Fitness is one of the biggest growing markets online. There are plenty of niches that you can get involved in from those who sell online fitness coaching, fitness products, online videos and more. Therefore, you can get a great business within a specific niche and you have plenty of options for your business to grow.

So read on to learn how to start an online fitness business.

Step 1 – Choose your Niche

This should be one of the easiest parts of your business formation. You should know what kind of business you would like to create if you have the knowledge, experience and love for a particular fitness. However, you might want to choose a different model from the options available.

Are you going to sell products online, sell training videos or sell one-on-one coaching for people to get involved in? Choose your option carefully.

Step 2 – Branding

Now you can choose your branding. This is really important and it will depend on your target market, fitness niche and more. If you’re going to start local, then you might want to consider using the location within the brand name. For instance, if you’re offering Zumba classes in New York, then you might want a name like Zumba New York.

In addition, think about your target market. Some clientele might prefer specific names. You can use Google Adwords and Uber Suggest to find out what the most popular search terms are.

At the same time, you need to find a domain name. And choose the colors that you would like for your website and brand.

Step 3 – Hosting and Build a Website

The next step is to choose a website platform and host. There are lots of options here and you can choose the platform that is most suited for you. For example, if you want a basic website, Wix can be a good platform. It does offer easy to use templates and it can help with scheduling appointments.

If you want to have a membership area, your website could use WordPress and you can use a host like Cloudways. If you’re looking for a more eCommerce model, Shopify might be a good option.

After you’ve selected your platform and host, you can build a website.

Step 4 – Test

When you’ve built your website, you need to test it and optimize it for SEO. This is really important and you can take your time doing this. Ask friends and family to test your website, run a few test purchases or conversions and then collect the feedback.

Step 5 – Going Live and Marketing

Now you can go live and market your website. You should be marketing your website for at least two hours every day. In the fitness industry, your best marketing is going to be on social media and search engines. For social media, you can use a mixture of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok. These can help you get the most viewers for your brand.

Search engine optimization can be hard, but there are apps and plugins that can help you like SEO Doctor on Shopify and more.

Final Word: How to Start an Online Fitness Business

If you would like to start an online fitness business, then you can follow the steps above. These will help you get your business going and start to sell. If you need help with your business name you can use this generator. And if you need to find if your domain name is available, you can use this checker for free.

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