Every website that is built using Squarespace has the words that are at the bottom of the page ‘Powered by Squarespace’. While some people like this, some wish to have this removed for prosperity. So if you’re asking, ‘can I remove Powered by Squarespace’?; read this quick for a quick and simple way to get rid of it.

Why Does it Exist?

The ‘Powered by Squarespace’ text is often there because it acts as a way for your audience to see that the website has been built on that platform. The hope is that others will see this and then use Squarespace themselves for their website. Therefore, it acts as a marketing tool.

However, you don’t get any money when someone clicks on that link and then is taken to Squarespace sign up page and completes the process. If you were an affiliate marketing company, this would be a great way to earn extra money, but you would still need to change the link anyway.

Does Squarespace Allow you to Change the Text?

Yes. You can easily make a change to the text to ensure that only what you want is placed there. However, it is more for experienced users or those who read how to do it. Most website owners don’t bother with this step, but there are positive reasons why it should be removed.

How to Remove the ‘Powered by Squarespace’ Text

Here are the steps you need to remove the text at the bottom of your page.

Step 1 – Log in

Using your credentials, log in to your Squarespace account and then select the website application you would like to make the changes to.

Step 2 – Scroll Down

Now you need to scroll down to find where it says ‘Powered by Squarespace’ on the page and then hover your mouse over that area. It can either be a text block or a navigation block, depending on your template.

If it is a text block, you can easily replace it by clicking on a trash can icon that should appear there. Then you can replace the words with whatever you’re looking for.

If it is a navigation block, then you can click on the trash can option to delete the link.

With either link or text, you can replace the text with anything you want.

Final Word: Can I Remove Powered by Squarespace?

Can I remove ‘Powered by Squarespace’? Yes, you can and this is a great option for your website to make it appear more professional. The process is really simple and can be done in minutes. You don’t need any coding experience.

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