If you’ve got a talent for baking then you might have considered starting your own baking business at some point. Starting this online is a great way to ensure that you can have a steady income stream without having to be tied to one location. Sometimes, you might be able to run the business from home or rent out a baking space at a local facility part time.

If you’re interested, this is how to start a baking business online.

Step 1 – Local Laws

The first thing you need to do is to check local laws for your business. There might be restrictions on where you can bake or what products you can sell. For instance, some states and countries specify licenses for selling cooked goods and inspections for premises need to be taken.

If you don’t follow your local laws, then you can end up being taken to court over your business. So always ask your local law office for help.

Step 2 – Choose Business Model

Now you can choose your local business model. There are several different options, you can bake and sell them directly to customers with local deliveries. Or you can bake online and take them to other stores for them to sell.

Choose the model that is best suited for you. Remembering that different models will require different setups, time investments and your own lifestyle.

Step 3 – Choose Platform

Now you can choose your platform. If you’re looking to sell the products online as large scale production, then Shopify might be a great option for your brand. It is simple to use their themes for your website and you can start to build your website and sell within days.

If you’re going for a more bespoke option, where you create and sell wedding or celebration cakes, then you can build your website on Wix. It will also depend on how you would like to take payment. If you’re looking for online payments, Shopify or WordPress are brilliant options. For cash on delivery, you can use Wix again.

Step 4 – Choose Brand Name, Domain and Branding

Now it is time to choose your brand name, domain and create some branding for your website. This can take time and you need to think of your end client. Those looking for individual customers will want a more personal branding touch compared to those who are going after corporate clients.

You can use this free brand name and domain checker to ensure your branding is unique.

Step 5 – Build your Website

Now you can build your own website. This can be done on the chosen platform that you have selected. Most have themes or templates that can be used to speed the process up. If you’re struggling to build your website, contact a website developer/designer who can help you.

Building your website can take just a few days to complete. Remember to test your website before it goes live.

Step 6 – Market

Now you need to market your brand. Social media is going to be one great avenue for you. Facebook and Instagram can be used for baking businesses with great success. So be sure that you are using these two. Don’t use LinkedIn as the core market is unlikely to be looking on this platform for bakery items.

You should spend at least two hours a day marketing your brand. This should include SEO, social media and email marketing.

Final Word: How to Start a Baking Business Online

If you would like to learn how to start a baking business online, then follow the steps above to ensure that you’re creating a sustainable business. Ensure that you use the free business name generator and domain checker to give you the best start to your baking business.

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