Just like on other eCommerce or CMS platforms, SEO is going to be a pretty important activity. About 70-80% of your traffic should be coming through from organic search on your website. The more organic traffic you have, the more sales you will make as organic traffic is one of the top converting options.

Organic traffic can also lead to better online lead generation.

There are lots of specific ways that you can build the success of your Prestashop SEO. For example, you can use the Prestashop Addons’ SEO module. Then you should add the following elements to your website to help it rank better on Google and other search engines.

Use Optimized Titles and Meta Description

One of the most important elements of your website is the meta titles and descriptions on your website. This tells the search engines what your website is about. Your page title should be less than 70 characters, but one that is between 45 and 55 is preferred as it will be viewed better on mobile devices.

You also need to write a meta description. This should be between 150 and 155 characters long.

Both of these elements should include the page’s keyword. For instance, if your keyword was ‘Search engine optimization’ you could use the following:

Title: Search Engine Optimization Services, US Based
Description: Find out more about our search engine optimization services from our US-based offices helping you to find more relevant customers for your online store.

Use Only One Domain

Ensure that you’re only using one domain for your website. This prevents your website from having inbound links (which are important) from being distributed between lots of different stores that can harm SEO. For instance, choose between www.example.com and example.com.

If you use both, search engines will treat them as two different domains, even though they are the same. This can result in penalties for duplicate content. Choose one option and then redirect all the irrelevant URLs to the main one.

Avoid Content and URL Duplication

Search engines hate redundancy, they will activate lower your search rank on the search queries if you have any content or URL duplication. Therefore, be sure that you’re always creating unique URLs.

If you’re looking for ideas on what keywords and URLs you should be creating for your store, you can use Google Adwords Tool, Google Search Console or Uber Suggest to find the keywords that are being used by your website the most.

Use Better Keywords in URLs

When you’re creating product pages, blog posts or website pages, be sure that you use the keywords for that page within the URL structure. For instance, you want to avoid URLs that look like:


Instead, you want to use a URL structure that looks like this:


If you’ve already created a lot of URLs, then you can rewrite these URLs and redirect the old Prestashop URLs and push them to the new URLs.


You need to have a sitemap for your website. You can submit a sitemap to Google which will include your inventory. There are modules that can help you create a sitemap.


In addition, you need to start creating content regularly. You should be publishing about 15 blog posts every month for the best results.

Final Word: How to Do SEO in Prestashop

There are many different ways that you can do SEO in Prestashop. For the best results you might need a couple of modules to help, but content is still king when it comes to ranking high on Google. So ensure that you’ve got the basic content sorted.

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