Once you’ve installed your Prestashop, the store’s home page will be automatically created for you. This will include information that is displayed in the header, footer and main page content. There are also blocks that you will be able to see there. You will need to change these for the branding and uniqueness of your store. Luckily, this is really easy to do and you can build your website with little knowledge of how to code or build a website.

This guide will not discuss how you can edit the header, footer and blocks on the page. But only the content present on your homepage.

The Two Steps

There are two steps that are involved in the modification of your Prestashop homepage. The first is to access the home text editor and then the next stage is to modify the content for your needs. This is a rather simple way of doing it and it can take just minutes to gain access and change elements. In addition, you can make changes as much as you would like.

However, if you’re looking to edit the text and contents under the central area of your homepage that are underneath the featured products block, you will need to activate an additional module. To do this you will need to log into the store’s admin area and then navigate to the Modules area. Then you need to find the module that is labeled Front Office Modules Category.

Once you’ve located this module, you should simply click on the configure link. This is located below the module description and then you can be redirected to the interface for editing. You might need to install the module. The button to do this is next to the module.

Modifying the Content

There is already content loaded onto the front page. This demo content needs to be changed but can be done with ease. Some of the content that you will see on that page includes:

Main Title - The title of the content that will be displayed on the page.
Subheading – This is the subtitle of the content that is to be displayed on the home page.
Introductory text – The actual text that will be displayed to the user.
Homepage logo – This is best for your website’s logo. There is also the option to add a link and a subheading the logo too.

Once you’ve made these changes, you’ve successfully edited the home page of your Prestashop.

Final Word: How to Edit the Prestashop Homepage

When it comes to changing the front page of your Prestashop store, you can make changes with ease. Above are the quick instructions of things you might need to do to make your home page your own with ease.

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