Many customers go online not to just buy one product, but to buy many. Normally these products are related. And you can bundle these products can be an effective way to make those sales. In fact, some research has demonstrated how effective using the best product bundle apps for Shopify can be.

How Effective are the Best Product Bundle Apps for Shopify

There is a lot of research that has looked into how upselling can be an effective tool for boosting your website’s revenues. Studies into consumer behaviors by Shopify have found that 93% of customers like BOGO offers. This is where customers can buy one product and then get another at a discount. This is a very simple bundling option.

Other research has found something different. Offering the same product in a bundle can often reduce sales with some research saying adding a bundle where someone can get three items for a discount can reduce sales by 20%. However, the same study found that offering mixed bundling can improve sales by 20%.

And bundling can have a profound impact on your sales. It is estimated that 35% of all Amazon sales are from recommendation bundles.

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Key Takeaways
Effective product bundle apps for Shopify are crucial for increasing sales and revenue, as they allow for strategic bundling and upselling.
Advanced apps offer features like creating custom bundles with individual SKUs and managing stock independently, enhancing user experience and administrative ease.
Some apps provide detailed analytics on bundle performance, helping businesses align their product offerings with market demands and customer preferences.

Best Product Bundle Apps for Shopify  - Here's Our List:



Shopify has numerous all-in-one apps where several features are included within one app. Vitals is one of these apps and it is a powerful option for your Shopify store. It has more than 40 features included within the coding that can help you build a very successful store. One of these options is a powerful bundling option that can select the best-bundled products with ease and promote them for you. These selections look similar to the Amazon style.

Another feature is the wheel of fortune. This allows you to collect emails from customers and reward them with a free gift, discount or something else. There are also ways that you can collect reviews and improve your website’s ranking on Google.

This app has so many features that you can save money while at the same time earning more revenue.

Vitals Highlights:

  • There are more than forty apps that can help you grow your Shopify store.
  • Amazon-like bundled product features to help you sell more.
  • You can improve your website’s SEO potential with ease.
  • Live chat features to improve your customer service.

Bundle Builder

Bundle Builder

This app allows you to create custom product bundles with bundles that have a single SKU or multiple SKUs. According to the developers, businesses who’ve used this app have made an additional $10 million in revenues and lots more profit.

Bundles are created as their own products, so they’re easier for your administrative team to manage. It provides them with a unique product page, allowing you to create more specific information for the bundle. However, each item within the bundle is individually managed in-stock inventory.

The bundles can include lots of products, gift sets, kits and more. You can set a price that is independent of the individual prices of the products. If you want to have discount codes for bundles, you can use this app as discount codes that aren’t used to offer bundled products.

Bundle Builder Highlights:

  • Create bundle prices that aren’t related to the price of the product group.
  • You can have discount codes included with or against the bundles.
  • Stock is managed independently so you cannot sell a bundle when a product is out of stock.
  • Has reportedly helped businesses earn more than $10 million in additional revenues.

Bundler - Product Bundles

Bundler - Product Bundles

This is a free app that allows you to group your products and offer a discount to encourage further purchases. There are different discounts that you can offer your customers from the percentage discount to the fixed amount discount, so you can test which one customers prefer for your website and niche.

However, research has shown that the percentage discount is the most valuable to customers as they see it as more valuable. It can also be the easiest to apply to your store. The app can also showcase the potential savings to customers with a popup that makes it hard for audiences to miss out on the potential savings. You can also add a button that encourages the customer to checkout straight away.

This app can integrate with the Shopify POS system. Therefore, those with a physical store can benefit from this app.

Bundler Highlights:

  • This is a free app that can help you improve revenues on your website.
  • Integrate your online store with a physical store.
  • You can create a unique product page for each bundle.
  • Set the number of products customers can have in the cart to qualify for any bundle.

Wide Bundles - Quantity Breaks

Wide Bundles - Quantity Breaks

You can use WideBundles to create fantastic offers of your products and bundles to help you increase the average order value of your business. This app works on your website to improve conversions and increase revenues.

The app has numerous features to improve the functionality of your website. For example, offers can be set to appear above the ‘add-to-cart’ button, improving the experience and ensuring offers aren’t missed.

This app works with product customization as well. You can also choose the best promotional text that is available for your website’s products and there is also the option to display the potential savings.

Wide Bundles – Quantity Breaks Highlights:

  • Allow discounts for your customers when they bundle products together, even when there are product customizations.
  • Customize the design of how the app appears on your website.
  • Show how much money your customers will save when making a bundle purchase.
  • Helps you to improve the conversions on your website.

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts

Unlimited Bundles and Discounts is an excellent way so that you can create bundles for your website, add a discount and start to see sales on your website increase. The app is perfect for those who don’t have any developer skills and can be used for those who want to add their own customizations with an API that allows for a more integrated version.

There are numerous options for this app to promote bundles on your website. You can add a price discount to any group of products when bought in quantity or a mixed group. Either option can help you improve your website’s conversions and more.

The app can also allow you to schedule bundles for seasonal promotions. For instance, at Christmas, you can offer bundles that are for tree decorations or common presents. And you can provide each bundle with its own product page.

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts Highlights:

  • Improve conversions on your website to see higher profits and sales.
  • There are stock control options that allow you to sell only bundles that you can sell.
  • Tiered discounting options to help with bulk orders.
  • Can match multiple bundles within the cart.

Product Bundles: Fast Checkout

Product Bundles: Fast Checkout

This app allows you to offer numerous discounted bundles to your customers. And you can then upsell to customers that can help you skyrocket your revenues. When the customer chooses to upgrade and buy a bundle, then they can be taken immediately to the checkout page. This unique approach improves the conversion rate.

There are lots of different types of discounted bundles that can be offered to customers. For instance, you can create mixed product bundles with a set discount. Or you can offer tiered pricing that allows you to offer a discount when a customer bulk purchases. Then there are options when a bundle qualifies the customer for free shipping.

The app is very simple to use and you will be able to grow your business with ease.

Product Bundles: Fast Checkout Highlights:

  • This has a fast checkout process for better customer experiences.
  • Improves the conversion rate and will reduce abandoned cart rates.
  • Lots of bundled product options for your website.
  • Create an unlimited number of bundles for your store.



Product bundles offer two options for selling: they either operate by upselling or cross-selling. Upselling is when your customers are sold more of a product. Cross-selling is when you sell different products to the customer in the same order. Both of these options can be very successful, especially when you use decoy pricing for upselling. This app offers both of these choices and combines them effectively for product bundles.

The app works by replacing the default shopping cart with a new popup on the right-hand side of the screen. The user adds a product to the cart and it is populated on the popup. The customer can see the potential options for upsells, cross-sells and bundles. Choosing one adds the products to their cart. The cart is fully customizable as well.

All discounts offered can be for fixed amounts or a percentage.

Upsellkit Highlights:

  • This is a very simple-to-use app that can offer discounted bundles.
  • You can customize the look of the popup cart.
  • Targeting rules for discounts can be very easy to implement.
  • There is no coding experience required.

Bundable ‑ Customizable Kits

Bundable ‑ Customizable Kits

This app can be used on your website with ease. You can create numerous bundles and kits to create effective bundled product groups that are excellent for attracting audiences to make purchases. The discounts are excellent for nudging your customers.

There are two different options for discounts: you can offer a percentage or fixed-value discount. And you can set the rules for the discount based on the number of products within the cart or the value of the products. Therefore, you can improve your conversions and test audiences on what they prefer.

Every bundle you create can have a custom image. Therefore, you can make it stand out from the crowd. And the simple installation allows you to have the app installed on your website, even when you don't have any technical expertise.

Bundable ‑ Customizable Kits Highlights:

  • There is a 14-day free trial to ensure that this app is good for you.
  • No coding knowledge is required for this app.
  • Create fixed-amount or percentage discounts on bundles.
  • Market your bundles with unique images.

Bundlify ‑ Cross-selling boost

Bundlify ‑ Cross-selling boost

One of the most versatile bundles that can be used on a Shopify store, this is a great option for
those who want to add bundles to their website. The app allows you to offer customers higher discounts for taking on more of a bundle, while still rewarding the customer if they take a lower bundle value. For instance, you could sell products in groups and give them a 10% discount if they buy 5 but then offer 15% if they buy 7 products.

This allows you to be more flexible and improve your revenues. The customer will see simple product bundles that they will love. They automatically add all the items to the cart, but the customer can then customize the cart to take out the products they don’t want, but add the products that they do like.

There are ways that you can set times for bundles so they can only be available between set dates and times. Discounts can be a percentage or fixed rate based.

Bundlify ‑ Cross-selling boost Highlights:

  • This app is completely mobile-friendly.
  • Create bundles and reward customers.
  • A very cost-effective solution for your website.
  • Customers can customize the bundles.

Fast Bundle

Fast Bundle

Putting products together in bundles is one of the most effective ways to upsell, cross-sell and improve your profits. You can choose products that are connected because they’re accessories or you can choose bundles based on the purchasing behaviors of customers.
You’re also able to create bundles based on volume and offer a mixed product bundle.

Customers can also choose to create their own bundles if they want. Discounts can be applied to the bundles to improve the uptake. All elements of this app can be customized.

Fast Bundle | Product Bundles Highlights

  • Increase conversions on your website by offering bundles.
  • Customers can create their own bundles with ease.
  • The app synchronizes with your inventory.
  • Live chat support is available.

Enhancing Shopify Sales with Product Bundles

Streamlining Bundle Creation

Efficient bundle creation is vital for Shopify stores, demanding apps with user-friendly interfaces. These tools save time and improve customer experience by simplifying product combinations.

A seamless process is crucial for a well-organized catalog and customer satisfaction. Streamlined bundle creation ensures customers easily find what they're looking for.

Maximizing Revenue with Bundles

Product bundling is a strategic approach to increase sales and average order value. Selecting apps with flexible pricing for bundles can lead to significant discounts and special offers.

This approach not only boosts revenue but also aids in efficient inventory management. Effective pricing strategies in bundling can attract more customers and increase sales.

Analyzing Bundle Performance

Analyzing bundle performance is key to a Shopify store's success. The best apps provide detailed insights into sales trends and customer preferences.

This information guides inventory and marketing decisions. Regular performance analysis helps in aligning product offerings with market demands.

Optimizing Customer Experience with Bundles

Simplifying Bundle Navigation

User-friendly navigation is essential for effective product bundling. A clear interface ensures customers easily find and customize their desired bundles.

Simplified navigation aids in converting interest into sales. Avoiding complexity in the browsing process is crucial for customer retention and satisfaction.

Enhancing Bundle Visibility

Visibility is crucial for the success of product bundles. Apps that offer prominent display options increase bundle sales chances.

Placing bundles strategically within the store can significantly boost their visibility. Effective display strategies are key to maximizing the impact of bundled offerings.

Providing Customer Support for Bundles

Exceptional customer support is vital for handling complex product bundles. Apps with comprehensive support features like FAQs or live chat enhance the shopping experience.

Prompt resolution of customer queries leads to higher satisfaction and loyalty. Robust support is essential for maintaining a positive customer relationship with bundled products.

Conclusion: 10 Best Product Bundle Apps for Shopify

Utilizing one of the 10 Best Product Bundle Apps for Shopify can significantly enhance your website's revenue potential. These apps not only offer varied ways to showcase products but also improve the overall shopping experience. Which of the best apps above will you use?

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