A slider on a WordPress website is the term used for a slideshow that is added to a page. This will automatically slide between images, text and videos that are defined by the website owner. Sliders can have two or three images or have dozens of slides on them that can repeat or end at a specific point. The idea is that by using a slider, you can convey a lot more content within a smaller space that can help you convert visitors into customers or subscribers.

The typical slider will also contain buttons and arrows to allow for navigation.

Why are Sliders Used on Websites?

Sliders are used on many different niche websites from eCommerce to professional service websites. These elements often have a higher level of engagement than you would get with a static image. Also, it can be a good way to create regular changes to your website to ensure that people are coming back.

For instance, you can showcase a weekend deal for a week and then change that to a new seasonal offering for your customers.

Sliders can also be visually appealing, helping you to grow your aesthetic appeal and showcase everything that you need within a concise space.

By setting the time periods, you’re also able to ensure the smooth transition of information and improve how the customers see the information. Using buttons or just linking the sliders can also direct them to specific landing pages to give more details about offers/services/products and more. Therefore, they can help to shorten the purchasing journey for the customer and improve your website’s conversions with ease.

Issues with Sliders

The first problem with a slider is that it will often contain images. These images are loaded when the customer accesses the website page. Therefore, they will often slow down the website. You can use the lazyload features. However, you might need to have speed apps to also help you with other areas. Or use a great hosting solution like Cloudways.

Sliders also have issues with mobiles. While some are responsive. They’re not always this way and you have to check your plugin or the code that you’re using to ensure that you’re getting a slider that is friendly to mobile devices and still looks good.

Adding a Slider to WordPress

The best way to add a slider to WordPress is to use a plugin. There are numerous available with this one certainly being a great option for anyone who has little experience in building a website. It is also mobile responsive and has limited coding aspects. Therefore, it can offer you improved performance and better conversions.

Final Word: How to Add a Slider on WordPress?

There is no better way to add a slider to WordPress than to use a plugin. There are lots of options available so you can use what that is more suitable for your website. Choose the best and install it and then add the images/text/videos you want to start getting more content to your audience.

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