banners. You can also use upsell popups and have an add-to-cart functions within these popups. This can improve order values on your website.

This app allows you to automate several email marketing campaigns. For instance, you can send campaigns based on the device the visitor is using, the value within their cart or the page they’re viewing. Therefore, campaigns can be personalized for consumer behaviors.

Privy also offers you real-time reporting and better campaign performance. You can also integrate the app with other email marketing software packages for better newsletter distribution, if you want.

Privy Highlights:

  • Offers split testing capabilities for improved email marketing and newsletter distribution.
  • Can use it for email marketing campaigns that are triggered by consumer behaviors.
  • Real-time performance reporting for you to see how campaigns are performing.
  • Integrates with email marketing software for better performance if necessary.

Consistent Cart

Consistent Cart

Consistent Cart isn’t just a newsletter app, it can help you to run campaigns across Facebook messenger, push notifications and other elements. It can be used to bring customers back to your site and start spending more. There are lots of campaigns you can send. You can send the basic newsletter to your website or you can use the app to send special occasion campaigns like Happy Birthday emails or happy anniversaries. These can include a special coupon for your website.

You can also use the app to send abandoned cart campaigns. This brings back customers to look at the carts they had on your store before they left. There are numerous reasons why carts are abandoned and they are a lost opportunity. So this function can be really important and can help you earn a lot more revenue.

The app can also help by creating a real sense of fear of missing out. A popup can be displayed that allows you to showcase what recent sales have been made on the store to the customers. This pushes customers into completing the order quickly, in case the product runs out.

Consistent Cart Highlights:

  • Allows you to send your contacts numerous campaigns for more sales.
  • Connect with customers through numerous different channels, giving them a better experience.
  • Bring back customers who’ve abandoned carts on your store to get them to complete the transaction and improve your store’s revenue.
  • Can help to create a FOMO environment that improves conversions.



Justuno is a newsletter app that allows you to grow and communicate with your mailing list with ease. It allows you to use MailChimp or Hubspot to store your contacts on there. You can also use these applications to send newsletters if you want but there are plenty of opportunities to create converting newsletters on your store using the Justuno app.

You can create lots of cross selling, upselling and exit intent offers using this app. Therefore, you can improve the customer return rate for your website. You can utilize popups, lead capture forms, push notifications and more to drive customers to subscribe to your mailing list that can be used in the future.

Push notifications can also be used to reach those who aren’t currently on your website, but are using the internet. This non-intrusive way is becoming a new marketing avenue that lots of businesses are getting used to.

Justuno Highlights:

  • Create contests that can help build the number of subscribers on your email marketing list.
  • Target visitors based on more than 100 behaviors that can include numerous rules for better results.
  • Improve conversions on your website with urgency tactics thanks to countdown timers.
  • There is great support available from the Justuno team via email and phone.

Conversio Marketing Automation


Conversio is one of the top alternatives to MailChimp and it is not surprising why that might be the case. They will help you transfer all the contacts within your MailChimp list to Conversio and there are other platforms that they can help you transfer from as well, including OptinMonster and more. The app is great for automated newsletter campaigns and you can make your email a valuable asset.

You can use powerful segmentation options on your website to target customers who are more likely to want to read content. For instance, if you have customers who are more interested in a niche on your website, you can send them newsletters about this. You can also tailor offers to these people and they’re more likely to convert.

The whole campaigns can be automated. Which can save you time and allows you to create new ways to upsell to current customers. In addition, you can recover any abandoned carts that may have occurred on your website. Therefore, you can bring in more revenue to your store.

Conversio Marketing Automation Highlights:

  • Automate much of your newsletter campaigns with this app.
  • Segment audiences for better results and improved ROI.
  • Create workflows that can be used to bring customers along a specific purchasing journey.
  • There is lots of great support regardless of which email marketing software you used before.

SmartrMail Email Marketing

Smartr Email Marketing

This email marketing app offers you and your team a better way to develop email newsletters to your subscribers that will help your business grow. If you’ve already been using MailChimp, the developers will help you switch. This will include bringing over any of the subscriber lists you’ve got, templates and automations. This can be a great time saver when switching to a new service.

The app works by sending emails that recommended products and news to subscribers. This is proven to be a better way to convert subscribers based on the current products they’ve bought and looked at. However, for this to work effectively, you will probably need a large catalog of products to make the app more profitable.

That said, even using the basic elements, you can send email newsletters to your subscribers that can showcase how they can use your products/brand to better improve their results. You can also use the app to connect to those who’ve abandoned their carts on your site, bring them back and completing the sale.

SmartrMail Email Marketing Highlights:

  • Bring back customers to your store automatically.
  • Use automated workflows like welcome emails and more.
  • Set the frequency that product recommendations are seen by email subscribers.
  • Highly effective at increasing sales when you have a large catalog.



Seguno allows you to take email marketing to the next level and reach out to customers past and future to build a strong business. It is perfect for smaller companies, with fewer staff and allows you to build a campaign without too much effort. There are lots of great features that can help you run a newsletter production with ease.

For instance, you can send out coming soon emails, discount reminders, and other generic newsletter campaigns as you wish. If you have less than 250 subscribers, the platform is free to use, but features are still perfect for you.

And the reporting for newsletter campaigns on this app is great.

Seguno Highlights:

  • A free version that offers you the first 250 subscribers for free.
  • Charges are applied when you have more subscribers to your list.
  • Can send an unlimited number of emails to those on your list.
  • Automation can be applied.



The Younet Newsletter will help you send emails to your customers and save you time. With this email marketing app you will be able to deliver professional newsletters that maximize customer lifetime value.

As soon as you install the app your template will be created to match your brand. There is also a WYSIWYG and full HTML editor should you need it. Your newsletter will be matched to your brand rather than being just a generic email template.

You can monitor the results of your newsletter campaigns to see how much additional revenue you are getting from them.

YouNet Highlights

  • Shopify integration is really easy.
  • Email templates to match your store.
  • Send emails based on past purchases.
  • Can edit the newsletter.

Newsletter2Go Email Marketing


This app will provide you with the software you need to design email marketing while saving you time. You can import your products into your emails with the apps 1-Click Product Transfer feature. It will also upload prices and product descriptions. You can also track conversions and get real-time reports to find out how successful your email campaigns have been. You can also use A/B testing to fine-tune your email campaigns and get the most out of them.

You can create emails that match your brand, that are also ad-free and responsive. It has a drag and drop editor in a block style. The emails read well on mobile and have a professional look.

Newsletter2Go Email Marketing Highlights

  • Save time with this software.
  • Connect your eCommerce platform to the Newsletter2Go app.
  • Automatically sync contacts.
  • Send emails straight from your browser.

MailerLite Email Marketing - Inactive

MailerLite Email Marketing

Send aesthetically pleasing emails thanks to MailerLite. It can automate a lot of campaigns for you that will convert customers and build profits for your business. With this app you can have 1,000 subscribers, therefore, those with smaller lists might like this free app. You can expand to another solution if you need to later on.

The app allows you to segment your audience. You can tag them with different options like first-time customer, high spending customers, repeat customers, and more. This helps improve the relevance of your campaigns and allows you to have better sales.

MailerLite Email Marketing Highlights:

  • Free for those who have mailing lists of under 1000 subscribers.
  • Create free landing pages to subscribe customers.
  • Create automated campaigns that can help you sell.
  • Send one-off newsletter campaigns.

Jilt (Inactive)


This powerful email marketing app allows you to send basic newsletters or advanced email campaigns with ease. It is used by some of the biggest brands in the world including The Economist and Tastemade for automated campaigns.

The app helps with abandoned carts by sending emails to customers who have left something within the cart. You can offer discounts, free shipping and other things to entice them back to your store and get them to complete the transaction.

There are also unique popups that can be used to collect emails before the visitors get to the checkout. Therefore, you can improve the number of abandoned cart emails you can send and you can also increase your mailing list quickly.

You can also reward VIPS, request feedback, automate customer lifecycles, and more with the automated systems on this app. There are some templates on the app that are really aesthetically pleasing and the app can help you create data-rich, transactional emails like order confirmation.

Jilt Highlights:

  • Multiple stores? Manage them from one account.
  • Numerous team members can manage your one account.
  • Improve deliverability by using the domain of your website to send emails.
  • Need support? It can be provided with ease by the development team.

Advanced Shopify Newsletter Strategies

Leveraging Automation for Efficiency

Automation is key in email marketing, allowing for timely, relevant messages without manual effort. Automated sequences for welcome emails, follow-ups, and cart reminders keep engagement high. This saves time and personalizes customer interactions at crucial moments.

Audience Segmentation for Targeted Campaigns

Segmentation in email marketing enhances message relevance by grouping audiences based on behavior, preferences, and history. This tailored approach boosts conversion rates and strengthens brand connections.

Utilizing Analytics to Drive Decisions

Analytics shape marketing strategies crucially in today's data-centric world. Real-time tracking offers insights into email campaigns, revealing open, click-through, and conversion rates. This data enables marketers to refine tactics for optimal performance.

Key Features of Shopify Newsletter Apps

Comprehensive Template Libraries

Top Shopify newsletter apps feature many professional templates. They provide customizable starting points for engaging emails. Ideal for product announcements, special offers, or storytelling, the right template enhances your message.

Dynamic Content and Personalization

Personalizing emails with subscriber data revolutionizes engagement. Newsletter apps enable dynamic content customization for individual preferences. This approach improves user experience and campaign effectiveness through tailored recommendations and promotions.

Integration and Compatibility

Seamless Shopify integration and marketing tools ensure smooth workflows. Leading apps provide easy connectivity, utilizing store and platform data. This enables targeted, efficient, and impactful email marketing campaigns.

Conclusion: 10 Best Shopify Newsletter Apps

Email marketing and newsletters is important if you want to be successful online. Not only will you get more return on investment, but you can also ensure the revenues of your brand. There are numerous Shopify newsletter apps you can use, above are 12 of the best. Which one will you select?

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