Discovering a disconnect between your Shopify store's offerings and your customers' desires is the first step towards transformative growth. Bridging this gap is essential, and leveraging survey apps emerges as a key strategy in unlocking the valuable insights necessary for this alignment.

Dive into the world of the 11 top survey apps for Shopify, a journey that promises to deepen your understanding of customer preferences, allowing you to customize your offerings to their exact needs and significantly boost your store's performance. These apps are crafted for effortless integration with your Shopify platform, simplifying the feedback collection process and enabling you to respond proactively.

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Key Takeaways
Survey apps offer diverse features aimed at understanding customer feedback for e-commerce enhancement.
Some apps offer customizable survey forms, allowing for tailored questions that fit your specific research needs.
Advanced features include analytics tools for insightful data analysis, helping to shape future business strategies.

Best Survey Apps for Shopify - Our Selection:

Hulk Form Builder

Hulk Form Builder

Discover the exceptional capabilities of Hulk Form Builder, your go-to solution for creating both basic and complex forms on Shopify. Designed to enhance e-commerce success, Hulk Form Builder offers a variety of form types to meet the diverse needs of your online store. Its user-friendly interface and compatibility with recent themes allow for effortless customization of your forms, ensuring they perfectly align with your brand's aesthetic.

Additionally, the inclusion of Google reCaptcha safeguards against fraudulent submissions, while the provision of ample storage space for file uploads adds to its convenience. Since its launch in 2017 by, it has consistently received high ratings for its seamless Shopify integration, responsive design across devices, and overall reliable performance.

Hulk Form Builder Highlights:

  • Intuitive interface simplifies the creation of both simple and intricate forms.
  • Fluent integration with Shopify and recent themes enhances user experience and compatibility.
  • Google reCaptcha feature effectively prevents fake submissions, ensuring form integrity.
  • Generous file upload storage capacity accommodates a wide range of needs.
  • Praised for its device-responsive forms and steadfast reliability.
  • Launched in 2017, it has since become a highly recommended tool for e-commerce businesses of all sizes.



Zigpoll stands out as a top survey application for Shopify stores, offering customizable post-purchase surveys for tailored insights to refine e-commerce strategies. It supports multiple languages, expanding its reach and understanding across diverse customer bases. With integration into Shopify's dashboards, Zigpoll aids in linking survey responses to customer data for informed decision-making and conversion rate enhancement.

Furthermore, Zigpoll's quick-loading and fully customizable interface, coupled with its smooth integrations with Shopify and various marketing tools, positions it as a convenient and effective means to collect essential insights directly from your customers.

Zigpoll Highlights:

  • Offers customizable and multilingual survey options, accommodating a diverse customer base.
  • Enables seamless integration with Shopify and marketing tools for a cohesive workflow.
  • Facilitates streamlined data analysis, aiding in informed decision-making to advance business strategies.
  • Features a fast-loading and fully customizable interface, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

Launched on August 31, 2016, the Net Promoter NPS app is an essential tool for e-commerce businesses eager to dive deep into customer satisfaction and trends. Developed by the experienced team at , this app leverages the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology to provide actionable insights into customer opinions and experiences.

With its focus on customer analytics and product reviews, it stands out as a powerful asset for businesses aiming to refine their customer service and product offerings. The app enjoys a high average rating of 4.5, reflecting its effectiveness and user satisfaction. Highlights:

  • Delivers detailed insights into customer satisfaction across multiple dimensions.
  • Enables efficient monitoring of trends in customer
  • Features a Net Promoter Score (NPS) tool to gauge customer loyalty and experiences.
  • Created by, with 7 years of expertise in Shopify app development.
  • Suited for small to medium e-commerce businesses aiming to enhance customer satisfaction.



Fairing is a premier post-purchase survey app specifically designed for e-commerce platforms like Shopify, aimed at enriching the customer's buying journey. By offering personalized experiences from the moment of pre-purchase to after the sale, Fairing seamlessly integrates with the Plus merchant tech stack. This integration provides access to a suite of top-tier applications focused on attribution, customer insights, and feedback.

A notable example of Fairing's effectiveness is seen with Crossrope, a leading company in jump rope fitness, which leveraged Fairing to gain deeper insights into their customer base and enhance the shopping experience. With Fairing, setting up post-purchase surveys is straightforward, facilitating the collection of crucial data that aids in making informed decisions for the betterment of an e-commerce venture.

Fairing Highlights:

  • Simplifies the setup process for post-purchase surveys.
  • Provides critical data access for informed decisions and e-commerce success.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Plus merchant tech stack for insights and feedback management through top apps.



Ideal for e-commerce businesses seeking to enhance customer engagement and gather valuable feedback, the Grapevine app offers a user-friendly solution for seamless post-purchase interactions on Shopify. This app provides a straightforward way for businesses to connect with their customers following a purchase, encouraging feedback and insights that can shape future business strategies. With the inclusion of resources like a privacy policy and FAQ section, Grapevine ensures transparency and directly addresses potential customer concerns.

Featured in the 'Scale your email marketing' category, this app underscores the critical role of effective email campaigns in retaining and attracting more customers. By focusing on optimizing click-through rates and personalizing the buying journey, e-commerce businesses can craft unique experiences that span from pre- to post-purchase, fostering greater customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Grapevine Highlights:

  • Provides a user-friendly platform for engaging customers post-purchase.
  • Enhances transparency with comprehensive resources like privacy policy and FAQ.
  • Emphasizes the significance of effective email marketing campaigns for sustained customer engagement.
  • Aids in personalizing the buying journey, creating unique and satisfying buying experiences.



KNO offer an efficient way for e-commerce businesses to collect insights and boost customer engagement. The platform's quick setup, with access to over 30 templates and predefined questions, enables easy collection of valuable customer feedback. Advanced logic flows and actions in the surveys enhance engagement and satisfaction.

Features like benchmarking and audience segmentation, alongside customization options, help businesses analyze ad performance and refine their strategies for improved customer satisfaction. Compatibility with platforms like Triple Whale and Klaviyo through integrations and a REST API, extends KNO's functionality, supporting your business's success.

KNO Highlights:

  • Setup in under 5 minutes with access to 30+ survey templates and ready-to-use questions.
  • Features advanced logic flows and actions to ensure high levels of customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Provides benchmarking and attribution modeling to analyze ad performance effectively.
  • Allows audience segmentation and template customization using detailed survey and order data.
  • Integrates with platforms like Triple Whale, Peel, Klaviyo via a REST API for expanded functionality.



Effortlessly gather valuable post-purchase feedback from your customers with the POWR. This tool allows for easy customization of surveys and feedback polls to capture essential details about the customer experience. Gain insights on store layout, product selection, and the purchase process in a user-friendly manner. With integrations and pre-built templates, creating surveys has never been simpler.

Receive instant email alerts for responses to stay informed about customer feedback promptly. The survey data is conveniently autosaved to the POWR Response Dashboard, making it accessible for analysis at any time. Utilize the POWR to elevate your e-commerce success by deepening your understanding of your customers.

POWR Highlights:

  • Customizable surveys and feedback polls for detailed post-purchase insights.
  • Integrations and pre-built templates for easy survey setup.
  • Instant email alerts for real-time response monitoring.
  • Autosaved survey data to the POWR Response Dashboard for convenient access and analysis.
  • Enhances e-commerce success through improved customer understanding.

Hulk Post Purchase Survey

Hulk Post Purchase Survey

Hulk Post Purchase Survey app boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty on Shopify by enabling custom surveys for checkout, products, and exit. It measures net promoter scores and collects insights to improve customer experience. Its one-click install and surveys on the Thank You page increase response rates.

This app offers a 7-day free trial and a Pro Plan at $20/month or $200/year, with unlimited responses and advanced features like white-labeled forms and conditional logic. Launched on August 29, 2019, it has garnered a 4.6 rating from 97 reviews, proving its value in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Hulk Post Purchase Survey Highlights:

  • Custom surveys for checkout, products, and exit boost engagement and offer focused feedback.
  • One-click install for easy feedback tracking simplifies response collection and analysis.
  • Surveys on the Thank You page increase response rates, yielding greater insights for improvement.
  • The Pro Plan includes unlimited responses, white-labeled forms, and advanced analysis tools, supporting thorough feedback review.



Neowauk app by is a versatile tool designed to boost customer engagement and provide valuable insights through a user-friendly interface. Its setup process is streamlined and straightforward, enabling brands to easily tailor surveys, quizzes, and spinning wheels to align with their unique needs.

Prior to activation, the app seeks a review to ensure your setup experience is up to par with your expectations. Although its functionality awaits further testing, the outlook remains positive regarding its capacity to deliver favorable outcomes. With the completion of the setup phase, users can look forward to evaluating the app's impact, fostering confidence in its potential success.

Neowauk Highlights:

  • Streamlines the customer engagement process with a quick and easy setup.
  • Offers extensive customization options to better fit the brand's aesthetic and needs.
  • Incorporates a review request feature before app activation to ensure satisfaction with the setup.



UserLoop revolutionizes the way Shopify e-commerce businesses engage with their customers post-purchase. By leveraging AI-driven tools, this platform enables you to collect feedback seamlessly at checkout and through email, craft surveys with AI assistance, and analyze responses efficiently. It's designed to identify customer preferences, segment high-value customer groups, and track satisfaction levels.

With UserLoop, offering incentives like discount codes and gift cards to encourage feedback becomes straightforward, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. The platform also supports abandoned checkout surveys, making it a comprehensive solution for gathering actionable insights. Its quick form creation and unique discount offerings make it an excellent tool for lead generation.

Plus, with a free plan available, it ensures that growing businesses can access these valuable insights without a financial burden, thereby supporting their profitability and growth.

UserLoop Highlights:

  • AI-driven survey creation and analysis for precise and targeted customer insights.
  • Tracks customer satisfaction and effectively segments high-value customer groups.
  • Incentivizes survey responses with discount codes and gift cards, boosting customer engagement.
  • Supports abandoned checkout surveys to recover potential lost sales.
  • Offers a free plan, making it accessible to small and medium-sized businesses aiming for growth.
  • Quick and stylish form creation, ideal for lead generation and enhancing customer experience.



For enterprises endeavoring to procure exhaustive insights through post-purchase and onsite customer surveys, Census emerges as the premier selection among Survey Apps tailored for Shopify and E-commerce triumph. This platform is equipped with features that empower businesses to conduct post-purchase and onsite surveys to glean pivotal insights, pose rule-based queries segmented by diverse variables, and delve into an AI-enhanced dashboard for qualitative data scrutiny. Census furnishes essential instruments for deciphering and refining customer interactions.

Moreover, the platform facilitates the collection of feedback regarding brand discovery and user experiences, permits access to reports, and provisions AI-conceived recommendations specifically customized for your store. The platform's distinction is further reinforced by stellar reviews and ratings, consistently achieving five stars, with accolades from renowned entities such as Oh Polly UK and Billionaire Boys Club for its straightforward setup process and the invaluable insights procured.

Census Highlights:

  • Execute detailed post-purchase and onsite surveys for essential customer insights.
  • Employ rule-based questions categorized by various variables for targeted feedback.
  • Leverage an AI-powered dashboard for in-depth qualitative data analysis.
  • Collect feedback on brand discovery and user experiences efficiently.
  • Access tailored reports and AI-generated recommendations to optimize your store.
  • Supported by unanimously positive reviews and high ratings from top businesses.

Choosing Survey Apps For Shopify

Selection Criteria

When choosing survey apps for your e-commerce business, prioritize Shopify integration for a smooth setup. Seek customizable templates to adjust feedback collection to fit your unique requirements. This ensures your survey process aligns perfectly with your business strategy.

Assess the survey apps' data management, including analytics and export features, for comprehensive insights. Look for advanced options like AI insights, NPS tracking, and customer segmentation to boost analysis. Responsive customer support is essential for quick assistance, aiding in selecting a survey app that supports your e-commerce objectives and success.

Integration Options

To enhance e-commerce success on Shopify, select survey apps that integrate well with the platform and meet your business objectives. Choose apps offering seamless Shopify integration for smooth operation and functionality. This selection ensures your e-commerce strategy is effectively supported.

Look for apps that integrate with marketing tools and platforms, improving data analysis and customer engagement. Ensure they support email marketing, CRM systems, and analytics software to optimize survey impact. Integration capabilities, especially via REST API, should allow customization and automation with minimal technical effort.

Data Analysis Tools

To ensure effective data analysis for your Shopify store, prioritize survey apps that offer robust tools for extracting insights from customer feedback. These tools play a crucial role in helping businesses analyze trends, patterns, and correlations within survey responses.

With visual representations like charts, graphs, and reports, data analysis tools make it easier to understand the information gathered. Additionally, they provide the functionality to segment and filter survey data based on different parameters, enabling you to pinpoint key performance indicators (KPIs) and actionable metrics for informed decision-making.

Survey Customization

Customizing Shopify app surveys is crucial for matching your brand's identity with customer feedback through tailored questions and branding. Adjusting templates, themes, logos, and colors creates a unified brand appearance that mirrors your business's aesthetic.

Personalized logic and branching in surveys improve the user experience for precise data collection. Adapting surveys to customer segments and behaviors yields relevant, insightful feedback, reinforcing the brand-customer connection with visually appealing, brand-aligned surveys.

User Support Availability

When picking survey apps for Shopify, prioritize those with 24/7 user support for immediate assistance and issue resolution. Ensure the app offers multiple support channels, including chat, email, and phone, for your convenience. This guarantees help is always available, enhancing your ability to address issues promptly.

Consider apps with positive support feedback in user reviews for reliable assistance experiences. Opt for apps known for their responsive and expert support teams. Choosing a survey app with strong user support ensures smooth navigation through challenges, keeping your e-commerce operations uninterrupted.

Pricing Plans Comparison

When choosing survey apps for Shopify, compare pricing plans to find a match for your needs and budget. Look at the allowed number of surveys, questions, and responses per tier. This careful comparison ensures you select a plan that fits your e-commerce strategy and financial plan.

Examine higher-priced plans for extras like advanced analytics, customization options, and platform integrations. Consider features such as automated insights, audience segmentation, and benchmarking across different price levels. Assessing the value of each plan in relation to your business's needs and size is key to maximizing your survey app's benefits.

App Functionality Scope

When selecting survey apps for Shopify, focus on the range of functionalities that meet your e-commerce requirements. Seek apps enabling feedback collection at checkout and via email to grasp customer preferences and identify valuable segments. This approach aids in tailoring your strategies to customer needs.

Opt for apps using AI for survey creation and analysis, ensuring efficient insight collection. Essential features like response data export and actionable insights support informed decisions. Including incentives like discounts or gift cards can elevate response rates, so choose an app offering a broad spectrum of features to boost your e-commerce success.

User Experience Design

Enhance your e-commerce success by prioritizing user experience design factors when selecting survey apps for Shopify. User experience design focuses on creating interfaces that are intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable for users. Elements like visual design, information architecture, and interaction design play crucial roles in enhancing usability.

A well-designed user experience can result in increased customer satisfaction, higher engagement levels, and improved conversion rates. Factors such as clear navigation, consistent branding, and responsive layouts all contribute to a positive user experience. To refine and enhance user experience design, usability testing and user feedback are essential.

Conclusion: 11 Best Survey Apps For Shopify

After exploring the top survey apps for Shopify, it's clear that choosing the right tool is crucial for understanding customer feedback and enhancing your store's performance. Consider what matters most for your business—be it customization, ease of use, or integration capabilities.

Effective use of these tools not only brings you closer to your customers' needs but also paves the way for tangible improvements in your e-commerce venture. Here's to making informed decisions and achieving greater success in your online business journey.

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