If your Shopify store's customer engagement or support feels like it's missing a beat, and you're looking for ways to seamlessly connect with your audience, you've come to the right place. In a world where WhatsApp dominates as a communication platform, integrating its functionality into your store could be the key to unlocking new levels of interaction and sales.

Discovering the right WhatsApp apps for your Shopify store can revolutionize how you communicate with your customers. These tools are designed to streamline your operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately, drive your sales figures up. Keep reading to find out which apps can help you achieve this transformation.

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Key Takeaways
Integrating WhatsApp with Shopify boosts customer engagement and sales, essential for business growth.
Features include automated messaging and chat options, improving customer service and response times.
Advanced analytics from certain apps offer insights into customer behavior, aiding targeted marketing strategies.

Best WhatsApp Apps for Shopify - Our Selections:


Superlemon WhatsApp Marketing

Maximizing your online store's communication efficiency becomes seamless with MarketingSupport on WhatsApp, especially designed for Shopify. This robust platform revolutionizes your marketing strategies by enabling automated abandoned cart notifications and campaigns directly through WhatsApp.

It integrates advanced features such as chat widgets, share widgets, and the capacity to dispatch automated messages for various purposes including abandoned cart reminders, order updates, upselling opportunities, feedback requests, and cash on delivery confirmations. Opt for the paid plans to unlock additional perks like your very own WhatsApp business API, expansive marketing campaigns, and bespoke templates.

This tool not only facilitates customer support and sales enhancement through chat and share widgets but also aids in recovering abandoned carts, sending order confirmations, tracking updates, COD notifications, and crafting personalized marketing campaigns via WhatsApp. Plus, manage all customer interactions effortlessly with a shared team inbox, ensuring smooth communication across the board.

SuperLemon Highlights:

  • Offers a free plan with a 7-day trial to explore its comprehensive features.
  • Automated WhatsApp messages for cart reminders & order updates.
  • Customizable templates for marketing campaigns via personal WhatsApp API.
  • Chat & share widgets streamline customer interactions for support & sales.
  • Shared team inbox for efficient customer chat management & team communication.

WhatsApp Button by EAZE

WhatsApp Button by EAZE

To elevate your online store's customer interaction and support, WhatsApp Button by EAZE introduces a customizable chat button that facilitates direct and real-time communication. This tool allows for effortless integration, enabling your customers to reach you through WhatsApp with prefilled messages, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

The customizable chat button can be tailored to match your store's branding with custom CSS options, ensuring a seamless aesthetic integration. Opting for the Pro Plan at just $0.89 per month unlocks additional features such as notification badges, greeting messages, custom styling, dynamic variables, and the ability to track interactions through Google Analytics.

WhatsApp Button by EAZE Highlights:

  • Seamless integration and a user-friendly interface for ease of use.
  • Real-time chat capabilities to enhance customer support and increase conversions.
  • Customizable chat button and styling options to align with your brand's identity.
  • Affordable Pro Plan offering advanced features like notification badges and Google Analytics integration.
  • Highly rated with positive feedback for its effective communication tools.



Zoko stands out as a premier choice for online store owners who are keen on leveraging WhatsApp to boost customer engagement. Its user-friendly interface combined with a suite of powerful features, such as automated message templates and broadcast messaging, enables seamless communication with customers.

Zoko, crafted to streamline cart management and bolster customer interactions, enjoys broad acclaim, predominantly 5-star ratings. Its efficacy in boosting sales and loyalty is evident. Developed by Bourbon Science Inc., renowned for Shopify apps, Zoko promises updates, security, and top-notch support, with flexible billing options.

Zoko Highlights:

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and operation.
  • Automated message templates and broadcast messaging for efficient customer communication.
  • Supports multiple agents for streamlined customer interaction management.
  • Developed by Bourbon Science Inc. for regular updates, strong security, and responsive support.
  • Flexible billing options catering to diverse needs of online store owners.



Enhance your online store's communication and sales potential with BiteSpeed feature. This tool is designed to improve customer engagement and increase sales by utilizing effective strategies such as abandoned cart recovery, upselling, cross-selling, and converting cash on delivery orders into prepaid ones.

By implementing chatbot campaigns for data collection and personalized product recommendations, you can offer a tailored shopping experience that boosts customer satisfaction and sales.

With BiteSpeed, you can recover lost sales and grow your WhatsApp subscriber base, further enhancing the communication with your customers. The seamless integration with WhatsApp allows for personalized interactions that can significantly improve the customer's shopping experience and your store's average order value.

BiteSpeed Highlights:

  • Effective abandoned cart recovery strategy to recover lost sales.
  • Seamless integration with WhatsApp for personalized customer interactions.
  • Utilizes upselling and cross-selling techniques to increase average order value.
  • Converts cash on delivery orders to prepaid, reducing cart abandonment rates.
  • Customizes shopping via chatbot campaigns for product recommendations & data gathering.

CK: WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned

CK: WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned

CK: WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned app earns high acclaim from businesses seeking enhanced customer communication and efficient cart recovery. With a 4.0 user rating and 95% 5-star reviews, it clearly surpasses expectations. Users appreciate its intuitive interface, easy setup, customization options, and effective cart recovery features.

Furthermore, the app's versatility in supporting multiple stores, seamless integration with third-party applications, and cost-effectiveness in boosting communication and conversion rates make it a top choice. Renowned for outstanding customer support and efficient cart recovery, even in the free version, it's strongly endorsed by users. Its blend of functionality, simplicity, and robust support solidifies its position as an indispensable tool for enhancing conversions and customer interactions.

CK: WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Highlights:

  • Highly effective abandoned cart recovery feature to boost conversions.
  • Supports multiple stores and integrates with third-party review apps for enhanced functionality.
  • Praised for exceptional customer service, ensuring timely support.
  • Cost-efficient solution for improving customer communication and engagement.

Pushdaddy WhatsApp Live Chat


If you're aiming to enhance communication on your Shopify store via WhatsApp, Pushdaddy WhatsApp Live Chat app is a top-notch choice, backed by its excellent customer service capabilities. This app boasts an impressive overall rating of 4.3, with a significant 76% of users awarding it 5 stars.

Merchants have highlighted its efficient customer service, seamless WhatsApp integration, and the notable increase in store views and sales it facilitates. Pushdaddy WhatsApp Live Chat app is designed with customization in mind, offering options that align with various brand needs. Its streamlined setup process and direct WhatsApp communication integration can significantly enhance your store's performance.

Moreover, its cost-efficiency makes it accessible for all business sizes. Developed by pushdaddy.com, with 4 years of experience in the Shopify App Store, this app is a reliable tool for any business looking to leverage WhatsApp for better customer engagement and sales boosts.

Pushdaddy WhatsApp Live Chat Highlights:

  • Highly efficient customer service capabilities.
  • Customization options that cater to diverse brand needs.
  • Simple setup process for quick and effective integration.
  • Cost-effective solution suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Developed by an experienced company with a solid track record in the Shopify App Store.



CTX for Shopify are designed to boost customer engagement and streamline communication for businesses utilizing WhatsApp. This solution includes a versatile WhatsApp Chat Widget that centralizes WhatsApp support chat, FAQs, order tracking, and contact options in one interface, simplifying interactions between customers and your store. It supports both manual and automated WhatsApp messaging, enabling businesses to send tailored messages for various purposes such as abandoned checkout recovery and order confirmations.

Automated messages can be used for critical tasks like COD verification and review requests, enhancing customer satisfaction. The app's acclaim in reviews and its high ratings underscore its effectiveness in reducing cart abandonment, increasing sales, and offering an economical marketing and communication solution via WhatsApp.

CTX Highlights:

  • Unified widget offers WhatsApp support chat, FAQs, order tracking, and contact options.
  • Supports automated WhatsApp messages for tasks like abandoned checkout recovery.
  • Praised for seamless integration, reducing cart abandonment, and cost-effective marketing.



Integrating Revie into your Shopify store communication strategy can significantly enhance the efficiency of collecting and analyzing customer reviews. This innovative solution enables you to conveniently gather ratings, reviews, and photo testimonials directly through WhatsApp, streamlining the entire feedback process.

With Revie, showcasing these reviews prominently on your homepage, collection, and product pages becomes effortless, thereby bolstering trust and credibility among potential customers. Furthermore, Revie utilizes advanced AI technology to provide valuable insights through sentiment and keyword analysis, allowing you to understand customer feedback better.

This platform has garnered numerous positive reviews, predominantly 5-star ratings, affirming its effectiveness in boosting review numbers and engaging with customers to build a strong online reputation.

Revie Highlights:

  • Easy collection of ratings and reviews through seamless Whatsapp messaging.
  • AI-driven sentiment and keyword analysis for deeper insights into customer feedback.
  • Enhances trust by prominently displaying reviews on homepage, collection, and product pages.
  •  Proven effectiveness with a significant number of positive, including many 5-star, reviews.



For online store owners seeking an effective way to integrate WhatsApp and Messenger into their Shopify stores, Maxwell stands out as a comprehensive solution. It offers a suite of user-friendly features designed to enhance customer interactions. With pre-built chat plugins, popups, checkboxes, and customizable templates, Maxwell caters to various needs such as dropshipping, loyalty programs, product reviews, social media, and referral marketing.

With billing in USD and recurring charges every 30 days, Maxwell maintains transparent pricing. The app's impressive overall rating of 4.2, with 85% of ratings being 5 stars, underscores its commitment to user satisfaction. Many users have lauded the app for its ease of use, service responsiveness, simplicity, effectiveness, customer service, and guidance.

Maxwell Highlights:

  • Seamless integration of WhatsApp and Messenger for enhanced customer interactions.
  • Pre-built chat plugins, popups, checkboxes, and templates for easy setup and customization.
  • Supports dropshipping, loyalty programs, product reviews, social media, and referral marketing.
  • Transparent pricing with a recurring billing cycle.
  • Highly rated by users for its ease of use, responsiveness, and effective customer service.



For e-commerce businesses aiming to improve customer communication and drive sales, Dab emerges as a top solution. Rated 4.9 based on 383 reviews, Dab offers easy customer interaction and smart chat capabilities. This tool is particularly effective in facilitating seamless communication between businesses and their customers, contributing to increased sales and traffic. It's lauded for saving time, boosting conversion rates, and enhancing order value.

Dab distinguishes itself with its capability to support individual customer assistance through WhatsApp chat, allowing for personalized 1-on-1 interactions. It also provides affordable marketing strategies with features like Abandoned Cart and order notification triggers, alongside quick sharing capabilities through smart chat to transform customers into brand advocates.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback, with 97% of ratings at 5 stars, attests to its user-friendly interface, straightforward setup process, and versatile customization options.

Dab Highlights:

  • Enables personalized 1-on-1 customer interactions via WhatsApp chat.
  • Features affordable marketing solutions, including Abandoned Cart notifications and order updates.
  • Quick sharing capabilities through smart chat help convert customers into brand promoters.
  • User-friendly interface, easy setup, and extensive customization options to cater to different business needs.



Optimizing your online store's communication strategy with Sweethelp's feature can significantly enhance customer engagement and boost sales conversions. By integrating Sweethelp, you unlock a potent tool for recuperating abandoned shopping carts directly via WhatsApp. This platform simplifies marketing automation, allowing for efficient time use, and provides access to real-time data analytics for sales enhancement.

Sweethelp implements top-tier WhatsApp marketing tactics and provides automated message templates to enhance customer outreach and boost sales. It excels in customer service with discounts, relationship maintenance, and order updates via WhatsApp and SMS. Utilize automated abandoned cart recovery, customizable templates, and efficient operations for enhanced ROI and superior customer experiences.

Sweethelp Highlights:

  • Automated recovery of abandoned carts via WhatsApp and SMS enhances sales recovery efforts.
  • Monitoring of real-time data facilitates targeted sales improvements.
  • Adoption of premier WhatsApp marketing strategies ensures effective customer engagement.
  • Availability of automated message templates simplifies marketing efforts and boosts efficiency.
  • The WhatsApp Chat button offers immediate customer support, enhancing user experience.
  • The WhatsApp Share button promotes referral marketing, increasing potential sales.
  • Streamlined operations for maximum return on investment and exceptional customer service experiences



For businesses aiming to streamline customer communication and enhance order tracking, Adevole are the perfect tools. These apps allow for the integration of a WhatsApp Chat button directly on your Shopify store at no extra cost, facilitating instant communication. They enable notifications for various stages of the customer journey, including order confirmation, tracking updates, and cart recovery. This ensures that customers are kept in the loop from purchase to delivery.

For a nominal fee of $5 a month, businesses can upgrade to use their own number, allowing for a more personalized communication experience. Moreover, the ability to customize message templates according to your brand's voice further enhances this personal touch. Unlike many other communication tools, there are no additional costs per message, making it an economical choice for maintaining customer engagement.

The app also offers a 5-day free trial and a basic plan for newcomers looking to test its features. Its popularity is reflected in a 4.8 overall customer rating, with particular praise for its role in recovering abandoned carts and fostering smooth customer interactions.

Adevole Highlights:

  • Cost-effective customer engagement solution ensuring comprehensive information at every stage.
  • Customizable message templates allow for brand consistency and personalization in communication.
  • Easy integration with Shopify, making the setup process straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Nominal monthly fee for personal numbers, no extra charges per message, excellent value.
  • High customer satisfaction rating, reliable, effective in enhancing shopping, reducing cart abandonment.

RT: WhatsApp Chat & Live Chat

RT: WhatsApp Chat & Live Chat

Introducing RT: WhatsApp Chat & Live Chat for Shopify, a revolutionary tool designed to elevate your online store's customer communication to new heights. By integrating a chat widget and enabling sharing via WhatsApp, this feature significantly enhances the support experience for your visitors. It offers a seamless communication channel for clients, allowing you to respond to queries from any device with the added convenience of notifications for uninterrupted chatting.

With an impressive overall rating of 4.7, including 83% of 5-star ratings, this tool is celebrated by merchants for its straightforward installation process and the direct communication it facilitates. It supports personalized messaging, easy access to FAQs, and fosters improved customer interaction, thereby boosting both customer service quality and sales. The transparent billing process, with recurring charges every 30 days, simplifies expense tracking and management.

RT: WhatsApp Chat & Live Chat Highlights:

  • Enhances the support experience for visitors, making it more interactive and responsive.
  • Facilitates an easy-to-use communication tool for clients.
  • Provides uninterrupted chatting with notifications.
  • Celebrated for easy installation and the direct communication channel it establishes with customers.
  • Allows for personalized messages and easy access to FAQs.
  • Transparent billing process with recurring charges every 30 days for easy expense management.



Enhance your online store's customer communication and satisfaction significantly with the Musbu WhatsApp Chat button. This outstanding, free-to-use app boasts a high rating of 4.7, emphasizing its effectiveness in fostering improved customer relationships through a direct line of communication.

With its easy installation process, you don't need any coding knowledge to get started. It offers customization options to align with your brand, and the responsive chat widget guarantees a smooth experience across all devices. Set up custom prefilled messages to streamline communication and watch as your customer satisfaction and loyalty soar.

The app's positive impact on customer service is widely recognized, making it an indispensable tool for boosting order conversions and enhancing the overall user experience.

Musbu Highlights:

  • Free to use, providing an accessible solution for enhancing customer service.
  • Installation and configuration are straightforward, requiring no coding skills.
  • Offers customization options, allowing for a personalized chat experience.
  • The responsive chat widget ensures a seamless experience on all devices.
  • Enables setting up of custom prefilled messages to improve communication efficiency.
  • Highly regarded for its positive impact on customer service and boosting order conversions.



Drive sales and boost customer satisfaction with Dondy, an essential tool for streamlining communication and engagement on your Shopify online store. With Dondy, you can create WhatsApp campaigns, automate messages, and engage in live chat to drive sales. The platform allows you to build custom WhatsApp flows tailored to live events and specific conditions, enabling you to recover abandoned carts effortlessly.

Reach a wider audience through bulk messaging and marketing campaigns, all while enhancing the customer experience with a responsive WhatsApp icon, button, and chat widget. Installation is a breeze with no coding required, allowing you to go live in just one minute. Try out Dondy with a 7-day free trial and enjoy features like unlimited conversations and stylish design to elevate your customer engagement.

Dondy Highlights:

  • Easy installation and setup without any coding required.
  • Customizable WhatsApp flows based on live events and specific conditions.
  • Abandoned cart recovery feature for seamless re-engagement with potential customers.
  • Drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction through effective communication and engagement tools.
  • Reach a wider audience with bulk messaging and robust marketing campaigns.
  • Enjoy a 7-day free trial with features like unlimited conversations and stylish design.

Choosing WhatsApp Apps for Shopify

Selection Criteria

When choosing WhatsApp apps for Shopify, assess user ratings and reviews for performance insights. Essential features like automated messages and abandoned cart recovery are crucial. Consider pricing, including recurring charges, and ensure compatibility with WhatsApp and Shopify.

Evaluate the app developer's reputation, experience, and support options. Ensure compatibility with relevant platforms. Check user ratings for insights into performance. Look for essential features like automated messages and abandoned cart recovery.

Integration Ease

When choosing WhatsApp apps for your Shopify store, consider how easily they integrate with your current setup. Opt for applications that provide straightforward integration, eliminating the need for deep technical skills. This ensures your store's communication enhancements are implemented smoothly.

It's essential to select apps that include clear instructions or tutorials for simple setup, and verify they meet Shopify's platform requirements to avoid integration difficulties.

Additionally, prioritize apps with excellent customer support to address any setup issues or inquiries, thereby ensuring a seamless and effective incorporation of WhatsApp communication tools into your store.

Pricing Comparison

Ensure you carefully evaluate the pricing structures of various WhatsApp apps for Shopify to make an informed decision on enhancing your online store's communication capabilities. When comparing pricing plans, look at recurring charges every 30 days and any additional fees associated with the apps.

Consider the currency in which charges are billed, such as USD, and opt for transparent billing processes to easily track expenses. Assess the cost-effectiveness of different WhatsApp apps for Shopify to determine which option aligns best with your budget and needs.

Feature Analysis

When choosing a WhatsApp app for Shopify, it's crucial to examine the features that affect customer talks and sales. This evaluation helps understand the app's functionalities and how they can boost interactions, sales, and user experience. By analyzing these aspects, you can make informed choices, aligning the app with your business goals.

Feature analysis is key to picking the right WhatsApp app for Shopify, as it offers insights into the app's capabilities. It allows you to match the app with your needs and preferences. Hence, a detailed review of the features is essential for selecting the best app that meets your requirements.

Support Availability

For optimal selection of a WhatsApp app for Shopify, prioritize assessing the availability of robust customer support features. Ensure the app offers 24/7 customer support for any technical issues or queries, with a dedicated support team available to assist with setup, customization, and troubleshooting.

Look for apps that provide resources like FAQs, tutorials, and guides for self-help and troubleshooting. Consider apps that offer responsive support channels like email, chat, or phone for quick assistance. Additionally, prioritize apps with positive merchant feedback on the support team's availability and effectiveness.

Customization Options

To enhance your Shopify store's communication effectiveness, consider the range of customization options available when selecting a WhatsApp app. Customization features allow you to tailor the appearance and behavior of the WhatsApp widget to align with your brand's design.

Personalizing messages, buttons, and chat flows to match your customer communication style is made possible through these tools. Additionally, customization options offer flexibility in adjusting the position, size, color, and style of the WhatsApp chat button on your website.

User Interface

Considering the impact of WhatsApp apps' user interface for Shopify on customer engagement and navigation is vital. A well-designed UI is crucial for enhancing the user experience and boosting engagement. Select a WhatsApp app with a user-friendly layout, color scheme, and interactive elements.

Clear and intuitive UI elements help users quickly find needed information, while responsive design ensures a consistent experience across devices. A focus on a user-friendly interface improves customer satisfaction and can increase conversions on your Shopify store.

Compatibility Check

Ensure the WhatsApp app you select for your Shopify store is compatible with Shopify for seamless integration. Check for any specific requirements or limitations to prevent technical issues. Compatibility should be a top priority to avoid integration problems.

Verify that the WhatsApp app's features meet your business needs and goals to maximize effectiveness. Consider available technical support and resources for smooth WhatsApp integration with Shopify.

Research reviews or feedback from other Shopify users on the app's performance and compatibility for an informed choice, enhancing your store's communication.

Conclusion: 15 Best WhatsApp Apps for Shopify

Exploring these 15 best WhatsApp applications for Shopify can significantly enhance how you connect with your customers, leading to better engagement, increased sales, and a smoother overall shopping journey.

Each app offers unique features tailored to different aspects of customer interaction, from marketing assistance and recovering abandoned carts to facilitating real-time conversations.

Remember, the right tools can make all the difference in elevating your online store's success and fostering lasting relationships with your customers. Let these apps be the stepping stones towards achieving your business goals and creating a memorable shopping experience.

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