When you are looking to have a Squarespace site, you might want to consider your hosting options. There are lots of options for hosting out there. There are also options where you can host a website yourself. But is this an option for Squarespace? So if you’re asking ‘can I host my own Squarespace site?’ then read on.

Can you Host your Squarespace Site on your Own Server?

If you’re thinking of having a Squarespace site hosted on your own server, then you might need to reconsider. It is not possible to have the Squarespace software on your server. You must use the servers from Squarespace. However, this isn’t as bad as you might think. Here are some of the advantages for this.

1. One Price

If you were to host your own Squarespace website, you would probably need to pay for the software for your Squarespace software and also the costs for the server. This can run up the costs and make your server less profitable.

In addition, when you have systems that work like this, like WordPress, then you have to normally buy your templates/themes. However, with Squarespace, every template is free and you can see a list of the best ones of them here.

This allows you to build a better website at a more cost-effective option. And you can take advantage of being able to use more than 100 templates on your website.

2. Good Infrastructure

Squarespace have lots of investment in good infrastructure. Therefore, while they cannot guarantee 100% uptime, they can offer really good server speed, and there is good security for your website. At the same time, they have the expertise to be able to manage the server, fixing any issues that can happen.

3. Saves Time

When you aren’t having to manage your server, you can save time. All the management of the server is done for you. Therefore, you can spend more time on your website, marketing and servicing customers.

4. Quicker to Setup

It is also important that you use the Squarespace servers because it is quicker to get your website up and ready. The software is ready to go already and all you have to do is to choose from the available templates.

This means you can get your website up and running within minutes. This allows you to make more of your 14 day free trial that can help you get ranked quicker on Google and build better traffic levels.

Final Word: Can I Host My Own Squarespace Site?

If you’re asking ‘can I host my own Squarespace site?’ then you might be disappointed. Squarespace is very specific for being hosted only on their servers. This doesn’t offer you flexibility, but it offers a stronger platform to build your website and improved performance on their servers.

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