Your website title is vital for many aspects of your business. It can help you create a brand image, improve conversions through building trust and grow audiences through good SEO. However, what title you have might need to change over time. Perhaps you’re just about to launch your site and had a temporary title until now and now have finalized that title. Or perhaps you’re going to rebrand the website.

Whatever the reason, here are the instructions on how you can change the website title (and contact details) on your Prestashop.

Step 1 – Log In

The first step is to ensure that you’ve logged into your Prestashop.

Step 2 – Store Contacts

Now from the main Prestashop admin page, you can navigate from the Preferences option to Store Contacts.

Step 3 – Shop Name Field

Within this area, you should look for the Contact Details section on the page and then you can click and edit the title of your store’s name within the Shop Name field. You can enter the other store contact details within the same section as well. Ensure that you are entering the name correctly. Too many changes to your shop name can confuse audiences and harm your site’s SEO.

Step 4 – Email

If there’s a change to the email address that you would like to use as your official contact address, you can change these details as well within the same screen. This is the same email that customers will see when they receive correspondence from you, like when they register an account or make a purchase on your website.

Step 5 – Registration

You’re also able to indicate your company’s registration number. This will depend on your location.

Step 6 – Address

Now you can change the official contact address of your business. This can include the first line, second line, postal code, ZIP code, city, state and country. The State option will only apply when the selected country for your store has states. You can set this through the Localization menu.

You’re also able to add a new contact phone number to your store. This is an optional field, so don’t enter anything in this area if you don’t want to take calls from customers. The same can also be said by the Fax option that is displayed on this page.

Step 7 - Save

When you’re happy with the details that you’ve set, you should scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click on the ‘Save’ button.

Final Word: How to Change the Title in Prestashop

Whether you’re changing the site title for the first time or because you’re looking to improve the branding of your website, follow the instructions above to change the title in Prestashop in an easy process that will take just a few minutes.

It is best that this is not done too often. Frequent changes to your website’s titles can confuse audiences and harm your website’s SEO.

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