Are you looking to offer your customers more choices while they are on your website? About 83% of customers expect brands to offer the personalization and customization of their products. This cannot be easily done without using one of the best Shopify product options apps.

Why do you Need the Best Shopify Product Options Apps?

There are many reasons why you need at least one of the best Shopify product options apps. There are numerous reasons really. The first is that personalized product options can help to increase revenues by up to 25%, although most brands experience an uplift in revenues of about 15%.

Another reason is that personalization makes customers happier. One study found that personalization improved customer satisfaction by 20%.

The more satisfied customers are the more likely that they will return to your store. This can be a massive boost to your website. Returning customers cost less to convert and spend more money.

Another reason is that personalisation denotes that you take care of your products. Personalisation cannot be done without some form of interaction with your products.

So products can’t just be taken off the shelves, packed and sent out. You have to create, inspect and then send them out. This is more reassuring for customers.

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Key Takeaways
Top Shopify product options apps enhance customer satisfaction and revenue through personalized product options.
Some apps allow for extensive customization, enabling unique product variations that cater to individual customer preferences.
Certain apps offer interactive features, such as visual product previews, improving the customer's shopping experience.

Best Shopify Product Options Apps For You:

Variant Option Product Options

Variant Option

This app allows you to improve the shopping experience of your website visitors. Numerous options allow you to build strong product pages that can help customers make adjustments to your products and then order them.

Numerous options can help customers to make changes. For instance, you’re able to use swatches, radio buttons, checkboxes, image uploads and text boxes.

The styles for each option are really good. For buttons, you have numerous options such as buttons that are rounded corners, square corners or invisible buttons.

Numerous options can be added to each product. And you can restrict options based on availability. For instance, if you have a product that can only be offered in blue and green for the large size, then when the customer selects that size, only the blue and green will become visible. The others will disappear.

All changes can have a small price adjustment made to them. So when the customer makes a change like a new color, you can increase or decrease the price accordingly.

Variant Option Product Options Highlights:

  • There are numerous options available for allowing customers to personalize their products.
  • Lots of styling options allow you to present unique options based on past customer decisions.
  • Numerous styling options for you to add to your website for the options.
  • Improve prices with certain options to ensure you don’t lose out on profits.

Infinite Product Options

Infinite Options

This app is one of the top options when you want to create customization options for your products. You can also use this app for helping you to improve upsell opportunities published on your website.

There are unlimited variations that you can add to products such as gift wrapping, rushing an order, new color changes and more. You can also add surcharges for these personalized options.

It doesn’t take an experienced website builder to add the app to your website. However, if you do struggle with this installation, the developers will offer to install it for you.

There are other ways that you can improve your website with the opportunity to offer site discount codes within your cart page.

To help with the input options, customers can use swatches, checkboxes, radio buttons, email, phone, dropdown menus and file uploads. There is also conditional logic. If two options cannot be offered on a product, you can restrict access for the customer. Therefore, you can only sell what you can offer.

There is also inventory control for all variations of a product. Customers also have the option to make changes to the products within the cart.

Infinite Product Options Highlights:

  • This app is 100% GDPR compliant, allowing you to ensure that data is secure.
  • Inventory control for variants of your products.
  • Customers can make changes to the products while they are in the cart.
  • There are numerous options for applying customiation to the products.



Kickflip is the ideal solution for Shopify merchants looking to sell customizable products. This visual custom product app is intuitive and accessible, catering to both beginners and experienced merchants without requiring any coding knowledge. The setup process is quick and user-friendly, designed to get your custom product builder live on your Shopify store in just a few days. 
Features like dynamic pricing, image uploads and custom text add depth allow customers to create truly unique products. By providing a range of features from infinite customization options to a fully responsive design, Kickflip ensures that every Shopify store can offer a unique and engaging shopping experience.

The app is renowned for its simplicity and robust set of functionalities, making it a favored choice among Shopify merchants.

Kickflip Highlights:

  • Professional-looking product customization interface
  • Extensive customization options for an enhanced shopping experience
  • Dynamic pricing based on product customizations
  • Rules engine to incorporate logic to your configurator
  • Notable for its ease of use and awesome customer support

Bold Product Options


This is one of the best options for those who want to offer options for customization. The app integrates with Bold Subscriptions and Bold Upsell. Both of these apps can help you build excellent apps. This app is used by more than 11,000 stores across the world.

The app can allow you to add product options or custom fields so you can build better experiences for your visitors. There are numerous ways that customizations can be added to your website.

For instance, you can add dropdown menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, swatches, uploads, text boxes and more.

The app is completely flexible and incredibly versatile. You can add charges for certain extras such as gift wrapping, colors or even added features.

This can offer you the chance to increase average order value, and improve profits and is a great way to add upsell options.

You can sell link options for products like additional warranties, batteries, insurance and other options.

If you want to, you can have a mockup designer so that customers can see their customized products before they make the order. This is an excellent option.

Bold Product Options Highlights:

  • Customers can add their photos, images and more.
  • Conditional logic can hide and show products with the right criteria.
  • You can charge more for additional items on your products.
  • You can link products to other additional products for improved upsell opportunities.

Advanced Product Options

Advanced Product Options

Shopify does allow some customization of products within their product pages. However, it is very limited and there are just three options on the typical product page. This app however turns this around by offering you the chance to have more than 100 variants on each product.

There are numerous ways that your customers can input variants for the orders. This can include checkboxes, radio buttons, multiple selections, swatches, buttons, text, files, image uploads and more.

With each variant, you can add additional charges. This can be done on a fixed basis, percentage or price per character. Therefore, you can improve your website’s revenues with ease.

The app also comes with conditional logic. Therefore, the customer can only select and buy products that you can offer. So if you’ve offered a product in blue in large, then this will not be shown to the customers. The app also includes stock management options.

Advanced Product Options Highlights:

  • The app uses conditional logic options to help you sell the products that you can.
  • There are stock management options that can help you keep sales realistic.
  • There are lots of different input methods for your customers.
  • You can change more for your customizations.

Dynamic Product Options

Dynamic Product Options

Dynamic Product Options is a perfect solution for those that want to offer customers a more personalized experience through customizable products.

This app allows you to create configurable products and bundle products together for simplicity. The app includes some complex algorithms that allow you to build a better pricing system to ensure that you remain profitable.

There are lots of input options for your customers. You can have a visual drag and drop interface, and a dropdown menu. Radio buttons, checkboxes and more.

There are also options like swatches, text, rich-text and image inputs. There are ways that you can add fixed or percentage-based price changes for every customization. These can increase or decrease the price as necessary.

The app is really easy to use and has a strong reputation.

Dynamic Product Options Highlights:

  • There are lots of different ways for customers to add their customizations.
  • You can change the price based on the product options.
  • There are fixed/percentage price increases.
  • The app has a really good reputation on the Shopify App store.

Customily Product Personalizer


This app allows your customers to select the customizations that they would like to improve their website experience with ease. There are numerous options for adding customizations. For example, customers can add changes with dropdown menus, swatches, numbers, text, checkboxes and more.

You can add numerous options for every product and you can charge extra for the customizations. So if the customer asks for a blue outer box, you can charge an additional $1 and then if they want that in a larger size, you can add another $2 to the product. Therefore, you don’t lose out on your profit levels, while maintaining excellent customer service.

All options for your website’s products can have a placeholder or default option. These can be controlled with ease.

The apps can also place restrictions on products. For instance, if you cannot have more than a certain number of characters on a product, then it can restrict input.

Customily Product Personalizer Highlights:

  • There are numerous ways customers can add customizations to their products.
  • Add a placeholder default option on the products.
  • Charge for customizations.
  • Display the number of characters customers can have on their customized products.

Custom Product Options

W3 Custom Product Options

This app has lots of customization options that can be allowed with this app. The app for instance includes options to allow for input with swatches, dropdown menus, text, checkboxes and file uploads. Customizations can be seen in a live product image preview. This can help you increase sales because customers can see the potential product.

Any customizations can have additional charges added to them to ensure that you don’t lose out on your website’s profitability. And there are options to add conditional logic to your website. So if two options can’t be combined, when one is selected, the others are removed from the selection.

The app is really easy to install and use. You don’t need to be a website developer to get it working. The app works perfectly and there are ways to revert to old versions of your products should you need them.

Custom Product Options Highlights:

  • There are lots of options that are available for customizing products.
  • Charge for any customization on products.
  • You can show a live image of what the product will look when ordered.
  • This is very quick to install and start using.

Zepto Product Personalizer


This app allows you to build trust with audiences and create a better experience for your audience with customisation options and a live preview option.

The app has easy-to-use personalization options. You can add an unlimited number of product customizations for the products. There is a conditional logic system that restricts access if you can’t offer a product in a certain size.

You can set the price based on the options that have been selected by the customer. And changes can be added to the product through the insertion of text, color, text, image upload and more. Every time a customer makes a change to the options, a live preview will show the new version.

The app also allows you to translate the text.

Zepto Product Personalizer Highlights:

  • Translate all the text within the app to your native language.
  • You can show customers what they will get with a live preview option.
  • There is a logic editor to hide/display options, depending on the customer’s input.
  • You can add custom CSS to make the app match your current theme.

Product Options Variant Option

Globo Product Options

This app allows you to offer an unlimited number of customization to your products that customers can order. You can add almost any kind of customization to your website’s products including adding changes via a dropdown menu, image swatch and other options.

The limitations of customization are only through your imagination. This app can help you bypass the three variant limit that is set by Shopify.

The app is really easy to install and use.

Product Options Variant Option  Highlights:

  • This app allows you to add an unlimited number of variant options.
  • Installation service is readily available.
  • Lots of input options are available for your website.
  • Perfect for those who don’t have much web design experience.

Unlimited Product Options (Inactive)


Unlimited product options are one of the best options that allow you to offer product customization to your customers. Personalized products are very popular and you can be sure that any product, whether it is an engraved piece of jewelry or clothing item, this app can do it for you. It works with a wide range of products from necklaces, greeting cards and clothing.

There are numerous ways to display the options to get them inputted into your store. Customers will like the easy use of the customization. And the app’s simplicity is perfect.

The app allows you to add more advanced options. Customization can be unique to your store and the products that you sell.

The app is really quick to load, compatible with all themes and perfect for stores with any number of SKUs.

Unlimited Product Options Highlights:

  • This is a fast-loading app that is compatible with any Shopify theme.
  • You can offer simple or complex options.
  • This is a perfect option for stores with lots of products or just a few.
  • Fantastic personalization options for all products.

Enhancing Shopify Store Performance

Customization and Personalization

Customization features in these apps allow for a more personalized shopping experience. They enable customers to tailor products to their specific preferences, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamlining Product Variants

Efficient management of product variants is crucial for a seamless operation. These apps provide solutions to easily handle multiple product variants, ensuring a more organized and user-friendly product management system.

Enhancing User Experience

Improving the user experience is a key focus of these apps. Features like intuitive interfaces, easy navigation, and quick loading times contribute to a more enjoyable and efficient shopping experience for customers.

Advanced Features and Functionalities

Upselling and Cross-Selling

These apps facilitate upselling and cross-selling by allowing store owners to offer related products or upgrades, thereby increasing the average order value and overall sales.

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

The ease of integration with existing Shopify themes and other apps is a vital aspect. These apps are designed to seamlessly blend into the store's ecosystem without disrupting the existing setup.

Automation and Efficiency

Automation features in these apps help in streamlining various processes, reducing manual effort, and enhancing overall efficiency. This automation extends to managing inventory, processing orders, and updating product information.

Conclusion: 11 Best Shopify Product Options Apps

Are you looking for one of the best Shopify product options apps? The above are some of the top choices. Which one will you choose?

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