When running an online store, you’re likely to have lots of decisions to make about shipping. Getting your products from your warehouse/storage to the customers is one of the most challenging aspects of logistics.  Navigating these logistics complexities can be made easier with a thorough understanding, as outlined in a detailed shipping guide tailored for Shopify users. Using one of the best Shipping Apps for Shopify can improve your workload and make it easier.

Why Use One of the Best Shipping Apps for Shopify?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to consider using one of the best Shipping apps for Shopify. For one, you can make savings. Shopify does connect you to shippers but they don’t guarantee you the best rates for your products. This requires more manual action for you.

In contrast, some apps can find the latest rates for the customer’s delivery address and offer you the best rates. Understanding the nuances of shipping rates guide is key to optimizing cost and delivery efficiency.

While you might have a preference for one shipping method or another, using multiple shippers can improve profits, as Shopify has noted. It can also help you to improve customer satisfaction. About 90% of customer complaints are because of late delivery.

You need to think about offering same-day deliveries as 56% of customers now expect this.

Therefore, when you improve the delivery rate of your orders, you can improve customer satisfaction. This can have long-term benefits for your brand as customers are more likely to be retained and returning customers spend 67% more than new customers.

Another reason is that it can automate a lot of your processes. If you don’t have to select and pay the courier, you can spend more time on marketing. Some of the apps can also automatically print out shipping labels for you. The exploration of various shipping rate apps can also be a significant step towards enhancing the efficiency of your shipping operations.

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Key Takeaways
Shipping apps for Shopify optimize costs and customer satisfaction, automating processes.
Some apps offer multicarrier options and automated label printing, improving logistics.
Others calculate all shipping costs and taxes, aiding in international shipping and reducing cart abandonment.

Best Shipping Apps for Shopify - Here's Our List:

Shippo Shipping App

Shippo Shipping App

Shippo is a powerful multicarrier shipping app that can be used on any Shopify website. Numerous benefits can help you improve the process of getting your products to your customers. For instance, all the international shipping paperwork is completed for you and shipping labels are automated and printed for you.

The app is also good at helping you to offer returns to customers. This can improve conversions as 80% of customers won’t complete a transaction unless there is a good returns policy and many won’t buy if free returns are not offered.

Numerous carriers are included with this app from across the world. These carriers include UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Canada Post and more.

There are premium and pay-as-you-go schemes for your use of this app.

Shippo Highlights:

  • A large selection of carriers you can use.
  • Automatically print shipping labels.
  • Returns feature to help improve customer experiences.
  • Helps to improve shipping logistics for your brand.



Easy Ship is a free Shopify shipping app that can help provide one of the best experiences for your customers. The advantage of EasyShip is that the app allows you to ship within the US and worldwide. Therefore, it is perfect for numerous stores that want to expand their operations in the future but do not want to find new couriers.

The app displays the cost of shipping to any customer. This will include the applicable import taxes, VAT, sales tax and any other fees that may be required for shipping. These details are shown to the customer, so they know exactly how much the delivery will cost. It also prevents cart abandonment as customers will often abandon a shop if there is a different delivery price than what they expect.

EasyShip only charges you a fee for the cost of shipping.

EasyShip Highlights:

  • Calculates all taxes and shipping costs for your customers.
  • Can ship internationally.
  • You can install the app for free.
  • Pay only shipping fees directly to the app.

ShipStation Shipping

ShipStation Shipping

The ShipStation Shipping App team has a lot of experience in eCommerce. They’ve created this app to work across numerous platforms that help you to process orders, print shipping labels and even communicate with orders. All this can be done from one simple dashboard.

There are numerous benefits. This includes getting access to a free USPS account, but you’re not limited to them. You’re also able to use FedEx, UPS, Canada Post and DHL. There is also a free iOS and Android app.

The app is really simple to install, just a couple of clicks and you can have the app ready to go. There are several plans that you can use. If you’re expecting less than 50 shipments per month, you pay just $9 per month. However, those who want unlimited shipments per month will need to pay $159 per month.

ShipStation Shipping Highlights:

  • This is one of the top options for premium shipping apps.
  • Can save a significant amount on shipping costs.
  • You get access to a free USPS account.
  • Lots of account levels so you can keep costs in check.

Multi-Carrier Shipping Label

Multi-Carrier Shipping Label

Shipping is made easier when you use the Multi-carrier shipping label app. The app allows you to have your fulfillment aspects automated for better processing and less time spent on this aspect of your business. For instance, there is a real-time shipping rate calculator that can show costs for carriers who can transport goods internationally. The app also allows you to print hundreds of shipping labels with just a single click.

When you want the cheapest available option, the app can be set to make this selection. This can be done based on the parcel dimensions and weight. Therefore, you can improve costs and ensure you’re profitable.

This app has live order tracking features, that allow your customer to stay up-to-date. This prevents you from being bombarded by customers asking about their orders.

Multi-Carrier Shipping Label Highlights:

  • Choose between several different carriers that will ship across the world.
  • There are numerous packaging methods.
  • Options to print return shipping labels, tax invoices and more.
  • Schedule when orders can be collected.

Shipping Automation by Shipway

Shipping Automation by Shipway

Shipway allows you to have a good shipping automation system integrated within your Shopify store. The app allows you to have a better post-purchase experience for customers, allowing you to improve the chances customers will return in the future.

The app allows you to choose automatically the best courier from lots of partners. This can include FedEx, DHL and lots of other options. The system will choose the couriers who can collect and deliver to your customers from across the world. The app will also look at the product, size and weight to ensure the carrier will collect.

The app will print any shipping labels for you.

The app can help with returns and this can auto-create reverse pickups with Qcs, tracking and instant refunds. The app can also automatically create exchanges for you.

Shipway Highlights:

  • Save on your workload with automation.
  • There is fantastic customer support.
  • This is free to install the app.
  • The low price of any shipment makes this affordable.

Shipping Rates & Delivery Date

Shipping Rates & Delivery Date

This app is an all-in-one shipping solution that allows you to create excellent advanced shipping rules. These rules can be created based on the products in a basket, order delivery and even the location of the customer. Then customers can select a delivery date/time or schedule a pick-up time.

If you offer collections or want to restrict how quickly you can send out orders, you can add a cut-off time. When customers go past this, customers have to wait longer for their order.

To ensure your costs are kept low for higher profitability, you can adjust costs based on the lead time. For instance, same-day, next-day, etc. can have a higher price than others.

Shipping Rates & Delivery Date Highlights:

  • Allows customers to collect from your store or have delivered.
  • Can arrange a local and national delivery.
  • Limit the number of orders per day or when the cut-off for same-day delivery is.
  • Shipping estimates are included.



This app offers some of the best rates online and the fastest deliveries that are available. It utilizes a cloud-based platform that allows you to keep track of orders, even if your system is down for maintenance or being updated.

The app offers retailers an amazing 46% discount on certain plans. However, for this offer to be collected, you need to be processing over 50,000 orders every month.

There is a 30-day free trial for any user of the app. However, if you have less than 50 orders per month, then the app is free forever. There are other payment points as well.

The app provides you access to some top carriers, but there are fewer options than other apps that are available on this app.

ShippingEasy Highlights:

  • Benefit from a 46% discount on shipping rates.
  • This has a free-to-use option.
  • High-quality shippers to help you make the most of the deliveries.
  • Thirty-day free trial is available.



This is a complete solution for your Shopify store. It is marketed as a multi-channel inventory management system. It includes an integrated shipping feature and you can use several carriers to help you get your customers to get from your warehouse to the customer’s delivery.

The app allows you to manage everything from your inventory, shipping and even retail orders. This is all done from a single dashboard.

To help you keep costs down there are seven subscription plans that you can use. Choose a plan that is suitable for you based on the features that you must have and the number of orders that you have per month. The more orders per month, the more the app will cost you.

Ordoro Highlights:

  • Seven Different subscription plans that you can choose from.
  • There are numerous carriers that you can use to deliver products.
  • Can work with Amazon and eBay systems.
  • Add users to your dashboard to spread the workload.



NetParcel is a free-to-use app where you only have to pay the shipping costs. The app allows you to connect with 40 carriers inside the US. For all shipping, you can benefit from a significant discount that can help you cut costs and improve profitability.

The app only works with shops that are located within the US and Canada. There are also some limits on which addresses within the US you can deliver to with this app.

The app can work with international orders. However, you will need to apply for international documents yourself.

NetParcel Highlights:

  • You can choose from more than 40 carriers.
  • Great for any store within the US and Canada.
  • Great discounts on shipping costs.
  • Free to use.

GO Shipping

GO Shipping

The GO Shipping app is an excellent app to help you optimize your shipping and fulfillment. It integrates with your online store with your preferred carrier. Then the app works by speeding up your fulfillment process, allowing you to spend more time on other activities that can help you grow your business. In addition, you can spend less on your shipping rates as you’re always offered the best rates.

Your customers will see a lower cost, this can improve your website’s conversion rate. Shipping speeds can also be faster, customers will be much happier because of this. Customers will also be able to track their orders with ease.

To improve customer satisfaction, you can offer numerous delivery options. For example, you can include next-day delivery, same-day delivery and more. All orders are given real-time tracking. So if there is a problem, delay or perhaps the order is progressing more quickly, then your customer and you will know quickly.

GO Shipping Highlights:

  • Can offer you and your customer a range of shipping options.
  • You can fulfill orders easier.
  • Monitor your orders and see when they are delivered.
  • You can streamline the fulfillment process for better results.

Enhancing Shopify Shipping: Advanced Insights

Streamlining Operations

Efficient strategies in shipping logistics are crucial for cost reduction and customer satisfaction. We've identified key areas needing focused attention.

Optimizing Packaging

Choosing the right packaging impacts both cost-effectiveness and product safety. It's a balance between aesthetic appeal and practicality. This choice significantly influences shipping efficiency.

Managing Returns Effectively

A straightforward returns process is vital for maintaining customer trust. Often overlooked, this aspect can significantly enhance customer loyalty. It's a key factor in a successful shipping strategy.

Integrating with Inventory

Integrating shipping apps with inventory systems is essential for accuracy. This step prevents overselling and stock shortages. It ensures a smooth operational flow between different business areas.

Leveraging Data for Better Decisions

Understanding Shipping Analytics

Shipping analytics reveal patterns and potential enhancements. This information guides more informed strategic decisions. It's crucial for refining your shipping approach.

Personalizing Customer Experience

Data utilization allows for a personalized shipping experience. Tailoring options to customer preferences boosts satisfaction. This approach encourages repeat business and loyalty.

Forecasting and Planning

Effective forecasting, based on historical data, aids in resource planning. It's especially vital for managing peak seasons and sales events. Accurate forecasting ensures preparedness for varying demand levels.

Conclusion: 10 Best Shipping Apps for Shopify

Shipping management is crucial for the success of your Shopify store, yet it poses various challenges, including selecting carriers, managing costs, and ensuring timely delivery.

Implementing one of the top 10 Shipping Apps for Shopify listed above can enhance customer satisfaction and contribute to the growth and customer retention of your brand.

These apps simplify the complex aspects of shipping, making it a more efficient process. Considering their importance, which of these top shipping apps will you choose for your Shopify store?

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