When it comes to templates on Squarespace there isn’t a huge selection. But all of them are very different and sometimes a template that you have on your website isn’t the right one for your brand. You might want to change it. So can you switch templates on Squarespace?

Can you Switch Templates on Squarespace?

Many people ask this question but the answer is that you cannot switch templates as soon as you’ve chosen a template for your website. That's why it's important that you choose the right template when you start your Squarespace website.

There are lots of different templates for those who want to create specific blogging or eCommerce websites. These can be used for free with any Squarespace plan. However, if you’ve made a website and want to switch to one of these it isn’t a simple process.

How you can Switch Templates on Squarespace

If you are looking to switch templates on Squarespace then there is an option and one that can benefit you financially in the short run. This is that you need to start a new website package on Squarespace, you can then take advantage of the 14 day trial for the new website while you edit your new website.

You can add the same content, images, videos within a new template and then see how that looks. Then when you’re ready, you can cancel the old website subscription and transfer the domain to point to the new website. The billing period for the new website will be from the date that you started the new website, not the same billing period as your previous website.

You don’t need to have the same plan either. If you’re looking at reducing the functionality of your website, then you can choose a lower-priced plan. Or perhaps you would like to add eCommerce features, then you can use either the Business or eCommerce plans.

Changing this can be very easy.

Tips for Changing your Squarespace Templates

There are many things to consider when changing your Squarespace template. The first thing to consider is whether or not you can afford to switch templates. In some cases, you might lose your ranking on Google and other search engines. This can reduce down your revenues and mean you earn less.

In addition, it is a huge undertaking that often ends in some significant errors being found. Therefore, be sure that you know that you have the time, patience and money to change your Squarespace template.

Final Word: Can You Switch Templates on Squarespace?

Can you switch templates on Squarespace? As soon as your template is chosen on Squarespace it is locked to your website. However, there are ways that you can work around this to make it better for you and ensure that you have the website that you want. Follow the tips above to achieve this.

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