If you're running an online store on Shopify and looking to expand your reach to international customers, you might feel overwhelmed by the choices of currency converter apps available. Choosing the right one can seem like a daunting task, especially when you're trying to make your products accessible and appealing to a global audience. You're not alone in this. Selecting the appropriate app is crucial to not only provide a seamless shopping experience for your international customers, but also to boost your sales across borders.

Understanding the ins and outs of the top currency converter apps for Shopify can significantly impact your store's success in international markets. As you read on, you'll gain insights into what each of these 13 essential apps offers, including their unique features and how they can benefit your business.

This guide is designed to simplify your decision-making process, helping you choose the best currency converter app that aligns with your business needs and goals, ultimately enhancing your global sales strategy.

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Key Takeaways
Selecting the right currency converter app is crucial for providing a seamless shopping experience for international customers.
Some apps support a wide range of currencies and boast high conversion accuracy, ensuring customer satisfaction.
Apps offering customization options for currency display align with brand aesthetics, improving site coherence and appeal.

BEST Currency Converter

BEST Currency Converter

BEST Currency Converter is a highly recommended tool for Shopify store owners looking to expand their international sales. With support for over 160 currencies, it offers a comprehensive international shopping experience. The app seamlessly integrates with any Shopify theme, ensuring a smooth setup and customization process.

One of the key features of BEST Currency Converter is its real-time price conversion, which displays prices in the customer's local currency across various devices. This functionality is crucial in reducing cart abandonment rates and boosting international transactions. The app also provides a currency switcher for manual adjustments and offers an automatic placement option in the website's header.

BEST Currency Converter has received high customer satisfaction ratings, which speaks to its effectiveness in driving international growth. Its outstanding customer support further enhances its reliability and efficiency.

BEST Currency Converter Highlights:

  • Automatically converts prices to customer's local currency for easy shopping
  • Works instantly with any Shopify theme, enhancing user experience
  • Allows addition of all currencies with a single button push
  • Automatically places the converter in the Shopify theme's header
  • Offers a free plan with up to 5 currencies and 3 design options


Nova: Multi Currency Converter

If you're operating a global Shopify store, Nova: Multi Currency Converter is your go-to solution for enhancing your customers' shopping experience through its automatic geolocation-based currency conversion feature. This app allows for both automatic and manual currency switching depending on your customers' location, making it incredibly versatile.

You can also tailor the design and colors of the currency switcher to seamlessly blend with your store's theme, with support for converting over 130+ different currencies. Utilizing Shopify's trusted exchange rates and API, Nova guarantees accurate currency conversions. Given its impressive overall rating of 4.9 from 1,124 reviews, it's evident that customers appreciate the seamless shopping experience Nova facilitates.

The app boasts an easy setup process, comprehensive customization options, and outstanding 24/7 chat support, empowering you to effortlessly serve a global audience by displaying prices in their local currency.

Nova Highlights:

  • Enhances user experience with automatic geolocation-based currency conversion.
  • Customizable design ensures seamless integration with store theme.
  • Supports 130+ currencies, utilizing Shopify's trusted rates for accuracy.
  • Boasts high customer satisfaction with a stellar 4.9 rating from 1,124 reviews.
  • Offers reliable 24/7 live chat support for assistance and customization.

Currency Converter Plus

Currency Converter Plus

Currency Converter Plus emerges as the top choice for Shopify merchants seeking seamless currency conversion, considering its stellar 4.9 rating and ease of integration. You'll appreciate its automatic currency conversion feature and the option to customize prices for individual items, making it invaluable for your global sales strategy. Merchants like you have praised its easy-to-use interface and the adjustable drop-down menu design.

Beyond the basics, the app offers an SEO report and a visually appealing design to enhance the shopping experience. With 96% of ratings being 5 stars, it's clear that the responsive customer support and additional features have made Currency Converter Plus highly recommended among Shopify merchants.

Currency Converter Plus Highlights:

  • Offers automatic currency conversion, simplifying international transactions.
  • Customization options for individual item prices enhance pricing flexibility.
  • Responsive customer support and additional features like SEO reports and aesthetic design.


BUCKS Currency Converter PRO

Elevating your Shopify store's global reach becomes effortless with BUCKS, making it the ultimate choice for merchants aiming to simplify currency conversion.

This tool seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store, automatically converting prices to over 160 currencies based on your customer's location, utilizing up-to-date exchange rates for unmatched accuracy.

The customization options for the switcher design further enhance the shopping experience, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

What sets BUCKS apart is its Instant Loader feature, ensuring your site loads quickly, significantly reducing bounce rates, and maintaining the interest of international shoppers.

The checkout process is also streamlined, displaying prices in the local currency to foster trust and minimize cart abandonment. Moreover, should you encounter any challenges, round-the-clock support is available, providing a smooth and hassle-free integration with your Shopify store.

BUCKS Highlights:

  • Automatically converts prices to over 160 currencies based on customer geolocation.
  • Features an Instant Loader for faster website loading times.
  • Offers 24/7 support with live chat and email.
  • Customizable switcher design to enhance the customer shopping experience.
  • Streamlined checkout process with prices displayed in the local currency.



For Shopify merchants aiming to enhance their global sales, the Currency Converter - Multicoin app stands out as a prime solution. It offers automatic conversion across 164 currencies and provides language support for over 111 different languages, ensuring that your shop is accessible to a wider audience globally.

The app guarantees that customers won't be confused over conversion rates by updating live currency rates every three hours. Moreover, the automatic conversion feature, which is based on the customer's location, along with the app's sleek design, significantly enhances the shopping experience and has the potential to boost your sales.

The app not only facilitates currency conversion but also breaks down language barriers, making your shop more accessible to a global audience. With its high overall rating and positive feedback from merchants, it's evident that this app not only improves the user experience but also contributes to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Multicoin Highlights:

  • Converts 164 currencies, supports 111 languages for better customer experience.
  • Currency rates update every 3 hours for accuracy.
  • Praised for user-friendly interface, excellent support.



Webrex Currency Converter simplifies international shopping by automatically converting prices into the customer's local currency, enhancing the shopping experience. It supports over 200 ISO currencies, ensuring wide global coverage.

The app features location-based auto currency conversion, making it easier for customers worldwide to see prices in their preferred currency. With customizable switcher positions, rounding rules, and currency formatter, merchants can tailor the app to fit their store's design and pricing strategy. The app's seamless integration with Shopify Markets offers an alternative to Geolocation, providing a better option for international selling.

Webrex Highlights:

  • Location-Based Auto Currency Converter supports all 200+ ISO currencies
  • Automatic currency conversion based on the customer's country
  • Customizable switcher position, rounding rules, and currency formatter
  • Works with Shopify Markets for enhanced international selling
  • Offers three levels of rules: General, Currency, and Country for tailored currency conversion settings



If you're aiming to globalize your Shopify store, CVC seamless integration and intuitive interface make it a top choice. With an overall rating of 4.5, the majority of its reviews are glowing, highlighting its functionality, ease of use, and the free features that come with it.

Merchants particularly appreciate how the app improves the international shopping experience by effectively handling translations and currency conversions. Its performance is reliable, making your store more accessible to shoppers worldwide. Moreover, you'll find its customer service responsive and helpful, ensuring any issues are swiftly resolved.

CVC Highlights:

  • Offers seamless integration with Shopify, enhancing functionality and ease of use.
  • Provides free features, including accurate and efficient currency and language conversion.
  • Praised for responsive and helpful customer service, contributing to a positive merchant experience.

MLV Auto Currency Switcher

MLV Auto Currency Switcher

MLV Auto Currency Switcher stands out as the premier choice for Shopify store owners in search of an efficient and cost-effective solution for currency conversion. With a stellar 4.8 rating from thousands of reviews, its reputation for reliability is well-established. Its free plan, complemented by a 15-day trial period, presents a risk-free opportunity to evaluate its full range of features.

This app is celebrated for its automatic currency adjustment feature, which ensures that international customers view prices in their own currency. Additionally, its compatibility with a variety of themes guarantees a seamless integration into your store, enhancing both the user and owner experience. The dedicated support team, under the leadership of Shaba Khan, is lauded for their prompt and effective service, addressing any issues swiftly.

MLV Auto Currency Switcher Highlights:

  • Accessible through a free plan and a 15-day trial, accommodating businesses of every scale.
  • Automatic currency adjustment enhances shopping experience for international customers.
  • Smooth integration with numerous themes ensures a consistent and professional look.
  • Exceptional support team led by Shaba Khan, known for efficient and quick resolution of any arising issues.

KILATECH Currency Converter

KILATECH Currency Converter

KILATECH Currency Converter stands out as the premier choice for shop owners aiming to provide an intuitive shopping experience for their international customers through real-time currency conversion. This app is geo-location-based, ensuring that your online store displays prices in the visitor's local currency. It boasts compatibility with Shopify markets and is praised for its seamless integration and customization options, including a customizable currency-switching component and the option for a currency dropdown integration for a smooth shopping experience.

For Shopify payment gateway users, the checkout page conversion feature further enhances customer satisfaction by presenting prices in a comprehensible manner for global customers. The app's high ratings, with a 4.9 overall and 92% of reviews being 5 stars, reflect its effectiveness in boosting sales through accurate conversion, including shipping costs. Merchants appreciate its automatic geo-location feature and extensive customization options, while customers have hailed it as the best currency converter app for its competitive pricing, rapid setup, and outstanding support.

KILATECH Currency Converter Highlights:

  • Geo-location-based currency conversion enhances international shopping experience.
  • High compatibility with Shopify markets, customizable currency-switching.
  • Accurate, speedy currency conversion boosts sales, satisfaction.
  • Checkout page conversion for Shopify payment gateway users.
  • High ratings, competitive pricing, rapid setup, exceptional support.



For Shopify merchants aiming to enhance their global sales, SmartCS is a standout solution. It offers the ability to let customers shop and checkout in their local currencies, significantly improving the shopping experience. This plugin automatically redirects users based on their geographic location, displaying prices in a format that's familiar to them. It integrates price rounding rules and leverages Shopify's live currency exchange rates, guaranteeing accurate conversions across all devices.

The feedback from users highlights its seamless integration and speed, which enhances the user experience without compromising site performance. With an overall rating of 4.9 from over a thousand reviews, it's evident that merchants appreciate its reliable conversion and exceptional support. Its customization options and a comprehensive free plan make it an ideal choice for expanding your store's global reach.

SmartCS Highlights:

  • Automatically switches to local currency for enhanced shopping.
  • Achieves 4.9 rating for seamless integration and ease.
  • Offers a comprehensive free plan for startup merchants.

Currency Converter Bear

Currency Converter Bear

This app not only automatically adjusts currency based on a customer's location but also supports multiple currencies and updates exchange rates several times a day. Plus, it integrates smoothly with Shopify Markets and allows you to completely customize its design to match your brand.

Merchants rave about its ease of use, seamless integration, and how it caters to a global audience, improving international customer conversion rates without compromising page load speeds.

Currency Converter Bear Highlights:

  • Automatic currency switching enhances customer experience based on geographic location.
  • Seamless Shopify Markets integration and easy customization to match the brand.
  • High customer satisfaction with a 5.0 rating, reflecting its efficiency and ease of use.

Coin Currency Converter

Coin Currency Converter

If you're operating an international online store, Coin Currency Converter is your go-to solution, offering seamless integration and automatic currency conversion that elevates the global shopping experience. It boasts an impressive overall rating of 4.8, underscoring its ease of use and reliability that merchants adore.

The tool is perfectly compatible with Shopify Payments, making your website universally accessible to shoppers. Its professional design coupled with reasonable pricing enhances its allure. Furthermore, the Expert Install Service provides personalized setup assistance, simplifying the initial steps for you.

Both new and experienced online sellers have lauded its effectiveness and customer support, ensuring your store's currency conversion requirements are expertly managed.

Coin Currency Converter Highlights:

  • Seamless integration with Shopify Payments.
  • Boasts a professional design paired with fair pricing.
  • Outstanding customer service and the Expert Install Service.

Zoomifi Currency Converter

Currency Converter by Zoomifi

Ideal for merchants aiming to cater to a global audience, Zoomifi Currency Converter supports an extensive selection of 160 currencies, including Bitcoin. This application facilitates your store's venture into global markets with ease, allowing visitors from various countries to view prices in their local currency without hassle. Its rapid conversion rate ensures your website's performance remains unaffected, providing a seamless shopping experience for users.

Compatible with Shopify's multi-currency feature, Zoomifi offers instant currency conversion and automatic price adjustments based on the shopper's location. Additionally, the dedicated customer service accessible via chat and WhatsApp greatly enhances its usability, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to expand their reach internationally.

Zoomifi Currency Converter Highlights:

  • Supports 160 currencies including Bitcoin for global markets.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Shopify's multi-currency feature for enhanced user experience.
  • Enables instant currency conversion and price adjustments based on visitor location for accurate pricing.
  • Offers excellent customer support via chat and WhatsApp for prompt assistance.

Hextom Currency Converter

Hextom Currency Converter

For Shopify store owners seeking to enhance their global sales through a localized shopping experience, Hextom Currency Converter stands out as an essential tool. It supports currencies from more than 230 countries and regions, boosting your sales globally by offering an intuitive shopping experience. The app auto-detects visitors' geo-location to display prices in their local currency, while also providing the option for manual currency selection.

With a 7-day free trial and a premium plan available for just $9.99/month, Hextom Currency Converter is both accessible and affordable. Its easy installation, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with Shopify websites have made it highly popular among users. The responsive customer support team further enhances the user experience, contributing to the app's high overall rating of 4.8.

Hextom Currency Converter Highlights:

  • Auto-detects visitor location for localized shopping with prices in local currency.
  • Supports 230+ countries, ensuring versatility for international commerce.
  • Easy installation, user-friendly interface, seamless Shopify integration.
  • Offers 7-day free trial, $9.99/month premium plan, accessible to businesses.
  • Highly rated (4.8) with responsive customer support.

Choosing the Right Currency Converter App

Seamless Integration and Customization

Select a currency converter app that integrates effortlessly with your Shopify theme, offering both automatic and manual switching options for a personalized shopping experience. It should support a wide range of currencies and allow customization to align with your brand, ensuring easy installation and customization for a smooth experience.

Broad Currency Support

Choose an app that supports a wide variety of currencies, including those from emerging markets, to ensure global accessibility. This broad support helps cater to an international customer base, making your products more appealing worldwide.

Enhancing User Experience

A good currency converter app should offer a user-friendly interface, customizable to fit your store's branding, and provide automatic currency conversion based on the shopper's location. Reliable performance, quick loading times, and responsive customer support are essential for a seamless user experience.

Cost-Effective Pricing Plans

Evaluate the app's pricing and plans, balancing the cost against the features you need. Opt for a plan that offers the best value for your store's size and sales volume, avoiding unnecessary expenses while ensuring you have the necessary functionalities.

GDPR Compliance and Support

Ensure the app complies with GDPR regulations and offers comprehensive support for any issues. Look for apps with 24/7 support and those that facilitate easy integration with Shopify markets and themes, enhancing the global shopping experience through automatic currency conversion based on geolocation.

Conclusion: 14 Best Currency Converter Apps For Shopify

Choosing the right currency converter app is crucial for Shopify stores aiming to expand internationally. This guide simplifies the selection process, highlighting 14 currency converter apps that enhance global sales strategies by providing seamless shopping experiences for international customers.

Keep in mind factors like the number of supported currencies, conversion accuracy, and user experience. Choose wisely to ensure your customers enjoy seamless shopping, enhancing their trust and loyalty towards your brand.

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