Whether you’re looking to move your WordPress website to another server or a new location within your existing server, WordPress is a flexible system that allows you to move your website with ease. There is no need to re-install your WordPress website and start adding in the other elements that you’ve already added.

The process for making the move is different however depending on what you’re trying to achieve exactly. And you need to answer some questions. For one, if you’re looking to move with a new URL and domain, that requires you to make different changes than those who are just moving their website to a new host.

Important Steps

Before you make any move on your website, the first thing that you need to do is to backup your website. Moving directories with a website isn’t foolproof and some people have been known to lose entire websites.

Ensure that your backup has all the content, images, data and more included. In addition, ensure that your new server or location is ready and set up before you attempt the move. This can be done seconds before or while you’re waiting for the backup to continue.

Finally, you need to make sure that the server you’re moving the website to has the right functions. For instance, ensure that you have the bandwidth and storage. Most service providers, like Bluehost, can help you determine this.

Moving the WordPress Website

There are several ways that you can move a WordPress website into another directory. You can install a new version of WordPress and then use a migration tool that will transfer the website for you. Or you could create the folder and copy the WordPress files directly into that file.

Whatever option you’re using on your WordPress website, you will have to ensure that the wp-config.php file has been edited. This points the links to the correct location. If the wp-config file has not been correctly set up on the new directory, this can break the website.

Some tools can help you with this. This includes the Velvey Blues Update URLs or Better Search Replace plugins. Or you can use other options if you’re not able to access your WordPress website’s dashboard.

Issues Moving WordPress Website

Remember that when moving your WordPress website there might be issues. One is that the website breaks or is lost. Another is that you harm your website’s SEO (though there is a chance that it will improve). If in doubt, you can sometimes get free migration help from other hosting platforms to move to their servers.

Final Word: Can I Move WordPress to Another Directory?

Yes, it is possible to move your WordPress website to another directory. But it isn’t a smooth process all the time. Ensure that you’ve backed up your website to protect you from losing all the data, images and hard work that you’ve put into your website before you make the move.

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