Are you looking for ideas for the best products to dropship? Do you find it challenging to find the products you need for your website? Well here are some suggestions on what to dropship for your business.

These products are readily available through dropshippers listed on Shopify dropshipping apps or Print on Demand apps. Although Shopify is a common choice, these products can also be sourced using third-party integrations with platforms like Squarespace.

Key Takeaways
Success in dropshipping hinges on spotting trends, like hobby and business products, for a profitable inventory.
Electric toothbrushes, yoga mats, and air fryers represent high-demand items, crucial for a diverse dropshipping range.
Tapping into emerging trends in apparel, health, and home essentials opens new, profitable avenues for dropshippers.

1. Hobby Products

Hobby products are those that can enhance or are required for many people, and lots of people will spend lots of money on their hobbies. Hobby products can also be a good way for you to build repeat customers.

2. Business Products

Businesses are always looking for new suppliers as a way to get better service and prices. And there are lots of products that can be bought by businesses, from stationery to clothing. So look around to see what you can offer businesses.

3. Electric Toothbrushes

Demand for electric toothbrushes has soared in recent years. Since 2016, the demand for electric toothbrushes have grown by more than 300% and the average demand is still growing as of 2021.

4. Yoga Mats

It is no surprise that yoga mats have made it into a popular trend. Yoga is currently worth $37.5 billion a year (2021) and is expected to double by 2025. Yoga mats are an essential item and not only can you offer standardized options, but you can offer print-on-demand yoga mats.

5. Squat Proof Leggings

With the interest in health and fitness increasing, people are looking at the clothing they wear. It needs to be comfortable and also durable. One of the big trends is for squat-proof leggings. Again, these can be offered via both normal dropshipping and print-on-demand.

6. Overshirt

The overshirt has made one of the biggest jumps in trends on Google. The demand for them has increased by 400% over the past two years, and this doesn’t seem to go away.

The name really explains this product, they’re a loose-fitting button-up shirt meant to be worn over the top of other shirts. These can be produced with designs already on them or as a print-on-demand product.

7. Air Fryers

Conventional deep fryers are not the best option when it comes to cooking. They’re clunky, unhealthy and use lots of expensive fats. However, air fryers have become very popular.

In 2016, there was very little demand for them and investing in them would have been worthless. Now you can make a good stream of sales from them. During the past four years, their demand has soared by over 2000%.

8. Dog Beds

More dogs have been bought in the past couple of years, there has been a massive surge in the pet market. One of the biggest demands has been in dog beds, where demand has grown by 33%. These can be dropshipped with ready-made products, or you can use print-on-demand products.

Emerging Trends in Dropshipping

Apparel and Footwear

The global apparel and footwear market is expanding rapidly, projected to reach nearly $2 trillion by 2026. This growth is fueled by the increasing popularity of online shopping. Dropshippers can capitalize on this trend by offering a diverse range of clothing items, from casual wear to specialized apparel.

Health and Beauty Products

The health and beauty sector is expected to surpass $550 billion by 2026. This industry's growth is driven by a rising interest in personal care and wellness. Dropshippers can find success by focusing on skincare, cosmetics, and eco-friendly products, catering to the growing demand for natural and organic options.

Home and Kitchen Essentials

The demand for home and kitchen products has seen a steady rise, with many consumers seeking ways to simplify cooking and meal preparation. Dropshippers can leverage this trend by offering innovative kitchen tools and appliances that save time and enhance the cooking experience.

Niche Markets with High Potential

Baby Products

The global baby care market is expected to reach around $88.72 billion by 2026. Dropshippers can tap into this market by offering essential baby products, ensuring they prioritize safety and quality to build trust with parents and gift-givers.

Pet Supplies

The pet supply market, valued at $4.5 billion, presents a lucrative opportunity for dropshippers. Focusing on pet-specific products like clothing, collars, and grooming supplies can attract pet owners who often remain loyal to brands their pets prefer.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products

With a growing awareness of environmental issues, sustainable products are gaining popularity. Dropshippers can cater to eco-conscious consumers by offering products like organic clothing, reusable items, and eco-friendly home goods. Once you've identified your niche, finding the right dropshipping suppliers is a crucial next step for sourcing these products.

Conclusion: What to Dropship

Above are eight products that have seen good demand growth. All products can be sold on Shopify or Squarespace. While selecting products to dropship on Shopify, understanding how to effectively monetize your Shopify store can significantly boost your business. You just need to choose which platform is best for you.

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