When you set up your WordPress website you might have used a temporary email address or a personal email address. Some hosting companies have auto-installers that will automatically use the hosting account’s email address when the website is installed. This is whenever the website needs to send a notification such as a new comment for modification or when an update is necessary.

The admin user’s email address is also used when you need to recover a lost password. However, using a professional email address can be a much more effective option. So here are three ways that you can change your WordPress email address.

Method One: Admin Area

The first option is the easiest for your beginners and others. It is essentially using the Admin area of the WordPress backend to change the user email within those options. Follow these instructions.

Step 1 – Log In

The first step is to log into your WordPress website using your credentials.

Step 2 – Settings

Now you need to navigate to the ‘Settings’ option and then to the ‘General’ options within WordPress.

Step 3 – Change Email

Now you can change the ‘Email Address’ field to the correct email. Ensure you click on ‘Save Changes’ when you’ve finished.

You will now need to verify the email address.

Method 2 – Change Email Address Without Verification Using a Plugin

If you’re unable to get the verification email from the above option to change the admin address, then you can use this option. What it basically does is that it will bypass the WordPress verification and directly change the email address.

To do this, you need to install and activate the ‘Change Admin Email’ plugin within the website’s dashboard. Once activated, you can visit the Settings and General page and then enter the new email address in the ‘Administration Email Address’.

Now you can click on ‘Save Changes’ to change the email address.

Method 3 – Change via PhpMyAdmin

Another option is to change the email address via phpMyAdmin. This is only available when you can’t access the WordPress admin area and if you’re confident with FTP. What you need to do for this is access your cPanel dashboard and then under the database section open the phpMyAdmin icon.

Within the phpMyAdmin, you will see the database. Clicking on the options will showcase the tables inside. Locate the options table and then open this up. This will show you the data rows. And you need to click on the ‘Edit’ button on the row where ‘option_name’ is labelled ‘admin_email’. Now you can just change the email for the site.
Remember to save the changes within the table.

Final Word: How Do I Change My Email Address on WordPress?

Now you’ve learned how you can change the admin email for your WordPress website. This is a quick and easy process. Remember to also change the admin user email details at the same time.

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