WordPress is one of the most versatile content management systems available. It allows you to create any website with numerous functions and looks. One of the best elements for WordPress is using any of the great WordPress themes that are available. There are thousands of these, of all different price ranges, functionalities and designs that you can use. But which are the best WordPress themes for your site?

What Does It Take To Be One Of The Top WordPress Themes?

There are many elements that can make WordPress themes a suitable option. First to consider, is the design and customization. Many of the premium WordPress themes have drag and drop page builders inbuilt to the core code or comes with a plugin for page design. This can be important because it allows you to have the design of the website exactly how you like it: putting all important elements into the location you want.

You might also be able to use demo sites. These are pre-designed sites that have example content entered in. Once installed on your site through your theme, you can then adjust these. Another key aspect is speed. Not all themes have the same potential for speed. It all depends on how the coding is done. A good theme has clean coding with minimized JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Finally, you’re looking for good SEO potential. A WordPress theme that has better SEO potential will help you rank higher. This will result in more traffic and higher revenues, regardless of the purpose or niche of your site.

So, what are the top WordPress themes available?

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Astra is one of the top WordPress themes available for your site. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re working on, Astra offers you the perfect setup to create, maintain and update your site without the need to know any specific web designing skills. To start with, there are lots of great demo sites that can be uploaded and customized on your site. This makes getting your site up and running a lot faster and it means that you can worry more about the finer details than getting the text into the right area.

There’s also an excellent editor included with the theme that allows you to add elements to your website without the need to know any coding. Astra is counted as a light-weight theme. This is because of the coding, which makes it fast. Being fast online is vital, for every second that it takes for your site to load, you will lose 7% of your revenue. Astra combats this, allowing your site to load quickly, reducing the load time.

The theme is also perfect for mobile and desktop users alike.

Astra Highlights:

  • Perfectly optimized for user experiences, SEO and mobile devices. Allowing you to get better conversion rates.
  • Astra is enhanced for speed, so you suffer from lower bounce rates and improved revenues.
  • Take the pain out of getting started with your site by using one of the demo sites.
  • There is a community of developers to support you when you’re hitting issues with your theme.



Soledad is a very popular and useful WordPress theme. It can be used by a business in any niche and has a wide variety of functionality that makes it perfect for usability, speed and profitability. The final result of your website will be an elegant design that will draw traffic to your site and get them to convert. And all of this can be yours without the need to know any coding.

The theme supports numerous features, like the use of videos on your site. And it is compatible with more premium and widely-used plugins. For example, it can be used with BuddyPress and bbPress. Therefore, your site could be turned into a hub of activity with users regularly communicating between one another.

The theme also works perfectly for WooCommerce. This will allow you to run an eCommerce store with ease and earn money from selling products, both physical and digital. When you start with Soledad, there are more than 2000 demo sites that you can use to help you. These will give you a basic design, demo content and a way to leapfrog your website development with ease. You can customize the colors, texts and images to exactly what your branding is.

Soledad Highlights:

  • Use one of the 2000 demo sites to help you get started.
  • Works with most premium and most widely used plugins.
  • Optimized for fast loading times and top Google Page speed scores. Helps with ranking on Google and other search engines.
  • Create a website for any niche.



Kalium is one of the best themes for any niche. It offers a great experience for website builders and users of your website. The theme offers you beautiful and interesting designs that will inspire action on your website. You can host a variety of media on your website, like video, images and more on your website.

The theme is very lightweight, therefore it is quick to load and perfect for those that want a minimalist look on your website while delivering a great service to your customers. The fast loading will help you rank highly and improve bounce rates and conversions on your site. Therefore, your site can become a powerful selling tool.

The theme comes with visual composer, allowing you to build a site simply by using the drag and drop methodology. And there are numerous demos and page templates that can be applied to your new WordPress project. No coding skills are necessary as you build this website and you can improve functionality with the $300 worth of free premium plugins that are included with this WordPress theme.

Kalium Highlights:

  • Can support numerous languages from across the world, including those that are RTL.
  • Get your content to look exactly how you want it to look with lots of Google fonts supported.
  • Lots of demo sites to help you get started.
  • Get a fast website that will help you rank well on Google.



Armania is a great marketplace WordPress theme that can be used within any industry. Its multi-purpose design is made possible through numerous aesthetically pleasing and elegant demos that can be installed on your site with just a single click. All the demos have content included which can be customized with ease. Therefore, you can start to build your website quickly.

The theme is super-fast and you can have load times really reduced. This can improve the user experience on your site, leading to more conversions and better ranking on Google and other search engines, increasing site traffic. There are also great SEO features of this app that further enhance your ranking on search engines.

You can customize most aspects of your website through the powerful Elementor drag and drop builder. You can add any image you have the rights for and use any color that you need for branding. Therefore, you can add functionality to your website with ease.

The theme is compatible with numerous plugins that are available through the WordPress plugin directory or privately.

Armania Highlights:

  • Compatible with numerous premium and widely used plugins, including WooCommerce and others.
  • Has numerous demos that can be used for your website, that help to speed up the processing of your business.
  • Can use the elementor drag and drop page builder for quick changes to your site.
  • Can be used as a marketplace WordPress theme.



Divi is one of the best premium WordPress themes that is available. There are lots of high profile WordPress users who use this theme for their website. It has a lot of features, including a lot of demo sites, that can help you get started quickly and with ease. There is also a drag and drop page builder that allows you to customize your website without any coding knowledge.

There is a great community of developers that can help you build a strong website. They will be able to help you with any technical questions that you might have. There is also a wealth of supporting materials online to help you.

The theme comes with lots of features to help you stay connected across the world. For instance, there are social media functions through the Monarch social media plugin. This allows you to showcase your social media content directly onto your website with just a few clicks of action. Divi is fully compatible with WooCommerce and other premium plugins. This allows you to build a powerful website that can help with conversions.

The code for the WordPress theme is clean, therefore the speed of your website is going to be fast. This prevents bounce rates and improves revenues. You can also see what customers prefer in the design with split testing functionality.

Divi Highlights:

  • Light-weight coding that helps your page load times remain low.
  • A responsive theme that can help your users to see your website, regardless of the device they’re using.
  • The code and functions of this theme are perfect for optimizing your site for search engines.
  • There are lots of functions to help you to optimize pages for conversions and more.



Jevelin is a great WordPress theme that can be used for numerous different niches and brands of any site. There are lots of ways to monetize your website whether you want to create an eCommerce store or a blog with social media.

To help you get started there are excellent demo sites that can help you get a website built within moments. You can then customize your website with the inbuilt page builder. Therefore, you can build a website, without knowing any coding, within a single day. To add social media aspects to your website, use some of the included social media elements that are included. This can be as simple and dragging and dropping the appropriate elements onto the page or inserting shortcodes into the right area.

The theme also has the excellent Slider revolution included. This helps you to showcase more images, videos and information on your front page. Jevelin a super-fast theme, able to load pages within seconds. It is also perfect for optimizing your site for search engines.

Jevelin Highlights:

  • Perfectly optimized for search engines, so your site can benefit from more traffic and higher rankings.
  • The code is clean and this can help make your site fast.
  • Support multilingual websites and can also support RTL languages.
  • There are lots of great demos that can be used on the website.



WooStroid is a WordPress theme that will help you build and design a great website with lots of great features. There are lots of demo sites you can use for your store and you can customize them with a wide variety of WordPress drag and drop page builders. Therefore, getting your website built can be very easy and takes no time as all.

There are lots of great features for this theme. The theme includes lots of premium plugins that can help you build a website full of features to help you turn more visitors into customers with ease. There are also design elements that are perfect for getting your social media content onto your website. This can include Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest posts.

The theme also allows you to connect your website to the social profile, to collect followers.

Woostroid2 Highlights:

  • Create an excellent WooCommerce powered WordPress website with theme with ease and the numerous demos.
  • Optimized for all devices and search engines.
  • Fast loading pages to help keep bounce rates down.
  • Lots of plugins are included.



Monstroid2 is a top selling WordPress theme that is very popular with those that want an eye-catching design. The customization of the theme for your own specific needs is relatively simple and there are ways that you can make it emulate the Pinterest environment. Also there is a great way to integrate drag and drop page builders into your site and theme to make building and customizing the theme easy.

To help you build the perfect website, there are more than 500 elements that you can use. This can really make your website functional. There are also great features such as the JetMenu, that give your customers an easier way to navigate across your website. This can help improve search ranking and reduce visitor churn.

Monstroid2 Highlights:

  • A lightweight code that will help your website to load fast.
  • An SEO friendly website, so your site can rank highly on Google and other search engines.
  • Easy to customize your website with the drag and drop page builder.
  • More than 500 elements that can be used on your website to make your website unique.



Uncode is a visually impressive WordPress theme that is the perfect choice for creating an aesthetically pleasing website. It has a wide range of functions that can help you sell any product or service online with ease. There is the visual composer drag and drop page builder that can help you get the design of your website just right. In addition, to help you get started, there are lots of demo sites that cater for various niches.

Uncode has good coding, so it is a fast theme, which lowers the bounce rate and other KPIs that can help you rank highly on search engines. This theme is also compatible with GDPR regulations.

Uncode Highlights:

  • This theme allows you to establish a strong brand presence with the visually impressive site.
  • A highly responsive theme, that allows your customers to visit your store regardless of the device.
  • Optimized for search engines to help you improve your traffic levels.
  • There are lots of demo sites that can help you get started with designing your website.



If you’ve got a new business then Startuply might be the perfect theme for your website and business. It is designed specifically for your new venture and be perfect for helping you establish a new brand without spending too much time building and maintaining a website.

The theme comes full of features to help you as well, which will improve customer engagement and the chance to engage your website. There is a powerful admin panel that has numerous options to help you customize the design of the website. This can include changing the base colors of the website so they are closer to your desired brand colors. This only takes just a few clicks and is really simple.

The theme is also fully responsive, therefore no matter what device visitors are using to land on your site, they’ll see your site perfectly. This also helps with ranking on Google and other search engines.

Startuply Highlights:

  • Can be used for a short-term coming soon site, where you can delay the designing of your website until you’re ready.
  • There are custom widgets available, that help you add new features to your website.
  • There are great animations and videos. These can be applied to your website’s design with ease.
  • Optimized for search engines.

Final Word: Top 10 WordPress Themes

When it comes to getting people to commit on your site, the look of the site is important. If the look of your site is poor, then people are going to lose trust in you. That is why it important to use a great theme. The themes above are all good because they have the look, features and ease-of-use to build a website that customers will want to visit again and again.

If you’ve seen a WordPress website that has a theme you like, you can use this tool here to see what theme it is they’re using.