Squarespace is one of the most well-known website platforms available for use. However, many see the platform as more of a basic website template that has little to no function. So one of the questions often asked is ‘can I sell products on Squarespace?’.

In this article, we explore whether you can take payments and sell on Squarespace.

Can I Sell Products on Squarespace?

The simple answer is yes. Some features and functions allow you to sell both physical and digital products on your website with ease. The first thing that you need is to have the right template for your website. Squarespace has a system that once you’ve chosen the template you cannot change it, not without restarting your website.

Therefore, you need to choose one of the best templates for eCommerce. There are several that are great options for any website, but it is highly recommended that you look at Galapagos.

In addition to a great theme, you will need to make sure that you have the right features added to your website. You to add Squarespace Payments to your web hosting. This can be done with ease and you can find out more about this here.

How to Make the Best Website for Selling Products on Squarespace

When you’re looking at the Squarespace template for eCommerce there are numerous elements that you want to look out for. For one, you want to be choosing one with the capacity to sell the number of products that you want to sell. Some templates are there to cater for single product websites. There are also those templates that are catering for large catalogs.

In addition, you want to make sure that you have a website that has the design and features that match your brand. If you don’t have a lot of images for your product, don’t choose a template that is going to require you to host a lot of images.

And then you want to work on the options that help you build a better flow of traffic to your website. This can include having connections to social media and better SEO. SEO is really important as it is going to help you rank on Google and other search engines and about 70% of your traffic should come directly from organic search.

To help with SEO you should be looking to get a fast website. Speed is directly connected to your website’s performance on Google. Faster websites rank high. And the position on Google can relate to your traffic. Those in the top three positions will collect about 80% of the organic searchers. Those in the bottom five on the first page will get only 1-2%.

In addition, speed is related to success. For every second it takes for your website to load on a browser, you’re going to lose about 7% of your revenue.

Final Word: Can I Sell Products on Squarespace?

If you’re asking yourself: ‘Can I sell products on Squarespace’ then the answer is yes. It is relatively simple really and all you need to do is ensure that you’re using the best template and have got Squarespace payments on your account.

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