Your business name is an important aspect of your marketing. It should be memorable and attract new audiences to try you out. There are numerous ways you can name your brand but some find that funny business names are a great way to grab attention.

Why Are Funny Business Names Used?

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs use funny business names. Partly it’s because audiences can remember a funny name better than they can remember a standard, boring name. For instance, ‘Lets Get Stoned Inc.’ is more memorable than ‘Stone Masonry Inc.’.

The ability for the customer to recall names is important. Human memory is very poor. We only remember about 10% of the information we see in a day after about a week. Therefore, you have to make an impression and give a reason for your brand name to be remembered.

At the same time, using funny business names can be a good way to avoid your company from having a similar (or same) name as another business. There are only a few people who will go down this route.

Humorous moments are often more memorable than non-humorous. Therefore, if you can add a little joke into your brand name, you might find that you have high customer retention.

Some Current Funny Business Names

Here is a list of some funny business names and a little about them.

Frying Nemo

A funny business name that is probably not going to win over any children who love the animated film series. This is a name for at least one fast-food outlet in the UK who sells fish and chips, a national dish. The name is beautifully applied as the fish are often fried in the outlet and is therefore a good replacement for the word Finding from the popular animated film.

Cat And Dog Repairs

Veterinarians aren’t often known for their wit or humorous play-on-words. However, this veterinarian in Tempe, Arizona is a good example of how a name can say exactly what it does and still be funny. It is also a good way to distinguish itself from the 14 other veterinarians operating in the area.


This company has combined the words to Analytical and Technology to form its brand name. The company manufactures thin chromatography plates and sells them in 40 countries across the world. It is based in Newark, Delaware.

Couch Tard

For many, this name would seem rather rude but it is the name of a chain of late-opening convenience stores in Canada and Europe. The word is actually French and means: ‘sleep late’ which is rather fitting for their operations.


This construction management company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia where is was founded by Thomas Cockram in 1861. Today it operates in Australia, Asia and the Americas. It employs about 400 people and 3,000 subcontractors.

Kids Exchange

There have been a couple of companies named this. One of these, in the USA, is no longer operating, but there is a successful small business with this name in Manchester, UK. The small business allows parents to sell old kid items and buy new or used items in the same place.

Hand Job, Nail & Spa

This Nail & Spa business is well known online. And by using this name, the salon has certainly gained a lot of attention. The business, based in San Francisco, California, certainly has been able to market their business well. They gave away gift certificates and this has resulted in a lot of positive praise for the business online.

Boring Business Systems

Based in Lakeland, Florida, Boring Business Systems is a supplier of printers, copies and similar products in the United States. The company was founded in 1924 and obviously has found a way to market the fact that no-one in business really finds a printer an exciting piece of equipment to buy.


This company either doesn’t have a particular good digital footprint or has since gone out of business, but TWATS is an acronym for Transport Workers And Tautliner Services. In the UK, TWATS is a rather offensive word, and therefore, they’ve turned a basic description of what they do into a funny brand name.

Sam & Ella’s Pizza Restaurant

When said quickly, Sam & Ella can easily be mispronounced as salmonella. It seems as though it might have been an intentional pun to get people thinking about their brand, but it could have led to the business’ demise if the food wasn’t particularly good.

Amigone Funeral Care

Probably a name which needed a rethink.

Spruce Springclean

This is a play on words from Bruce Springsteen, the popular musician in the USA. This company is a cleaning company. Sometimes linking yourself to celebrities in some ways can pay off. But often only when they endorse the brand. In this case though, the name is memorable.

Fidler on the Tooth

This is a dentists in the USA. The name is a combination of play-on-words from the popular Broadway play Fiddler on the Roof and the name of the founder Fidler. It is a good attempt at a memorable name and the Fidler aspect does also portray a person actually working on your tooth.

Little Hope Cemetery

This little cemetery in Texas, USA certainly doesn’t give you any high expectations. Interestingly, there is a Baptist church nearby which is also named Little Hope.

Unlimited Erections

This brand fabricates and erects steel in the Louisville, Ky. Obviously, the name is meant to draw attention and is related to the fact that they will build steel constructions in the area. But some people might see the name as something different.

Dump Loads On Us

This waste removal company has certainly given itself a good, funny brand name that says exactly what it does. You dump your waste on them. It has that little bit of humor that you can laugh about as well as being honest in its operating which makes it a good name for the company.

Real Imposters Jewellery

Most people realize that the jewelry you get from a market stall isn’t going to be the same as you get from a professional jewelers. Therefore, this market stall decided to be honest and say exactly what it was, cheaper versions (imposter) jewelry.


Choosing a new company name can be challenging. You need it to be recognizable and stand apart from the competition. That’s why so many entrepreneurs use funny brand names. In some cases, it’s a really successful tactic, other times it doesn’t work out so well for the brand.

If you’re struggling to create your brand name, you can use the Gochyu Business Name Generator. It’s free to use. All you need is a keyword for your business and then you can generate a long list of potential brand names for your business.

Always remember that you should check your brand name to ensure that you can get the relevant domain name for it. You should also be sure that the domain can’t be misread. One company, American Scrap Metal ( can be accidentally read as Americans Crap Metal.

If you want to know more about how to create a great brand name, you can read our quick guide here.

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