The ‘Read More’ option is a great option when you want to keep the amount of content on the page lower and only get those engaged to continue reading. You might include some important information within the read more area. When you add a ‘read more’ page, you can place it anywhere and customize it exactly how you would like. Here are some instructions.

Step 1 – Log In

The first step is to log into your WordPress website using your credentials.

Step 2 – New Page/Post

Now create a new page/post or open the page/post that you would like to edit. If you’re creating a new page/post, remember to add your content first. This should include all text and images that you would like.

Step 3 – Insert Tag

If you’re using the classic editor, then you can add the tag for the ‘Read More’ by selecting the location for the tag on the content and then hovering over the Classic Editor toolbar. You will see there is an option that reads ‘Insert Read More Tag’. Click on this button to add the tag to the content.

In other versions, there might be different options that you might need to use. Most drag and drop page builders, like Elementor, have elements that can be dragged into position on the page that fulfill this option.

Step 4 – Customize

Now you can customize the tag to make it unique for your brand. This can be easy to achieve in a few steps. The first thing you need to do is to find the HTML edit screen on your page. Then you need to look for the <!--more--> code on the page.
Then you can click on the tag and add the content you would like in that section. For instance, you can enter, ‘Keep Reading’ or ‘Click to Read More’.

This will change the default text that is displayed on your website to what you’ve entered within the area. Be sure that you’ve clicked on ‘Update’ to ensure that changes to your page are made. It is also worth noting that customizing the More tag will only work on that one page/post. You will need to make the same customization across all tags used on your website. There is no global option.

Where to Place the Read More Tag

There are many different theories as to where you should place the ‘Read More’ tag on your page. It is best if you place the tag above the fold to ensure that customers can see there is a lot more to read. If you place it below the feed, customers will see that at the time of landing on the page, the content is short due to the size of the scroll bar. They might presume that you’ve just not written much.

By including the ‘Read More’ tag to your website above the fold, you can show that you’ve got a lot more to say about the topic.

Final Word: How to Add a Read More Button in WordPress?

When it comes to getting people to interact with your website, adding a ‘Read More’ tag on your WordPress website is a great idea. Use the steps above to add the element to your pages and also customize the wording used to make it more effective.

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