One of the best models for your business is to offer something on subscription. Why? Because it offers a better model for managing your revenues and improved customer retention and more. So can Squarespace do subscriptions?

The simple answer to this is yes. And this is all detailed in this article.

What Subscriptions can you Create on Squarespace?

There are numerous different types of subscriptions that you can create on Squarespace that can help you build a betting business. For instance:

1. A packaged food subscription that allows you to ship the same products or themed-box to your customers on a regular pattern (i.e. once a month, once a week, etc.).
2. Subscription boxes for products like cosmetics, health, clothes, magazines, etc.
3. Ongoing services like accounting, marketing, maintenance, more.

With Squarespace, when a customer has bought a product on subscription, their checkout details are saved. They are then charged automatically when it comes to renewing their subscription. You will get the new order and you can fulfill it. This is repeated every time that the process needs to start again.

With Squarespace, customers can cancel their subscriptions at any time. And you’re able to view and manage the subscriptions from the profile panel.

For subscriptions, you need to have the Commerce Advanced plan. This is the most expensive plan that is available for customers. You will also need to have the customer accounts to be enabled on your website.

It is important to make sure that your products aren’t digital or donations. Squarespace doesn’t support this at the moment. You should also use Stripe as your payment processor as it isn’t possible to sell subscription products on PayPal or Apple Pay at the moment.

How to Create a Subscription Product

Here are the steps to make a subscription on your website.

Step 1: Store Page

The first thing that you need to do is go into your Home menu, then click on the ‘Pages’ option and then select the option that reads ‘Store Page’.

Step 2: Add Product

Now you can click on the ‘+’ symbol that allows you to create a new product. If you would like to edit an existing product to make it a subscription product, then you can click on ‘All’ and double-click on the existing product.

Step 3: Product Editor

Now you can find the customize section and click on the option that reads ‘Subscription’.

Then you can look in the window and enter a number (up to 12) and choose whether you would like weeks or months from the dropdown menu. This determines the subscription frequency. Subscriptions can be renewed as much as once a week or as infrequent as once a year (12 months). This is all based on the purchase date.

There are also ways that you limit the number of renewals. To do this, click on the ‘Billing Cycles’ dropdown menu and then click on the ‘Expires’ to choose how many times the customer makes a purchase of the subscription. For instance, you can make this a 3-month product or something else.

You can also select ‘Never’ to ensure that the subscription doesn’t expire.

Final Word: Can Squarespace Do Subscriptions?

Can Squarespace do subscriptions? Yes, and it is really simple. Above are some ideas and simple instructions to add Squarespace subscriptions to your website.

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