When you have a retail business, whether it’s online or a brick-and-mortar store you will know that lack of stock can be extremely detrimental. It will affect your profits and turn customers away.

One way to combat this is to use a good stock inventory management app. This is particularly useful if your products are available in numerous different stores. It’s particularly useful also if you have numerous warehouses.

Why Use Shopify Inventory Management Apps?

Shopify inventory management apps help you to ensure that you know what stock you have. Interestingly, only 63% of businesses know exactly what stock they have. This can have a massive impact on sales, with 43% of customers complaining about out-of-stock items. Many customers will abandon their entire cart as a result, and you’ve lost the sale. That is unless you can run an abandoned cart recovery system.

These apps offer various features, some are designed more for manufacturing, others for different sales channels and some even manage inventory from stores with various currencies. Think about the features you need from your inventory management system and then take a look at the apps below and see which one fits your criteria.

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Key Takeaways
Shopify inventory management apps offer diverse features for efficient stock control.
Some apps enable automatic reordering and multi-channel stock management.
Others provide specialized functions for tracking perishable items and stock performance insights.

Best Shopify Inventory Management Apps - Our Lists:

EasyEcom Inventory Management

EasyEcom Inventory Management

This app will save you time by managing your inventory across multiple sales channels and any number of Shopify stores. You can control your stock levels from one place with automatic stock orders before you run out which can be so detrimental to profits.

With the EasyEcom Inventory Management app, you can send invoices and shipping documents. There are other eCommerce stores that this app can integrate with such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. You can also manage your warehouses, manufacturing, and fulfillment all from one place. Your barcode scanner can be integrated to print labels for your products.

You can customize pricing depending on the buyer viewing your products and provide them with their login to view this. You can link this app to your accountancy software such as Quickbooks.

EasyEcom Inventory Management Highlights

  • Manage your stock across various sales channels & Shopify stores.
  • Integrate with eCommerce software.
  • Manage your warehouses, manufacturing, and fulfillment.
  • Link to your accountancy software.

Atom Inventory Management

Atom Inventory Management

This app has a lot to offer, including a 14-day free trial so you can make sure it’s for you. With the Atom Inventory

Management app, you can make sure that high-selling products don’t run out and are reordered so there is always plenty of stock available for your customers. You can also see which products are not performing so well and discontinue these. You can also track purchase orders and keep an eye on them.

This app allows you to purchase prices in multiple currencies and offer discounts on individual products, offer bundles, or run sales across your stores.

Atom Inventory Management Highlights

  • Comes with a 14-day free trial
  • Reorder stock automatically.
  • See how different products are performing.
  • Offer products in multiple currencies.

ShipBob Fulfillment

ShipBob Fulfillment

ShipBob Fulfillment is an app that will take care of your fulfillment and warehousing. You connect your store with ShipBob Fulfillment, sync your catalog, and order, and then when orders are shipped you’ll get the tracking information to finish the order. With this app, order fulfillment is automated and shipping is the same day if ordered before noon.

For fulfillment, you can choose to have customized boxes sent out with your branding or you can just use the plain boxes available. Fulfillment centers are located across the US, Canada, and Europe.

ShipBob Fulfillment Highlights

  • Same-day shipping for orders placed before 12 P.M.
  • You can have your branding on the boxes or just leave it plain.
  • Warehouses across the US, Canada, and Europe.
  • Have all the fulfillment and warehouse aspects of your Shopify store managed for you.

Thrive by Shopventory

Thrive by Shopventory

The Thrive by Shopventory app will help you manage your Shopify store and other store locations. It will help you save time and integrates with several sales apps including Shopify POS, PayPal, and Google Shopping. You can get inventory reports at any time and see which are your best and worst-selling products. You can then quickly remove products that are not shifting quickly enough.

You can see which vendors are most successful and analyze different store locations and franchises. With the Thrive by Shopventory app, you can see stock levels at different locations and transfer stock to increase sales. You can also connect your barcode scanner to the app to track inventory.

The team at Thrive by Shopventory can help you if you need it and help your business thrive.

Thrive by Shopventory Highlights

  • Manage your stock from several store locations.
  • Support using the app if you need it.
  • Integrates with sales apps.
  • Link with your barcode scanner.

Horse Inventory Management

Horse Inventory Management

Horse Inventory Management is an app designed specifically for Shopify stores, It’s straightforward to use, you don’t need to have developer skills, and has the same look and style as Shopify so it will feel familiar to you. You will be able to use this app to predict demand for products, and when to order replenishments. It can also help you with seasonal demands. You can also analyze when you should discontinue products.

Having your stock managed automatically reduces human error and will save you a lot of time. It can also manage stock when it goes missing, gets damaged, is returned, etc. If you only buy what stock you need, you will have better profits. You can also use the Horse Inventory Management app to manage stock between numerous shops.

Inventory can be tracked from the factory or warehouse right to delivery at your customer’s door and even as refunds.

Horse Inventory Management Highlights

  • Designed specifically for Shopify stores.
  • Can help you manage seasonal demands.
  • Manage your stock from start to finish.
  • An easy-to-use app.



Stocky is an app that will help you manage the stock of your retail business using Shopify. It will prevent you from keeping too much stock which can be detrimental. It will also help you to maximize your profits. You can communicate with both vendors and suppliers from one handy place and use this app to decide what items are the most profitable and when you should order more of them.

This app will be particularly helpful if you have multiple warehouses and various staff responsible for stock takes. They can use a barcode scanner to keep track of stock levels. And you can ensure that you always have stock available for your customers. This app can be integrated with Shopify POS.

Stock Highlights

  • Use this app to manage the stock levels in your retail business.
  • Use barcodes to keep track of stock levels.
  • Communicate with both suppliers and vendors with this app.
  • Integrates with Shopify POS.

Merchbees Low Stock Alert

Merchbees Low Stock Alert

This app's main aim is to make sure you don’t lose sales due to out-of-stock products. The Merchbees app notifies you, or your vendors when an item on your Shopify store reaches a certain low stock threshold so you can then arrange for replenishments. You can set the level for notification that suits you and you can also have regular stock counts sent to you. The alerts are sent by email and you can arrange for them to go to more than one person.

This app is easy to use it doesn’t require any coding or developer knowledge. This app can also be set to pick up variations that are low stock which is helpful if you have a t-shirt in several colors, for example, you need a low-stock app that will let you know that it’s the pink t-shirt that is getting low in quantity. You can also select to not receive a notification. This is handy if you're finishing a line that you do not want to replenish.

Merchbees Low Stock Alert Highlights

  • An app that notifies you when a product is low in stock.
  • Receive notification by email and to more than one person.
  • An easy-to-use app that doesn’t require coding experience.
  • Can notify items low on the stock by variant.


Katana Manufacturing ERP

Katana Manufacturing ERP

Katana is an app that allows you to manage your inventory in real time in one handy place. This is particularly handy if you have a large clothing lien and you might have some products featured on more than one clothing site. An app like this ensures that the stock is adjusted across different stores. The orders to your manufacturers are then made automatically to ensure that your products remain at healthy stock levels.

It also allows you to keep track of important manufacturing information like invoices for materials for example. There is full traceability for stock and if you have a perishable item that you manufacture this app can track expiration dates, and batches and has a barcode system. You can also record the ingredients used and recipes for your products. You can also arrange for a Katana Partner to help you out using this app should you need it.

Katana Manufacturing ERP Highlights

  • Real-time inventory app.
  • Useful for businesses that produce perishable items.
  • Also suitable for stores with products available in different stores.
  • Manufacturing orders are made in correlation to stock levels.


Multi-Source Inventory

Multi-Source Inventory

This app is a multi-source inventory system so it can share your inventory across different stores. You can do a lot with this app, you can manage different sales channels, warehouses, and POS systems and connect them all.

The Multi-Source Inventory app works for bundles, products with different currencies, customizations, and bulk orders. You can manage sales, receive low stock alerts, and see the stock history of individual products.

It will even show you both details of orders including address and returns etc and also employee information from different warehouses. You can manage suppliers, and manufacturers as well.

Multi-Source Inventory Highlights

  • Manage different sales channels from one place.
  • Manage inventory across different channels.
  • Receive low stock alerts.
  • Manage stock from different warehouses.

Etsy Integration Inventory

Etsy Integration Inventory

The Etsy Integration Inventory app will help you manage your inventory automatically and will save you so much time! Using this app you can manage your Etsy store on your Shopify website so you can use both marketplaces. You can use all the same titles, images, and SKUs and this is an easy way to manage both stores.

With this app, you can have your stock monitored automatically between the two shopping stores so if a product sells on your Etsy store your Shopify store stock will be adjusted accordingly. The standard time for listing quantity updates is up to 15 minutes but you can talk to the team if you need this to be faster.

This app also shares notifications of when a product is back in stock on your Shopify store, it will notify Etsy consumers that your product is back in stock as well. Quite simply, this app enables you to manage your Etsy store from the comfort of your Shopify store. You won’t have to switch between systems because this app will do all that for you automatically.

The Etsy Integration app is easy to use and they are interested in hearing your views too if you have any great ideas.

Etsy Integration Inventory Highlights

  • Allows you to manage your Etsy store from Shopify
  • Notify back-in-stock products in both stores.
  • Use the same images, SKUs, etc.
  • Easy to use the app.

Advanced Strategies for Shopify Inventory Management

Streamlining Operations

Effective inventory management is crucial for Shopify store success. We explore strategies to streamline operations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Automation Tools

Automation tools significantly reduce manual tasks. They synchronize stock levels across multiple channels, ensuring real-time inventory updates. This minimizes the risk of overselling.

Demand Forecasting

Accurate demand forecasting is essential. By analyzing sales data, these tools predict future demand, aiding in informed stock replenishment decisions. This approach prevents both overstocking and stockouts.

Supplier Management

Efficient supplier management is key. Integrating supplier data with inventory systems streamlines restocking processes. It ensures timely reordering, maintaining optimal stock levels.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Real-time inventory visibility is vital for customer satisfaction. It allows customers to see available products, reducing frustration caused by ordering out-of-stock items.

Seamless Returns Management

A seamless returns process is crucial. Efficient handling of returns and restocking improves inventory accuracy and customer trust. This approach also speeds up the process of making returned items available for sale again.

Personalized Recommendations

Offering personalized product recommendations can optimize inventory turnover. By analyzing purchasing patterns, stores can suggest relevant products, encouraging purchases and reducing excess stock.

Conclusion: 8 Best Shopify Inventory Management Apps

Explore the 8 best Shopify Inventory Management Apps to streamline stock monitoring and automate replenishment in your store. These tools ensure you maintain optimal stock levels, enhancing customer satisfaction. Which app will you choose for your Shopify business?

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