Video is one of the most important elements that you’re supposed to have on your website. It can help you convey an important message that takes up less space than text, is easier to consume for audiences and improves retention. So getting at least one video on your website is really important. So can Squarespace host video? Lets find out here.

Can Squarespace Host Video?

Technically, you can have videos on your Squarespace website, but you cannot directly host videos on your Squarespace website. Instead, you will need to have the video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo and then you can connect them to your website with ease.

There are numerous advantages to this option.

The Advantages of Hosting on YouTube

YouTube is owned by Google and has one of the largest networks of servers and bandwidth to allow videos to be streamed. Billions of hours of videos are streamed on the platform every month and they have the technology to keep your videos uploaded and viewable for longer.

This just can’t be competed against. Videos that are hosted on your Squarespace server, or any other server for that matter, is just not going to help. Videos take up a lot of memory and require large resources to be shown quickly. Therefore, videos on your own server will slow down you website and will hurt you.

For every second that it takes for your website to load you will lose position on Google rankings and also lose 7% of conversions. This can be a massive hit.

However, a video that is hosted and streamed via YouTube allows you to maintain speed while keeping the benefits of YouTube.

In addition, you get a secondary marketing avenue as every YouTube video, can act as another piece of marketing content.

How to Add Video to Squarespace Websites

It is very easy to add videos to your Squarespace websites. All it takes is for you to add the URL for the YouTube video to the page and then the Squarespace software will do the rest. The video will display on your website.

This is very simple. The big downside for this is that your video will then display other content at the end of the video. If you don’t have a lot of videos, then this can direct visitors to other brands. But more videos for you brand is a good way to grow your brand any way.

How Long can Videos be?

Because you’re hosting on YouTube, you can technically have your videos last for any length of time. The ideal length is about 3-4 minutes when you have a product description or a promotional video for your brand. Try not to have content that is too long as this can be boring for your audience.

And there are video creators out there that can help you.

Final Word: Can Squarespace Host Video?

Can Squarespace host video? Technically, no, Squarespace doesn’t host video, but this isn’t a bad thing. Instead, Squarespace can showcase videos, but you need to host them on YouTube.

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