Can you use Google Adsense on Squarespace? Yes, you can. But there is no simple way that you can incorporate your Google AdSense into Squarespace. Instead, you have to create the space and advertisements with a lot of steps that can be very hard to do for the beginner.

Why use Adsense on Squarespace?

There are many reasons why you might want to add Adsense to your Squarespace website. The first of these is that it offers your website a good way to earn some revenues. Those who are bloggers and are using one of the top Squarespace blogging templates, then you can use this strategy to monetize your blog.

Other niches might want to use Adsense to make money from their website. Therefore, it is important to consider. Another reason is that it can help you populate your website with dynamic content.

However, there are also concerns. By the end of 2023, most browsers will include Ad-blocking software that will prevent adverts from being displayed to your audience. This is an option, so it won’t remove adverts from everyone. But it can cut the revenues from your website with ease.

How to Add Adsense to Squarespace

These are the steps to add Display Ads to your Squarespace website. You will be required to add code to blocks and code injection panels. These are Premium features for Squarespace and can be found on the Business and Commerce plans.

Step 1 – Sign up for Third-Party Ad Service

To start, you need to sign up for the third-party ad service. Most of these services are free to sign up for. Though there might be some manual activation of the account. This could be to check that you’re a legitimate business.

Step 2 – Find Website Code

Now you need to access the dashboard of the ad service and find the code that is necessary to have the ads on your website. This is normally fairly easy to find.

Step 3 – Add to a Content Block

Now you’re able to add the code to your code block that is going to feature on your website. If you’re not used to adding any code to your website, then you should consider using the footer or sidebar on the website. This allows for a more error-free process.

Here are the instructions for adding the website adverts to your Squarespace website. Here are four simple steps for this.

1. Remove the activation code from the site-wide code injection (if this has been added to your website).
2. You can then disable the auto-ads option from inside the Google AdSense account.
3. You can create an advert unit and copy the code from your Google AdSense.
4. Place the advert on your site by pasting the code that you used onto the code block.

You might get Google to recommend that you upload the ads.txt file to your root-level domain. This is not possible with your Squarespace website. However, you’re able to contact Google support and they should be able to help you.

Final Word: Can You Use Google Adsense on Squarespace?

Can you use Google Adsense on Squarespace? Yes, you can, but it isn’t a standard option and it will take some work. There are some tips on how you can do it above.

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