Prestashop is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms that available. If you’ve just heard of Prestashop and would like to know how it works, here’s a quick introduction for you and how you can benefit from the unique environment that is created by Prestashop.

Self Hosted

Prestashop is a self-hosted platform. That means you’re given the open-sourced software and then you can host this on any web host platform. There are many different hosting services that you can use from this with different types of servers, therefore. This allows you to control the costs for your hosting. If you’re looking for something cheaper you can go for a shared server. Or you can go for something with a higher performance level then you might want a dedicated server or a cloud server.

Open Sourced

Prestashop is an open-sourced platform. That means that you have the ability to change the basic programming to add or remove functions for the website. This can be done without issue from the developers because they allow this.


When it comes to designing your website you don’t have to worry about some of the harder, more general design elements. With Prestashop you can use themes to create that general appearance then go further into the finer details of the design.

This allows you to build your eCommerce website quicker and with the limited amount of errors possibly happening on your site. You can use drag and drop builders and other tools to add to the design of the themes. Many themes have lots of customization options to ensure that you can brand your website with your own colors and styles.


Modules add functionality to your website. This can be anything from additional search engine optimization options or email marketing elements to your store. Modules can be installed and removed from your website as you need them. The more modules that you have on your website the more functionality you have but also it can impact the speed. Therefore, it is always best to reduce the number of modules to only what you need.

Payment System

When it comes to taking payments on Prestashop, there are inbuilt features to help. These come with the basic Prestashop software and can be adjusted to match your specific needs. The payment system on Prestashop is really simple to use.


The Prestashop environment includes lots of marketing aspects. For instance, you can use coupons, free shipping, Google Rich Snippets, affiliate marketing programs and more. Using these can help you reduce cart abandonment and improve conversion rates on your websites.

One of the best aspects is that there is integration with Google Rich Snippets that can help you improve your rank on Google. The higher you rank on Google the more traffic you will generate and this can lead to better revenues.

Final Word: How Does Prestashop Work?

The Prestashop system is really simple to use and perfect for many different brands. There is a simple process that allows you to create your website within an environment that is flexible. Prestashop is really good for those who are new to building a website.

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