Google Analytics is one of the top options for monitor traffic and user behavior on your website. Can you add Google Analytics to Squarespace? Yes, there is a built-in integration that is available. However, there is also the option to add Google Analytics to Squarespace by using script code.

This strategy works on any Squarespace template, including this list of the top options for your Squarespace website here.

To start with this you need to ensure that you have a Google Analytics account. This is fairly simple.

Adding your Google Analytics Tracking ID

To connect your Google Analytics account to the website, you first need to have a Universal Analytics tracking ID. You can look at Google’s own help documents for more information about generating and locating the tracking ID for your account and the property (website).

To add your Google Analytics tracking ID to the Squarespace website of your choice, you first need to go to the ‘Home Menu’ and then click on the settings option. From there you need to find the ‘Advanced’ options.

Within the ‘Advanced’ options, you can find the ‘External API keys’ option and within this section there should be ‘Google Analytics account number’ field. Within this field, you can enter or paste in the tracking ID for the site.

When it has been entered you can click on the ‘Save’ option. It is important to note that it could take approximately 24 hours for the site statistics to populate within your Google Analytics dashboard.

Hide your Activity

It is important that you remember that you should hide your own activity on the website. As this can distort the true statistics and behaviors that are exhibited on your website. For instance, Google will recognize and register when you log into your store and visit different pages, but will show them as if you were a customer.

Therefore, you can’t see what is really going on and make decisions. Your own behaviors might make you think that a page isn’t converting when it is.

To hide your activity, you can look at Google documentations to find your IP address and filter your IP address and addresses from the records to ensure that only valuable data is recorded.

Conversion Tracking

Another key benefit of Google is that you can track conversions on your eCommerce store. The following information can be sent to Google from your Squarespace website:

Order ID
Store Name
The Order Total (this will including the shipping amount)
Customer’s location including city, region and country.
Product Name

This information can help you determine what products are converting best and if there are other demographics that are helping you to convert more.

Final Word: Can You Add Google Analytics to Squarespace?

Can you add Google Analytics to Squarespace? Yes you can. It is simple and can be done within just a couple of minutes. The results can be displayed within just 24 hours too.

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