If you’re looking to move your website along and find a new host or perhaps you don’t want to a Squarespace website anymore, then you might want to cancel your Squarespace website. However, can you cancel Squarespace at any time? Here is that answer.

Can you Cancel Squarespace at any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your active website subscription on Squarespace whenever you would like to. There are two options when it comes to canceling your subscription to Squarespace. The first of these is to cancel the subscription and this will immediately take your website offline. Another way to do it is to disable the auto-renew and you can allow your website to expire.

If you’re looking to move a website subscription from your existing site to another option, then you’re not going to be able to do this. The replacement site needs to be a new subscription.

Before Canceling your Squarespace Website

Before you cancel your Squarespace website subscription, you must make sure that it is the right thing for your brand. There are things that you can do however if you’re looking to just cut costs and think that your website on Squarespace is too expensive, then look at these options.

1. Change the Website plan or billing cycle to meet your budget.
2. Optimize your website for SEO and improve the traffic (and therefore revenues) from your website.
3. Upgrade your Squarespace to the latest version.
4. Improve the site’s design to increase conversions.
5. Hire an expert to help you improve your website.
6. Check what other subscriptions are active and reduce those first.


If you’re looking for a cancellation and you would like to have a refund for any funds that you’ve paid over to Squarespace, then you need to know the rules that Squarespace has.

Full refunds are issued automatically when you’ve bought an annual website subscription but have canceled the purchase within 14 days of the first payment. It can take between three and ten days for these payments to be processed. There are no refunds made on any cancellations of monthly plans, renewal payments or when an annual payment has been paid for more than 14 days ago.

Final Word: Can You Cancel Squarespace at Any Time?

Can you cancel Squarespace at any time? Yes, you can, but it might not be the best option. The domain is registered for an entire year and therefore, you have access to your domain for the remainder of the year. Other options allow for the better management of your website that might be better than canceling your website and allow you to earn more money.

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