Those who are excited by the prospect of starting their own eCommerce business, but don’t have the finances, time or space to start an online store might want to consider dropshipping. Dropshipping is a rising eCommerce method and one of the first questions often asked is ‘can you dropship on Squarespace?’

The answer to this question is a simple ‘yes’. There are options for you within Squarespace that make dropshipping really simple for you.

So, what are the options for Squarespace dropshipping and how easy it is? Here is a simple explanation for you to consider.

What is Dropshipping?

Some people don’t understand what dropshipping is exactly. It is different to the traditional eCommerce model of shopping, but it isn’t a new system. Dropshipping has been in use since the 1970s when it was used by some catalog businesses.

Essentially, in dropshipping, there are three different main groups. The customers who pays a seller a sum to buy some products from their website. The seller then contacts a merchant/manufacturer who then sends the order to the customer with the branding of the seller. The customer normally doesn’t realize that the merchant/manufacturer is sending the products.

The seller pays a fee to the merchant/manufacturer for the products when they make the order.

The Advantages of Dropshipping

There are numerous advantages of dropshipping. For instance, it allows you to concentrate on marketing and selling on your website. In addition, it allows you to save on expenses. You don’t need to have space for merchandise or spend time packaging and sending the parcels.

In addition, costs in the short term are reduced because you don’t have to pay for your products up-front. All you have to do is ensure that you have the funds to pay for your orders as they come in.

How to Dropship on Squarespace

With Squarespace, there are two options to get your Dropshipping products on the website. The first of these is Printful. Printful is a website tool and POD service that allows you to create your own clothing and branded merchandise that is printed as the orders are coming and shipped to customers across the world.

Customers can choose their product, customize it and then make the order on your website. Printful also has a free option.

Spocket has a wider range of products that you can add to your website. It also makes it far easier for you to scale your business in the longer term. However, this option is more expensive and requires more time to manage. However, the returns can also be much higher.

Both Printful and Spocket are available as an extension on Squarespace.

Final Word: Can You Dropship on Squarespace?

Can you dropship on Squarespace? Yes, you can. It is fairly simple and all you need is one of the best Squarespace extensions that you have. Which option will you choose?

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