When you’re starting a website you’re often inundated with new terms and processes that can confuse you. For instance, sometimes you’re told that you need to buy a domain, hosting and even a design service. From some people, you might be told that these need to be bought from different places. However, this isn’t true. So now you might ask: Can you buy a domain on Squarespace?

Can You Buy a Domain on Squarespace?

The simple answer to this is that ‘yes’ you can buy a domain on Squarespace and with ease. When you buy an annual hosting package on Squarespace, then you can get the domain free for the year. Domains are often bought for one or two years. With Squarespace, you can register a website for a year at a time. This is not an uncommon element.

Advantages of Buying a Domain on Squarespace

There are numerous advantages of buying a domain on Squarespace. For one, you can be sure that you can easily connect your domain to the Squarespace servers to host your website. It is also easier to manage the payments to one company when you have a domain and website hosting on one platform.

Squarespace is also easy to customize and build a website on. Therefore, you don’t need to hire a Squarespace website developer for your site. You can do it yourself and be completed within a few hours if you’ve got an idea of how you would like to build your website.

Another advantage is that you can ensure that the domain is registered only for the length of time that it is needed for. When you don’t want your Squarespace website anymore you can cancel both the hosting and the domain at one time. This prevents domains from being renewed accidentally.

The Disadvantages of Buying a Domain on Squarespace

There are also a few disadvantages of buying a domain on Squarespace. One, you are limited in some respects of what domain you can purchase on the platform. For instance, you cannot buy a domain that has Squarespace within the name. So if you were looking for an affiliate marketing site for Squarespace, you must choose a new domain title.

Likewise, there are limited TLDs that you can buy from the platform.

Another advantage is that you need to ensure that you’re happy with Squarespace. It is hard to transfer a domain and you can’t have a domain on Squarespace but host your website on another platform. Therefore, be sure that you’re happy with the Squarespace website.

If you’re not sure about this, then you can buy a domain on another platform and then transfer that domain after two months to Squarespace and buy the domain every year after that. But that is a lot of work.

Final Word: Can You Buy a Domain on Squarespace?

Can you buy a domain on Squarespace? Yes and it is a great option if you want to have a Squarespace website. It is easier for your website management and allows you to get choosing the best Squarespace template with ease and get your website built quickly.

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