Squarespace is one of the top options when it comes to hosting your website. However, if you also operate a podcast, then you might ask: can Squarespace host Podcasts? This is a simple question and the answer is yes. Use the guide below to find out how you can use Squarespace for podcasts and what you need to do.

Podcast Limitations

There are a few limitations that are placed on the podcasting elements of Squarespace. The first is whether you are on the trial element for your Squarespace website. If this is the case, you cannot submit or be followed by Apple Podcasts. You need to upgrade your account immediately or wait until the 14-day free trial is over before you can complete the process.

In addition, you cannot have your website’s podcast submitted to Apple Podcasts if you’ve got a private site. If it has a site-wide password or if the blog page for the podcast is locked by a password, then you cannot submit the website to Apple Podcasts. You must remove the restrictions.

Squarespace doesn’t support any video podcasts either. And you’re limited to less than 300 posts/episodes on your website. This is also the maximum number of episodes that Apple Podcasts supports. And the audio blocks on the website have an upload limit of just 160MB. Therefore, you cannot have content that is too long.

Sharing your Feed

After you’ve created your website, you need to build a website that has a blog page that can have your episodes. Podcasts can only be hosted on Squarespace using blog posts, therefore, you might want to consider using one of the best Squarespace templates for blogging. There are numerous options available and you can be sure to find something that will match your style.

Then you need to submit your podcast’s RSS feed to Apple Podcasts. This allows your listeners to discover, follow and download your website’s podcast episodes with ease. Apple Podcasts is one of the top and most popular services available. And Squarespace will automatically format feeds using the standards that are used by this service.

There are also other services that you can use such as Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher. This can make the podcast information look very different. And you can help visitors to find the RSS feed for your podcast by adding an RSS block to your website.

Ensure to Monitor Audiences

Now you can monitor your subscribers and listeners. The Squarespace infrastructure allows you to monitor the traffic from Apple Podcasts. If you’re using a third-party service to monitor podcast statistics, then you can add a URL prefix to each audio blog to track the information that you want from each episode.

Add Branded Information

Now you can start to add branded information to your website. Start with an About page and then include social media links. These can be important elements to build trust with audiences and grow your audience. And you can also use Squarespace to sell merchandise or sponsorship spots on your website.

Final Word: Can Squarespace Host Podcasts?

Can Squarespace host podcasts? Yes, it can and it is very easy. Just connect your website to a podcast service and RSS feed.

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