Invoices can often be requested by clients for many different reasons. Or you might want to get orders in on your website and then send the invoice for payment offline at another time. So, if you’re asking ‘Can I send an invoice through Squarespace?’, read on.

Key Takeaways
Invoices through Squarespace require a third-party application, which may incur additional costs.
Squarespace can be used for invoicing in various scenarios, such as selling customized products and services, including custom items.
Multiple payment options for invoices are available, including online and in-person transactions.

Can I Send an Invoice Through Squarespace?

Yes, there are ways that you can send invoices through Squarespace, but this will require you to have a third party application. This can be more costly. Those who utilize PayPal can often find that there is an easier way to create and send invoices from that platform.

However, there are also options for you to use a third-party application that will allow you to send invoices while you’re logged into your Squarespace website. This can be really important as it can be a great part of your business model.

When Might you Need to Send Invoices Through Squarespace

There are numerous reasons why you might need to send invoices through Squarespace. For instance, you might want to have a website that sells customized products. So, on your eCommerce template, you might have products that require customers to inquire about the price with their specifications.

Instead of relying on contact forms, you can have this on your shop.

Another reason why you might need to have invoices is that you might want to have a website that has services sold on it. These services could have final bills based on the amount that you need to bill the customers.

Another reason is that you might also have an offline business model, and you might want to use your website as a way to generate invoices for these customers. With the right app, you can build the invoice with ease and print it off to send to your customer in the mail. Or you can email the invoice to your customers.

Payment Options for Invoices

There are numerous ways that you can use invoices to collect payment. You can tell customers to use a PayPal link to pay for an invoice. Or you can set up other options like a POS system at your store/office to allow customers to provide their card details to make payments.

Conclusion: Can I Send an Invoice Through Squarespace?

If you find that you’re asking: ‘Can I send an invoice through Squarespace?’ then you will be pleased that you can do this. However, you will need a third-party app that is another cost to your business. There are other options too, with PayPal and other payment systems also able to send invoices for your business.

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