When it comes to selling at physical and online stores there are several challenges. One of these is the way to monitor carts, check prices, synchronize inventory, and more on your website.

With Shopify, this isn’t so much of a problem, now with one of the best Shopify POS apps added to your website. Understanding the intricacies of Shopify POS is key to overcoming these retail challenges, and Shopify POS guide can be instrumental in navigating this aspect.

Best Shopify POS Apps Available

There are numerous Shopify POS apps that you can use on your website. There are numerous features that these apps have as well.

For instance, some of them can help you manage goods that might have various price points depending on the amount purchased at the same time, or they can help you synchronize your inventory.

This can help you save time, combine sales paths for a more integrated shopping experience and improve accuracy. One of the most important reasons for an improved POS system for retailers in North America is that retailers can benefit from omnichannel marketing.

The number of payments that are expected to be taken through POS systems is expected to grow by 14.83% by 2027. And the mobile POS system industry is expected to see the highest growth in the next few years.

POS systems that are connected to a mobile device or a website are going to process more by 2026 than traditional POS systems. A mobile POS system can help you sell while out and about, at events, and also across the shop floor. This helps you to be more flexible and grow your business.

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Key Takeaways
Shopify POS apps offer diverse features like inventory synchronization, varied payment options, and customer data management.
Some apps provide unique functionalities such as handling multiple price points for bulk purchases.
Certain apps enhance shopping experiences by integrating sales channels for a more cohesive customer journey.

Best Shopify POS Apps For You:

POS fiscal printer

POS Fiscal Printer

This app allows you to sell products from your website in stores, markets, popup stores, fairs, or anywhere else where you can have the Shopify POS app. The app allows you to use the iOS and Android devices to run the POS system, and then you can print a receipt for your customers to take.

Or you can cancel orders, print a copy of the order, and more. And when there is an order made, the information is automatically saved on your Shopify store.

The app is perfect for numerous brands but it is the first app that allows for direct printing of the receipt in Italy that is compatible with the EPSON printers. There are numerous documents that you can print including receipts, courtesy receipts, partial receipts, gift cards, credit notes, and automatic settings for your VAT department.

The app is easy-to-install and quick to use. The statistical report allows for your store to print information per day.

POS fiscal printer Highlights:

  • Excellent for your brand when you move to popup events.
  • Can print lots of different types of documents for you and your customers.
  • Can be used remotely from a shop or office.
  • Can be run on an Android or iPhone.



This option allows you to sell your products by weight and length within your Shopify POS cart. The app allows all kinds of selling products by weight and lengths, like food, material, refill products, and more.

All you need to do is enter the total decimal quantity and select the item. And the app will automatically calculate the total price of the product.

There is support for lb, kg, oz, and g weights. There is also the option to have 100g measurements. You can also have support for international currencies and formatting.

The app can also be adjusted by the development team where you can sell non-weight-based units of measurement. All you need to do is to email the development team and they will see if they can work it.

The app allows you to add tax-exempt line items and products with special tax rates. You can also have vendor, product-specific prices, and costs included in Shopify sales reporting. And for customers who’ve gone and come back, their previous carts can be saved and loaded.

FillJoy Highlights:

  • Sell in weights and lengths on your website.
  • Lots of options for selling units.
  • Can save and print receipts.
  • Can contact the development team if you need something specific.

Duplicate SKU Sync | POS Sync

Duplicate SKU Sync

This app allows you to improve your website’s inventory control by keeping the stock levels synchronized across your locations with ease when they have the same SKU.

For instance, you can have two clothes, like a Men’s size 8 and a Men’s size 10 that have the same SKU and when one is bought, the correct stock levels are synchronized in the system.

The app can also help with your website’s SEO. You’re able to create multiple listings for the same item, but with different titles, descriptions, meta keywords, and more to improve your ranking on Google.

The app can also help you with bundling certain products to help you grow. Both items can have the same SKU. There is also the option to have to promote one product on your POS and one on the website, and have them different but with the same SKU.

Duplicate SKU Sync Highlights:

  • Can use duplicate SKUs across your store.
  • Manage online and offline products on your website.
  • Improves SEO on your website.
  • Easy to use with your current POS system.

POS Variable Priced Products

POS Variable Priced Products

This app allows you to add variable-priced products directly to your Shopify POS cart. Therefore, you can add variable-priced products, whether it is for weight, colors, additions, or something else to carts on the POS system and sell them with ease.

It makes the shopping experience for the customer better, improving their mood and making it more likely that they will return to your website.

The app has several features that include additions to how you can make reports. There are also ways that you can manage the inventory of your store, improving control and allowing you more fluid processes that allow you to sell more products.

The app includes support for international currencies and formatting too. You can also add special tax overrides that improve your order processing.

POS Variable Priced Products Highlights:

  • Add products that can have a variable price point.
  • Make new reports that are great for your business recording.
  • Support for international currencies and formatting.
  • Manage the inventory within your store with ease.



This app, from the Shopify App Development team, is a great way for you to effectively manage your inventory in a strategic way to bring you more chances of success. This allows you to store just the right number of any product so you don’t run out or overstock yourselves.

This app can help manage your purchase orders through creation and management within one system. It can also look at all the sales and predict the demand for the products, so you can make timely orders to ensure you never run out.

You can provide your staff with full visibility across all locations and warehouses. And when the stock enters, your POS can be used to scan the barcode and add the amount of inventory that is accurate. There are also ways for your POS to be used to transfer stock between locations. There are also ways that you can take stocks and more.

Stocky Highlights:

  • Can integrate with your POS system with ease.
  • There are ways to improve your website’s stock management.
  • Never run out of your website’s best products.
  • Manage all stock with ease.

Custom & Draft Orders For POS

Custom & Draft Orders For POS

This app allows you to create draft and custom orders within your Shopify POS system. You can create, and manage draft and custom orders within your Shopify POS device with ease.

Therefore, you don’t need to go into your website’s systems which are time-consuming and problematic. This makes it easier for you to create new orders and improve sales on your website.

The app allows you to search for a specific order and then view it. You can also send an invoice for a completed draft.

The app can also be used to create new draft orders from the current contents of a cart, which makes processing and creation so much easier. And if the customer is a return, you can just select them to make creation quicker. Though there is an option to add the customer to the system.

There are also ways that you can entice orders by offering discounts on your website. The app works with any POS device you might use as well.

Custom & Draft Orders For POS Highlights:

  • Create draft orders with ease.
  • Offer discounts on any draft order.
  • Add or use an existing customer on any draft order.
  • Works with any POS device that you have.



This app allows you to use a POS that can be on a desktop, PC, Android, or iOS to improve your website’s management of the purchasing path. The app can help you synchronize the Shopify and POS system for any product, order, customer, tax, and other settings that you might want to have.

The app allows you to accept various types of payments, including cash, credit cards, gift cards, or others. Any orders that are made with your website or POS system can be looked up within the ConnectPOS system. If you have multiple warehouses or stores, you can select any location to fulfill an order.

The app can support an international business. There is support for Spanish, Dutch, French, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, and more. And there is an offline mode that can help you improve your staff to keep working when out and about.

ConnectPOS Highlights:

  • Can work in many different countries and areas of the world.
  • Work offline and online without challenges.
  • Can synchronize lots of different elements between your website and store.
  • Look up orders with ease.

Erply POS Integration

Erply POS Integration

This app is a great option for those customers who want to run a store with a great POS integration between a store and their online website. The app is updated by the developers about four times a year.

These updates are completely free. The app works while your POS system is connected to the internet and when it is also offline.

The app allows you to take advantage of several features. Such as you can manage purchase orders, prepayments, customer purchase history, and more.

There are also ways that you can take online orders and fulfill the order in-store and ship them directly to your customers.

There are lots of additional free add-ons that you can add to your website. This can mean that your website’s POS system can be customized exactly for your needs.

Erply POS Integration Highlights:

  • Excellent security for your POS system.
  • Works online and offline for maximum effectiveness.
  • Can improve your website’s management of orders.
  • Customize the needs of your POS with lots of free addons.

Sales Terminal POS

Sales Terminal POS

This app is one of the best for a sales terminal. It can help you sell products directly in your Shopify admin and also directly in your store.

You can exchange and edit orders with ease and if you need to issue refunds, store credit, or collect extra payments when products are more expensive that are more expensive. And you can also allow customers to use store credit and gift cards both online and in-store.

The app can also help you to manage numerous locations. You can choose the right location and start selling from there. And this can work on a browser or from a mobile/POS app.

You can connect to any checkout with a USB or a Bluetooth-enabled barcode scanner that can be a unique device or one included on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

Sales Terminal POS Highlights:

  • View the availability of any product.
  • Works with almost any POS device or app.
  • Automatically exclude or include necessary taxes.
  • Calculate the change the customer should get from cash payments.



Staff management can be one of the hardest aspects of managing a business. Yet this app is one of the top options to help you manage your staff’s commissions and hours with a POS system. You can manage all the store’s checklists and get your staff to click in and out from the Shopify POS.

The app creates a branded face where staff can clock in and out. It can also monitor their performance, allowing you to see sales and then calculate commissions.

There are so many excellent features that this does help numerous businesses to improve staff management.

EasyTeam Highlights:

  • Excellent app for managing teams across your website.
  • Staff can have their commissions calculated for them within the app.
  • Monitor staff performance through the app.
  • Improve staff engagement.

Enhancing Your Shopify POS Experience

Streamlining Sales and Inventory

Integrating a Shopify POS app can significantly streamline sales processes. These apps allow for efficient management of both online and offline sales, ensuring that inventory is always up-to-date.

This synchronization is crucial for businesses that operate both physical and online stores, as it prevents stock discrepancies and enhances customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Shopify POS apps offer tools to create rich customer profiles, enabling personalized marketing strategies and loyalty programs. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to build long-term relationships with their customers, offering tailored experiences based on purchase history and preferences.

Omnichannel Selling

Omnichannel selling is a key feature of Shopify POS apps, allowing businesses to sell products at various locations and events without the need for additional equipment. This flexibility is essential for businesses looking to expand their reach and cater to a broader audience.

Maximizing Business Potential with Shopify POS

Multi-Store Management

For businesses with multiple store locations, Shopify POS apps offer centralized control and monitoring. This feature allows for seamless management of sales, inventory, and customer data across all locations, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Diverse Payment Options

Offering a variety of payment options is crucial in today's market. Shopify POS apps support multiple payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and digital wallets, catering to the preferences of a diverse customer base.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Real-time data analysis is a significant advantage of using Shopify POS apps. These apps provide valuable insights into sales trends, inventory levels, and customer behavior, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Conclusion: 10 Best Shopify POS Apps for Your Store

This set of the best Shopify POS apps are great options for improving your sites. All these can improve your site’s performance and stock, staff, and order management. Which of these apps will you install?

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